Okay imagine Steve and buckys kid calling Steve daddy and buck mommy And so their son goes to school and the other kids are talking about how pretty their mommies are and he tells all the other kids how pretty his mommy is, how his mommy has long and pretty hair and is the most beautiful mommy ever, and the other children’s parents hear steves kid talking about his beautiful mommy and they go “awwwww! He must have a quite beautiful mother if he talks about her like that!” And then this giant ass dude, like 7 feet tall, ripped af, with a fucking metal arm and scruff shows up and their kid runs up to bucky yelling “mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” And this big ass dude with a metal arm just scoops him up and is like ‘ah yes my child this one is mine let’s go see ur father u lil nerd’ And everyone is like “???????????”

Bill Cipher’s wheel according to Douglas Mackrell from The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

Many people try to match characters to their symbol, but very few of them as themselves “why?”. I have a theory. Since the ongoing theme of Gravity Falls is, I believe that the character is connected to their symbol once they show a sign of growing up.

original wheel

hey I'm offering commissions!

The money is for my dental treatment. It is ending (I’m gonna remove my braces next month finally after years yay) and I need $280 for new retainers.

I don’t have this money right now :S (because I helped my parents in the last few months and I ended up using my savings >u< ).

So if you could help me commissioning my work or sharing this post i will be grateful!!



25USD/20EUR. (each commission/character)

Lineart + Simple colors with a simple Background.

8x11 inches, 400 DPI JPG file


I do: 

  • Antro, robots, Oiginal Characterss, Fanart, soft-gore.


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Email: gisele.possato@yahoo.com or you can send me an ask/fan-mail.

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