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Scandal Analysis - Is Olitz at a Crossroad?

Survey says yes and no!

For Fitz it’s a no. Fitz is definitely sure of what he wants more than ever before. The moment he put down that glass, he got clarity. He realized that he’s not going to give up on Olivia. This is why he gave Cyrus advice about his marriage to James. “Don’t give up on him if you love him.” Fitz hasn’t given up on Olivia. She’s the love of his life and that’s something he’s not going to give up so easily. NO WAY NO HOW!

For Olivia it’s both YES and no. Olivia’s completely shocked and confused at the very idea that Fitz and Jake “now” know each other. That handshake exchange shook her to the core. Dare I say this is equal to someone pouring cold water on you. She sees all just like Fitz sees all. She knew that there was something behind that handshake hence why she said in the promo for episode 219 “You had me followed.” How Olivia is drinking Jake Ballard’s Captain Save A Hero kool-aid is truly besides me. Granted that her gut told her something’s off with Jake and granted that she faced a concussion but look at Fitz. Just at Fitz in that promo, he’s sort of reminded me of the time Olivia visited him in the hospital during the #WhoShotFitz fiasco. Look at the pain on their faces at the very idea of losing one another. It’s never going to be over!

Olitz Tango - Before Olitz can be great all the cards needs to be laid on table. I’m talking about Olivia telling Fitz why she said yes to Defiance. I’m talking about Fitz telling Olivia that he killed Verna and how that has ‘ruined’ him. This tango between them needs to come straight out. In a perfect world, right? All it takes is one or two words and all will be well with Olitz…

I blame it on the wine. That glass of wine and believing Fitz’s pretending to be in love with Mellie truly did Olivia over. She’s not thinking straight. If she was, she’ll know that Fitz was talking about her and not Mellie. That much was proved with last season’s statement, “I know how to fake it with my wife.” Let me go a step back and say it’s equal to “Did you buy her that dog?” and Fitz breaking down at photos of Olivia with Edison. In both instances with Amanda Tanner and Edison, they’re both pretending to be happy and it’s precisely why Cyrus said to Fitz, “You’re ticking, sir. You’re ticking. You know how I know you’re ticking? Up until you saw this picture, you’ve been happy. Lately, you’ve been happy. You’re happy, but we both know that happy people are rarely actually happy, unless they’re morons.” This is why Olivia said “I got nothing” to Jake. She’s ticking and seeing Fitz 'happy’ with Mellie threw her for a loop.

“I watch for you.” I lost count how many times Olivia back up that line in last night’s episode. How many times did we catch her watching Fitz? I didn’t believe what she said to Abby either. Her watching the Fitz and Mellie interview was equal to Fitz telling her “You ruined me.”

Olitz Double Talk - “I Love You” proves that Fitz has gotten pass Olivia saying Defiance whereas Olivia saying “You had me followed” has proved that she’s not in the same space as Fitz. Look at how “You had me followed” sort of mirrors the devastation behind “You’re all I had.” Their next hurdle is Olivia and Fitz discovering Jake Ballard’s deception games AND Olivia finding out that Fitz killed Verna. How they react to both scenes is going to be popcorn and wine worthy!

 All I can say is that episode 220 when all gets revealed is going to be worth the wait.

What say you, Gladiators? Do you think Olitz is a crossroad?

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