oi this is bad but whatever

Kisses {Harry Styles Smut}

WORD COUNT: 10k y’all!!!

this is my longest one shot, it took up like 20 pages on microsoft word lmfao !! anyways it took me a bit longer than usual bc i went through a slight block (rip) but it is finished and i’m quite proud of it!! feedback is much appreciated, it rly motivates me!! ok that’s it i hope u enjoy :-)


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“Don’t be fucking rude Lucy heartfilia pls

Alcohol Is Not Lucy’s Friend, But Her Friends Are

Pairing: Nalu

Word Count: 2318

A/N; Sorry this took so long, been working on a few things at the same time and actually working lol! Enjoy!

“Don’t be fucking rude.”

“Oh my God Lucy you are such a meme!” Cana cackled, arm slung over Lucy’s shoulder as she tried to wedge her face between Lucy’s phone and her ear. “Besides, it’s girls night! That means no dicks!”

“Cana,” Levy sighed giving her a pointed look.

“Your dick is female, it doesn’t count. Now take your shot and spin the wheel of awkward sexual questions on your phone.”

“Does that mean Juvia’s beloved can join?”

“You know if you would just stop making everything about dick this would stop happening,” Lucy commented innocently, grinning at Cana’s disgruntled look. “You don’t even like dick.”

“Oh I like dick, just not what ninety percent of it is attached to.”

“Can you guys stop saying dick?” A tired voice asked from the phone. Lucy squeaked, shoving her hand in Cana’s face and pushing her so she fell backwards over the couch.

“Sorry Natsu,” Lucy sighed, glaring at her pack of giggling friends and making threatening gestures with her hand as she left the room. “You know how they are.”

“I did grow up with them,” he said dryly, Lucy hearing his smile in his voice.

“Then you should be used to the word dick,” Lucy teased, grinning at his scoff. ”Would you rather I say penis?”

“Oh Luce, you know I beat you at the penis game.” Natsu purred. Lucy was thankful that he was half a city away and not able to see her face, because that meant she didn’t have to suppress her shiver or stop herself from biting her lip at his deep voice. Yes, Lucy thought to herself, I’m sure you could definitely beat me with your dick.

Alrighty, that was a sign for her to stop taking every drink Cana offered her.

Time to stop being creepy about her best friend. “You wish,” she said instead of anything she might regret.

“Excuse you I totally won the round in the library yesterday!”

“Because I wasn’t playing,” Lucy huffed, smiling as she twirled a strand of hair around her fingers. “You and Gray started it, I just got kicked out alongside you!”

“Then maybe I was just imagining you screaming,” Natsu said, voice low and rough through the phone. Lucy’s heart stuttered, mouth suddenly going dry as her mind whirled.

“What?” she asked, clearing her throat awkwardly at how her own voice sounded. Thank God Cana was too busy climbing all over Kagura like some alcoholic cat.

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Diabolik Lovers Christmas ー Special Short Stories ;; ENG Translation

Hello everyone!

Somebody asked me to translate a Christmas-themed magazine article which has recently come out. Sadly, I can’t repost the original scan so if you want to see the cute chibi art featured on the page, you’ll have to go look for it yourself.

Either way, enjoy! 

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Well I took a long time. Busy. And cropping caps. And thanks to people on Tumblr who sent me caps from the tags, you know who you are. Thanks.

I’m pretty sure many people are suspicious of this idiot’s behaviour. If at this point, there are still people who believe that this person is a ‘native’ Japanese speaker, they are idiots. I’m not even holding back. Not that I have, but I’m really stressing it. Only Asam and other likely idiots would believe this person so readily. Are you that desperate to befriend any person who claims they are Japanese, Orgs? I skimmed through the posts she made and I couldn’t contain my laughter, omg. Too bad I do not have time to read all the BS. I will only go to the main points.

“Shippers make me laugh. I’m a Japanese native speaker! I’m a non-shipper! I’m new to the western fandom! And I’m raging because of the inaccuracies of Kubo’s interviews!”

Really? Let’s break it down, okay.

“I’m not a shipper.”

Of course you are. And not just any shipper, but a very invested WESTERN shipper, a shipper who has a strong vendetta against IR fans, only YOU would pull something this ridiculous and make upa frivolous lie over something so trivial.

“I’m new to the western fandom!

The term 'shipper’ is exclusive to the English fandom. Japanese DO NOT use this term. They DO NOT use 'fandom’, either. To know these terms like the back of your hand simply proves that you are NOT NEW to the English fandom. You stupid, lying sack of wet excrement.

“I’m new to the western fandom!” PART B

I am multilingual. I read the English boards, Chinese boards on Baidu, Japanese blogs and 2ch when I was more active in animanga. Because I was curious about what they are all saying. Anyone who is multilingual would.

Chinese fans frequent English boards. Many people can attest to this. And many years ago, one fan asked me (I still remember her username, and she still uses the same one today) if she could translate something I have written in English for her blog. Chinese fans have written to English fans. Even Asam, who reads Chinese, frequent both boards and she tried, even though she fails spectacularly, to understand the Japanese blogs and threads on 2ch.

I have made a Szayel graphic years ago. That thing, actually ended up in the Szayel thread on 2ch, posted by a Japanese fan. And then it wounded up at a repository site where people heap their “works of art” of various manga and anime. Some Japanese dude who barely knows English actually took my shitty graphic by swanning into an English site. But no, you, who are so proficient in English, never visited an English board. W-o-W. Who will believe you? Idiot.

Polish fans, German fans, every other fan who speak a different language frequent their own vernacular boards as well as the international English ones.

Claiming that you have only been active in the Nippon fandom despite your proficiency in ~ENGLISH~ and by using all these familiar jargons that are exclusive to English speakers sets off the fucking fraud alarm. BECAUSE NOBODY DOES THAT, you stupid, ignorant, liar. 

Also, you claim that there are more 'unbiased Japanese forums’. NO, fucker. There are NO Japanese forums like you have with Bleach Exile, MangaFox or Naruto Forums, idiot. ANY Japanese fan can tell you that. People utilise blogs actively, and that’s what you mostly have 90% of the time. Spoilers are all posted on BLOGS (and 2ch). The only thing closest to a forum is 2ch. And maybe 2ch-esque niconicopedia. If you’re Japanese you ought to know that, you fucking stupid liar.

Your posts implied that NO ONE in the Japanese fandom would misunderstand the comic, which was the cause for your 'rage’.

So allow me to ask. Why is the GoOri pairing in Japan still so ~small~,  ‘o native Japanese speaker’? – if you still claim to be a Japanese speaker - if people still believe you are after I have outlined all the improbabilities above.

Come on. Answer me. Why is the IchiRuki pairing in Japan still so popular? Why do the IchiRuki fans stand out among Bleach fans and flood out Comiket annually?

Don’t tell me that with the exception of YOU, the native Japanese speaker, the other thousands of Japanese speakers can’t understand their own language.

You, the native Japanese speaker alone, understand everything. 10,000 other Bleach fans and 7000 other IchiRuki Japanese fans don’t. Only YOU alone see the significance of the language and you are so so angry at the 'Western’ fandom for screwing up translations. The other thousands of Japanese fans didn’t understand it when Kubo said that! That’s why the Japanese fandom for IRs are so big, right? Is it because *gasp* the fans in Japan aren’t Japanese?

Where are your evidence of what the Japanese blogs are like? WHERE? You’re all talk about what you think in ENGLISH but where are your links to Japanese blogs and screencaps of how unbiased they are? SHOW ME.

You have NO evidence. But I can show you from my end.

Japanese fans reacting to Chapter 519:

External image

External image

And Japanese Bleach fans’ face when they came to the page “Aren’t you going to penetrate that peach-like ass/Aren’t you going to say her ass looks like a peach’ double-entendre:

External image

No, the stupid Western Org claimed that Japanese fans DON’T THINK IT’S A BIG DEAL. Do you think people are fucking stupid? You think you can lie because no one will know? Who are you fucking fooling?

Some anime/manga quotes people find ~memorable~ and among them, the tsukkomaneenoka quote:

External image
Another fan reacting to the peach/tsukkomaneenoka quote:

External image

You claim that Japanese fans are unbiased?! Wow Japanese fans don’t notice the penetration double-entendre quote! Do your fucking research, stupid liar.

Do you think people do not know how to Google in Japanese? You’re too fucking stupid and way too over your head. 

Here are some Japanese fans noticing the parallel between Ichigo and Rukia and Isshin and Masaki:

External image

External image

External image

All these caps above are fans screaming along the lines of : "Father and son share the same DNA! Father and son say the same thing! They are really the men of the Kurosaki family! They say the same thing to their brides! This!「助けに来たぜ ルキア!」(I’ve come to save you Rukia!) and「護りに来たぜ!」(I’ve come to help you!)”

You dare claim that Japanese fans don’t do this?  ONLY Western fans?You really underestimate us, dumbass. You dare say that Western fans are the ones who made “IchiRuki” up? IchiRuki, the most massive and popular pairing in Japan, being made up by Western fans?

Japanese IchiRuki fans who are the most populous ARE WRONG!? Are you going to shit on them for being IchiRuki? WOOOOOW. Your stupidity is bottomless.

Well just do a fucking GOOGLE SEARCH, fucktard. Have you been using BING?

I don’t have to translate shit. People in my fandom who can read Japanese can attest to everything we’ve read out there in Japanese. And your Japanese is superior to your English after all, like you said here:

External image

So, figure it out.

Just a note. I have never met anyone who calls himself/herself a “native” speaker of something. And also, different words are used in Chinese/Japanese to point to the same meaning as a 'native speaker’. So the moment you call yourself “native”, you are as western as you can be, dumbass.

Do people go around telling others that they are a native speaker in English when they read and argue over Marvel comics? I’m not a native speaker of English, but my English is easily more superior than those in YOUR fandom whose first language is motherfucking English. 

If you wanted to lie, you should have done your Orgfucking research.

The literal translation of the interview was known by everyone years ago. “There are no feelings of romance” literally. And? So what? The relationship is still the most central in Bleach. Why didn’t you mention that even once? Did you miss out on chunks of Japanese texts in the manga?

Going around introducing yourself as a native speaker of some language and claiming again and again that you are a Japanese 'native speaker’ is simply an act to exert authority and claim credibility. Let’s face it, no one would listen to an Org otherwise, would they?

Oh and here’s something else. You told Asam here, that you live in Japan and was born in Japan and raised in Japan.

External image

And you told calii8dreamer that you feel bad for “Ichihime” shippers. Why would an 'unbiased’ fan feel bad for 'Ichihime’ shippers???

External image

Nevermind. Oi, sheila, what did you tell Asam again? “Yes, I live in Japan”

External image

External image

Whoa no proxy. In conclusion, that’s your real IP. Thanks for making this so easy, 'o native Japanese who was born and raised in Japan’. Australia. Whatever.


“I pity Ichihime shippers”

Japanese fans DO NOT refer to the “IchiHime” pairing as “IchiHime” in Japan. Chinese fans do not call “IchiHime” either. Literally translated, Chinese fans call it “Ichi-i” (I-jing) 一井 And Japanese fans call it “IchiORI”. Therefore, the moment you come in screaming “IchiHIME” this and “IchiHIME” that, you’ have fucking exposed yourself as a Western fan already. You go to ANY famous Japanese GoOri fans’ fanpage, they will tell you they ship ICHIORI. Try Tanabota Days, who has grown smarter and ditched Bleach in rage after a complaining about Ichigo’s treatment of Ori in a chapter in 2011, called her beloved pairing ICHIORI. They don’t call it a 'ship’ either. They call it 'COUPLING’. Words like that distinguish you from Western fans. Word of warning: Anyone who takes hints from this post of mine and try to pretend to be yet another 'native’ fan is really going to be laughed at.

External image

Yup, that’s my handwriting in Japanese. I’m not going to type them so you can paste into some translation engine or some shit. Read it yourself. Or ask your ~Japanese acquaintance~ to read it. I know you probably have one. If you have a sensei then ask your sensei to read it. You’d better understand it properly, my Australian friend Org. I have very  deliberately written this in kindergarten-level Japanese. For a native like you, no problem, right?  Come on.

Using all these English fandom jargons and then claiming you are NEW to English fandom, LYING about being a Japanese native speaker is one of the most fucking idiotic things I have ever seen an Org doing.

Seriously, guys. I said this would be funny. I love it when Orgs dig deeper holes for themselves when I don’t call them out immediately. Like MissFullofGas here. Her confidence increased exponentially as days passed with no one exposing her. Reminds me of the time SKPQ went rampaging and lying about her condition. So you see, it’s always the liars themselves who done themselves in.

These Orgs are so frustrated no one takes them seriously that they resort to lying so their opinions will sound credible. So they can exert their authority over everyone else. Pity, your IchiOri pairing is still as unpopular as ever in Japan, even when everyone understood the language.

Lastly, choice words for you (better Japanese this time):

External image

Yeah you’ll have to figure it out. You are so ingrained in Japanese culture, being born and raised and you have said that your English is NOWHERE as good as your Japanese! Right? You oughta know all the slangs and colloquial words I’ve used in here.

This afternoon, you have used YAHOO ANSWERS Japan to put up posts about anti-IR. Yo, Yahoo Answers, GUYS. “A glimpse into the Japanese fandom”? Are you joking? What about the blogs Japanese use actively and 2ch? Are they NOT part of the Japanese fans’ perspective? DO YOU FUCKING KNOW HOW FAR ALONG THE THREADS ARE FOR ANTI-ORIHIME and ICHIRUKI compared to say, ICHIORI on 2ch? Would you say the IchiOri fans on Tumblr ARE the equivalent of, and the collective Western perspective? What about the JAPANESE POINT OF VIEW? Don’t fucking lie. We’re all watching you.

No offence to Ace and his mother but you, mrs-portgas, are full of shit and gas. You will go into my Hall of Lolz. Oh yeah. I will be adding you shortly for posterity.

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hi! welcome back from the cone of science - i feel you, i still have testing left. anyway, can you write ten/rose telepathic bond fluff? it's my absolute favorite kind of fluff and it would help me get through this weekend. thanks!

Here you go! Good luck with the rest of your exams!!

The Doctor hummed idly as he lay underneath the central console of the TARDIS, making routine maintenance checks. But the ship was making it incredibly difficult for him to do so, as she kept flickering her lights and shocking his fingers.

“Oi, stop it!” he growled, sticking his index finger into his mouth after a particularly violent shock. “Or do you want to fall to bits on our next trip?”

“Oh, she’s not that worn down,” Rose said, and there was a clip of irritation in her voice.

Blimey, even Rose was annoyed with him.

“Yes, I’m annoyed!” she said exasperatedly, but the Doctor could feel the affection bubbling across their bond, so whatever it was she was angry about, it wasn’t too bad.

“I’m not exactly angry,” she said as the Doctor hoisted himself up from below the grating. The TARDIS had seen fit to turn off all the lights, making it impossible to continue his work. But there were still a few wires and bolts he needed to reattach, so until the ship decided to cooperate with him, he and Rose would be stuck in the Vortex.

“Well you’re both miffed about something,” he pouted, wiping his hands off on a nearby rag, and he smirked as he noticed Rose’s gaze drop to his bare forearms, where he’d rolled up his sleeves.

“Do you know what you’ve been humming for the past couple of hours?” Rose asked, forcing her eyes away from his arms.

The Doctor furrowed his brow, and finally the strands of the tune that had been stuck in his head all morning finally took shape.

It’s a small world after all…

He grinned sheepishly when Rose’s annoyance flared, as her mind added to the lyrics.

“You’ve had that bloody earworm for over two hours!” Rose said, and the Doctor could feel her attempting to shove that song to the back of her mind, but it kept inching forward. “No wonder the TARDIS won’t let you touch her. She’s about as sick of it as I am!”

“Sorry, love,” the Doctor said, but he was far too amused at the situation to be truly sorry.

“Git,” Rose grumbled, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“I am sorry it’s been annoying you,” he said a bit more earnestly, and he telepathically apologized to the TARDIS.

“Guess that’s a trade off for having you in my head,” she said, and a smile was tugging up the corners of her mouth.

“But worth it, right,” he said, plopping down on the jump seat beside her. They’d only had their bond for a little over a week, but already the Doctor couldn’t imagine not having her in his head.

“Definitely,” Rose agreed, tucking her head against his shoulder. “But next time, can you try to pick a less annoying earworm?”

FF XV React: Comforting you after having a terrible nightmare

Suggested by: transientblueseraph and one Anon-chan

I hope you enjoy! This is so cute-it gave me cavaties! ^_^

Noctis: Hey! Hey! *shakes you awake as gently as he can* Calm down, you’re ok. C'mon breathe in *breathes in with you* and out. Repeat. There you go, you’re ok. *starts to rub small circles on your back* Whatever you were dreaming about, it cant hurt you. I’m right here to protect you anyway.

Gladiolus: *you jolt awake from your nightmare and right into Gladiolus’s arms* Oof! At least you saved me the trouble of having to wake you. Hey- *notices that your shaking, and holds you gently* Hey, you’re ok, you’re alright. Shh, if you need to cry go ahead. I wont tell.

Prompto: *you wake up to Prompto holding you* Ah! Holy crap, you scared me. I was gonna go get Ignis for help. You’re ok now, but you must have been dreaming something awful. *you clutch your pillow, and he takes it away to hug you* I’m better than any pillow, hugs are better too. Dont you worry, I’ll make sure you dont have anymore scary dreams.

Ignis: Are you alright! I heard you scream an-A bad dream? *comes over and sits in your bed* Do you want to talk about it? No. It’s probably best not to remember it. *notices your hands shaking and takes them in his* Would you like me to get you something warm to drink? No? Then, how about I just stay here until you fall asleep again. I’ll wake you if it looks like you’ll start having a bad dream.

Cor: Oi pup! Wake up now! *your eyes snap open* Finally, I-whoa! *You suddenly cling to him* Pup-hey now, listen. *kneels down beside you* You’re awake now, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. Ok? *you nod and he gently ruffles your hair* You need me to keep doing this until you fall asleep? Just kidding. Only if you want me too.

Regis: There now *sighs* you’re finally awake, thank Etro. Easy now, *has you lie back down as you were getting up and holds your hand* still your heart. Let it recover. Whatever it is that you dreamt about, it cant follow you here. Alright? *smiles gently*

Cidney: Hey! Hey! Hey! Wake up! Oh thank the Gods, what awful thing were you dreaming of? Oh nevermind! Easy now, deep breaths, look at me! You’re awake y'hear? I’m real. *takes your hand in hers* See? You’re ok. *embraces you and gently rocks you back and forth* Just a dream, a silly old dream.


Okay it’s finally done! I said it like ten thousand times but thank you again @purplegillybeans for helping me be less anxious about this support!

The alternate Nina paralogue ending will come separately! Hopefully in the near future!

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Lunatic Parade Yuma Sub Scenario w/Ayato Translation

General Prologue     Mukami Prologue     Sub Scenario w/Shu     Sub Scenario w/Ayato     Sub Scenario w/Subaru   

-Scene: Street Corner- [Location on Map: Glimmer Main Street]

Ayato: Oh, it’s Chichinashi and Yuma!

Yui: Ayato-kun! Is that cotton candy you have there?

Ayato: Yeah. I heard the ones sold at that wagon were good.

Yuma: If anything, I’d rather have my sweets be crunchy than all soft  like that.

It’s best for vegetables and Sugar-chan to have a crunch to it when you eat ‘em. Yeah?

Yui: I suppose… …

Ayato: Really? … …Wait, y’know. I’ve been wondering about something.

Why do you call sugar “Sugar-chan”?

Yuma: Ah? What does it matter? I can call it what I want.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request Tracer, Hanzo, and/or Symettra with a s/o who stutters/has a speech impediment? The s/o is ashamed of how they talk, possibly after being made fun of or getting yelled at for their speech? And their partner consoles or reassures them? I know this is oddly specific, but it would mean a lot to see it filled! (∩´﹏`∩)

I hope you enjoy! :)

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Wohoo, some Shimokaji and Radio Misty!
This clip that was requested by my friend earlier, sorry it took so long A!

Hirotan and Yuutan are performing a sketch based on words which I asume they draw from a pile.

This is borderline Kaji x Shimono BL! I have warned you xD

Shimono: I’ll be…. H! (Radio Misty’s jellyfish mascot)

Kaji: Oh… H?!

Shimono: H!

Kaji: And I’ll be… a Post-it…

Shimono: Ahahaha!!

Kaji: I’m a bit confused, a Post-it is one of those sticky paper things, right!

Shimono: Next up, the personality of Shimono Hiro will be…. “tsundere, focus on dere”

Kaji: It’s difficult when it’s that specific

Shimono: How will this turn out?

Kaji: Oh! I’m “Tsundere, not much dere”

Shimono: That’s great!

Kaji: Why?! If it weren’t for the Post-it, this would’ve been a pretty good set-up!

Shimono: What are we gonna do?


Shimono: And the situation will be…


Shimono: IT’S BL!!!!

Kaji: POST-IT!!

Shimono: It’s here!

Kaji: Post-itghjkl

Shimono: Apart from the Post-it, this could’ve been so good!

Kaji: I would’ve been perfect! Like normal Drama-CD

Shimono: And the time limit will be…. 3 minutes!!

Kaji: You can do one scene with that, in terms of Drama-CD

Shimono: Oh my god…

Kaji: Only the POST-IT is so regrettable!

Shimono: Wow…

Kaji: Even glasses would’ve been better

Shimono: I have “focus on dere”…Alright! Well, you’ll be a post-it but let’s do it!

Kaji: Let’s! For 3 minutes right

Shimono: Right now, one of the staff showed us a post-it, but we do know what it is!

Kaji: We know, but not the details

Shimono: We know the characteristics… Whatever, let’s do it!

Kaji: Here we go

Shimono: A Tsundere, focus on dere, H and…

Kaji: A Tsundere, with less dere, Post-it will perform

Both: BL


Kaji: I’m a post-it living in the Shimono household. For a long time I’ve only had my eyes on Hiro but
      a while ago a creature called Nomura’s Jellyfish has started living here. I can’t help but feel curious about him.
Shimono: Huueeh~ A fish tank is not so bad~

Kaji: Oi, you over there!

Shimono: Is there someone calling for me? But there’s no one else here. Who is it?

Kaji: Down here, over here!

Shimono: Are you a….Post-it?

Kaji: Yes, I’m a Post-it.

Shimono: Why can you talk? I don’t understand!

Kaji: Are you saying I shouldn’t talk?

Shimono: No you shouldn’t

Kaji: Why’s that?

Shimono: Because you’re a Post-it!

Kaji: Look at my body! This is where you write letters

Shimono: Wow, you can write anything and stick it to anything! I’m always in the water so that’s an admirable thing

Kaji: If you’d like, you can write something on me with your index finger

Shimono: But… I can’t do it! I can’t leave this fish tank, so I can’t do it…

Kaji: Don’t say you can’t do it! I’ll get you out of there!

Shimono: No..wait…sto….Stop it… Wait! Stop!

Kaji: Come on, let go

Shimono: I’m coming! I’m coming…. out of the tank. I’m coming!

Kaji: Come!

Shimono: UAAH~~
                I did really come… out from the tank

Kaji: Don’t you think my adhesive power is quite something?

Shimono: Wow, it’s amazing! I stick to you!

Kaji: Your slippery index finger… 

Shimono: Is it okay if I write something?

Kaji: Write! Hurry up and write!

Shimono: I’m writing, I’m writing!!

Kaji: You got me wet!

Shimono: That was amazing, kurage~

Kaji: But I didn’t talk to you just so we could do this….

Shimono: Me too… I didn’t mean to…

Kaji: But if it’s okay with you… from here on… yoroshiku!

Shimono: If you say it like that… yoroshiku

Shimono: What did we just do?

Kaji: But even so… We didn’t say they were doing it 

Shimono: No we didn’t

Kaji: Everything was according to a jellyfish and a Post-it

Shimono: Yeah, but we have no idea how this turned out in our imagination

Kaji: Yeah

Simono: But since we had to do BL…

Kaji: Some of the staff’s faces look very strange. They’re saying “it’s very hot here”

Shimono: But if we’re told to….

Kaji: I think this is the one time we really did our absolute best!

Shimono: You’re right!

Kaji: And in terms of form

Shimono: It became a form

Kaji: And we ended it in 3 minutes

Shimono: We did a conclusion. That was good

Kaji: But please, don’t send us mail scolding us

Shimono: If we get scolding mails from this then I don’t know

Kaji: Then it feels like you’re denying us

Shimono: Yeah, scolding us is fine but please don’t abandon us!

Kaji: But it was fun!

Shimono: Yes!

* I don’t own the audio of the clip
* I am not 100% fluent in Japanese nor is English my first language so I apologize for any mistranslations and weird grammar 

Thank you for reading ^0^

anonymous asked:

*the three leg puppy crawls to Mondo, to bite with his lil teeth Mondo's pant to call his attention* Mondo, I think they want a pet. I would but I'm allergic *sad face* to my bad luck...I love puppies but my allergies kill my dream to have them.

Awww, hey little guy! You want a few pets~? *rubs the doggo cheeks carefully along with his back* Awww, such a good boy, ain’t ya? Yes, you are! You definitely are!

Oi, you’ve got dog allergies? Man, that’s gotta fuckin’ bite. Though there are, what’s the word? Hyper-whatever dogs that don’t have the dander in their fur, so they should be safe for ya ta go near.

sassyturtle  asked:

Hello~ can i request tsukiyama, both kaneki's, uta, yomo, and touka cuddling with thier s/o after thier s/o had a nightmare

TSUKIYAMA is alarmed when he hears his partner call for him from the other room. Concerned for their well-being, he rushes into the room, only to see them clutching their head, taking measured breaths in a clear attempt to call themselves down. “I’m here, my love.” He tells them, as he joins them, taking their smaller body into his arms. He speaks to them in a soft, low voice telling them everything would be all right. Tsukiyama would protect them from anything, including whatever abyss their mind could conjure. Once they calm down they return his embrace. They sit like that for a while, minds circling in their own thoughts. “Can you stay with me until I fall back asleep again?” an almost feeble voice requests. He obliges, spending the rest of the night with his beloved.

KANEKI is concerned for his partner; from the facial expressions they were making they were likely having a nightmare. He’s unsure whether or not he should wake them up, but when they start writhing around, he wakes his companion as gently as he can. They wake with a start, jolted out of the horror their consciousness had crafted. He reassures his partner that they’re safe and that he’s for them. He asks if there’s anything he can get for them. Only slightly surprised by their meek request of “hold me,” he wraps his arms around their body. The warmth of his body assures them that this is real, that nothing is going to take Kaneki away from them. Both of them fall asleep like that, reveling in the comfort of another warm body.

SHIRO!KANEKI has had his share of horrendous imagery plague him in his sleep. As such, he recognizes when his partner has connected with the darker aspect of their psyche. Kaneki reaches out a hand and attempts to wake them up, but their mind has pulled them so far under that the physical stimulus merges with the mental stimulus. His touch becomes distorted in their mind, warping in some hideous way. The dream becomes too much for his partner and they jerk awake, tears coming from their eyes, body shaking. “Kaneki!” He responds that he’s here, and cautiously brings them into his arms, not wanting to incite the horror they had just escaped. He traces small circles into their skin until their breathing evens out. They manage to mutter a sleepy thank you before they enter a dreamless sleep.

UTA watches as his partner enters the studio, wringing their hands together. He notices how they start at even the smallest, inconspicuous of noises. It takes him only a brief moment to come to the conclusion that they had had a nightmare and sought Uta for comfort. Putting down his work he gestures for his partner to come over to him. “Do you want to talk about it?” His partner shakes their head; they were just scared and wanted to be with the one they trusted most. Being alone in that dark room was more than they could take. Uta brings them close, patting their head, humming a gentle melody. Eventually, the tension in their body subsides, but instead of letting them go, he brings them closer.

YOMO hears his partner cry out in their sleep close by. They wake with a start, eyes darting around the room, somewhere between a state of dreaming and realizing that they are awake. Their fingers are brought nervously to their lips, as they try to make themselves as small as they can. He approaches them cautiously. “You all right?” he asks. His partner closes their eyes tightly and shakes their head. Taking a seat next to them, he takes their hand in his, thumb outlining circles on the back of their hand. Eventually, his partner unfurls from their coiled position and moves closer to him. Yomo takes them into his lap, not once letting go of their hand, and holds them. “I’m here, so don’t worry about it.” His partner snuggles into his chest thankful for his presence.

TOUKA can see them physically fighting whatever it is that their mind has summoned. Their face contorts in obvious agony without making a sound. She worries immensely for her partner and shakes them awake. “Oi! Get up! It’s just a dream.” Her partner wakes with a start, panting, and weakly calls out Touka’s name. She assures them that she’s there, that it was nothing but a bad dream. However, when they start crying Touka is at a loss as to what to do. Pulling them into her chest, she does her best to soothe them. Eventually, their sobs subside and Touka thinks that they must have fallen asleep. She’s about to shift positions before her partner’s voice stops her. “Can we stay like this for a little longer?” Touka obliges, watching over them as their breathing evens out as they reenter a sleeping state.

A Random SoRina Story!

Words: 1037

Uncontrollable Feelings by firefiredragonsandstuff (EDIT: Yep the title lol)

Soma had just won another Shokugeki this time someone had bet a…TV? He stuck it in his room with a lot of effort with the help of his Polar Star dorm mates. Well more specifically, Shun Ibusaki and 7th Seat Isshiki Satoshi, for once with-

“PUT SOME CLOTHES ON DAMMIT!” A female voice yelled, preferably Yuki Yoshino’s.

Nevermind. He’s wearing just an apron. Literally just an apron. After setting up the TV in Soma’s room,they had left his room and he went to lay on his bed when he had a sudden thought. He grinned ear to ear, thinking of a certain female to go mess with. Or maybe say hi to. Probably the latter. Anyway, he put his jacket on and walked out of his room and out of the dorm, on his way out, seeing the 7th Seat with nothing on, but he quickly turned away as soon as he saw that there was nothing tied on his back.

As soon as he was outside, he put his hands behind his head and started to walk thinking what to say to her. That was weird. He never really thought about what to say to her. After a long time he’s known her,he never really thought of what to say to her. “Today’s a weird day.” He thought as he continued to walk to where she might be.

She was in her office. She sighed at the fact that she was so busy. Her hair slightly messy as she had never had the chance for a break yet and so, she decided to take one. She flipped her hair back as she walked out of her office. Her long honey blonde hair was flowing through the air as she walked across the hallway, her purple-pink eyes shining with relief from the words of paper. Her mind had wandered from many things, from what Hisako was doing, who that blond haired kid that always talked to Yukihira about beating him, Yukihira’s annoying stupid hair, Yukhira’s annoying stupid face, Yuki-wait what?

She blushed immediately at the thought of even thinking of the red, spiky haired male. She proceeded to shake her head of all thoughts of Soma Yukihira. “Stupid Yukihira…making it into my head…” She mumbled,louder than she thought as other students were looking at her.

She had finally got outside and looked around. She sighed in relief as there was no sight of HIM. So she continued to walk around the campus. Unknowingly, Soma was also there but walking behind her. He noticed the honey blonde hair and decided to walk up beside her. Or at least near her. He then had an ear splitting grin and tapped her shoulder. Erina turned around with a sigh. When she saw who it was she did not like it. Soma was incredulously close and that made her blush and, what Erina would say,his stupid grin, was plastered on his face.

“Hi there Nakiri, what are you doing out here?” He asked her, he was curious as he never saw the 10th seat out and about.

Erina froze up for a moment. Instead of answering, she just stared at him and ended up staring into his golden eyes. His stupid, shiny, stupid, lovely, stupid eyes.

“Uh…Nakiri? You okay there?”

She never knew what he was thinking. Never.

“Oi Nakiri! Are you daydreaming?”

She shook her head, scarlet painted her cheeks. “I-I’m not d-daydreaming, Yukihira-kun!” She protested and turned her head in embarrassment, still blushing at the fact she hadn’t noticed him there. Or was it the fact that he was pretty close?

The red-haired male then asked again, “So what are you doing out here,Nakiri?”

She crossed her arms, her blush still slightly present and answered.

“Well, Yukihira-kun, I needed a break from my work as I had been working non-stop.”

He nodded and started to think on something. He pondered on whether if she wanted to take a walk with him. And maybe talk about why she’s always worked up against him. But then again he was oblivious to the fact that she likes him on some level. Same with her. They both had just started to walk instinctively but it was pretty silent. Though their hands had been freely swinging and had been occasionally touching.

“W-what is Y-yukihira-kun d-doing?” She had been thinking whilst walking as she had felt his hand continuously brush past hers and had realised how close they were but for some odd reason she didn’t want to leave the closeness. Some, being the oblivious one, didn’t notice the close proximity.

They both ended up walking around together, albeit somewhat awkwardly but during that time, Soma started to speak about what dishes he had worked on and such. The awkwardness gradually faded away and Erina had grown to just listen attentively and stare at him and at how passionate he was about what he worked on. She just stared in awe then looked away as soon as he noticed her staring.

“W-w-what is wrong with me…this is bad for my heart…” She mumbled. Soma stared at her and thought she had looked cute.  Soma then noticed that there were some Cherry Blossom trees nearby. He didn’t know that Totsuki had them. So he decided something.

“Oi Nakiri, you wanna go to the Cherry Blossom trees?” He asked her.

She crossed her arms and looked away. “W-whatever Y-Yukihira-kun!” She automatically started walking to the direction of the Cherry Blossom trees. Soma just shrugged and followed his part-ri-what was she to him? ‘Oh well’ he shrugged the thought off.

As soon as they got to the cherry blossom trees, there were cherry blossom petals falling all around. Erina had stopped in the centre of all the trees and wasn’t turning to Soma. The red haired, bandanna wearing male raised an eyebrow. They didn’t say anything as they stood in what was in comfortable silence. She immediately turned around and rushed over to him and enveloped him in what was a tight hug and as soon as she looked up at him, he saw how beautiful her eyes were, how cute and adorable she was.

Erina had no idea what she was doing. She was running on autopilot. She was letting her instincts take over. Her mind was screaming “NO NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” but her heart said the opposite.

“S-soma-kun…” She whispered.


“Don’t change. And call me Erina when we’re alone,please…Soma.”

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bossarmadimon  asked:

23. Do they have a good memory? Short term or long term? Are they good with names? Or faces? [nate, maybe with bonus Zack barging in XD]

Natticus: Why am I ‘Nate’ now? I’m not a yokai guy or whatever ;>ᆺ> I like to think I’m pretty smart though~ Milus is smart too but like, a different kind of smart. It’s tough to explain-

Zarrus: You’re obviously dumb Red if ya can’t even s- HEY! You callin’ me names now brick-butt!?

Natticus: As you can see, Zack is bad with names. And he might not be that smart :b

Zarrus: Oi, I can answer for myself :/ I’m not dumb, I’m just a different kinda smart than Milus or Red that’s all. Humph.

Natticus: Hmmm, I do get forgetful if I somehow end up devolving into a Pichimon. It’s tough to retain information when you’re that small ^^; I don’t end up dying or getting myself killed as often as Zack has though at least.

Zarrus: You’re probably just weak because you always run away from battles. I’m a skilled fighter ( ˇωˇ )

Natticus: I don’t run, if I can outsmart them then I don’t even need to fight them in the first place (¬ᆺ¬) You couldn’t even remember what the difference was between a Gotsumon and a Meteormon, one is a much higher level-

Zarrus: Psh, who cares, just knock ‘em in the water and they’ll sink to the bottom either way… I’ll make sure they don’t surface; easy targets makes for easy data >:3

Natticus: …See I don’t need to hoard my data and buff up if I’m smart enough to pick only the fights I know I can win. Duh. If you mess up then you’re dead-

Zarrus: But then I know what not to do!

Natticus: (-ᆺ-); I think you’ve cycled too many times if you think that’s a good strategy, but whatever. As a digimon, when in the digital world we don’t really need to remember ‘names’ the way humans do, but it’s good to know how to address a digimon if you want to get acquainted with them. Every ‘mon is different though. As such, it’s important to remember faces, or other details, very well, I don’t have any trouble with that~

Zarrus: I only remember the stuff that’s important, so rarely I’ll forget someone or something-

Natticus: Uh huh. “Rarely”. Sure.

Zarrus: Shut up Red!

Natticus: Grrr, my name’s Natticus here, or did you forget that too!?

Zarrus: I said I only remember *important* stuff ya moronmon!

Milus: *ahem* Why don’t you two calm yourselves down and finish answering the questions.

Zarrus: …What were we on about again? Memories?

Natticus: Well that’s your answer, my turn now; I haven’t cycled too many times but I feel like I remember most of my time in the Digital World, except when I was a babymon ^^;

I bring the neck of the bottle to my mouth, taking down a gulp of beer as I watch Luke get drunker and drunker. Putting the bottle down, I shake my head and snort when he unexpectedly falls off the bed, laughing at a dumb joke Calum just told.

“What are you snorting for?” babbles the charcoal-haired boy sat next to me.

“I’ve just never seen someone get drunk over two fucking beers.”

“Heyyyy”, whines Luke as he gets up and back on the bed.

Calum and I both lock our eyes on him, waiting for the rest of his sentence, but all we get is some compulsive giggle.

I huff, a little bewildered.

“You guys are ridiculous”

But a smile still makes it way unto my face at the sight of Calum’s pout. I blow him a kiss teasingly and he gets up on his knees, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Ooh you’re definitely gonna get it”

“Get what?” I reply looking at him as innocently as I can.

“A kiss!” he shouts.

I chuckle as he towers over me, almost falling on my lap.

“You’re drunk too, aren’t you” I say looking up to his crinkled chocolate eyes.

“No, just. Just a little tipsy”

“Tipsy, my ass”

His giggles transform into a real laugh and he leans down clumsily, almost knocking my head off with his. I can’t help giggling too at the sight of his face inches from mine, and soon after at his awkward attempt of a kiss.
His mouth crushes mine, our teeth clashing as we’re both smiling our heads off. The sound of our laughs is the only one in the room but our closeness makes it sound ten times louder than it actually is.
I almost don’t even hear Luke burp loudly behind Calum or the wind clatter against the window. And even though both of these things are more or less right under my eyes, I only vaguely see them.
All I see is Calum’s lips, his smile slowly fading as they inch closer to mine, his dark eyes going back in forth between mine and my lips. We kiss, and things would’ve gone further if a loud voice didn’t ring behind Calum’s back, making both of us start.

“Oi! Get a room you two!”

I huff again. I had forgotten he was there, the big idiot.

“Fuck off Luke”

The blonde-haired boy pouts and soon after the room is filled with his fake but loud cries. I smile apologetically to Calum’s disappointed face and take another swig of my beer.

Tonight’s going to be a long, long night.

Tennant Twins by LicieOIC

Tennant Twins on AO3

An AU fic where David and Billie got together as a result of Doctor Who and he has an identical twin named Daniel.

Inspired by BRILLIANT photo manips by bartyjoonyah and gallifreyslostson.

Prompted to me by the lovely ladies of the fic chat, with special thanks to dryadalis, imadethisblogtofollowyou, and callistawolf, who all helped with ideas.

“Can you believe this bastard has TWO of these hideous jackets?”
“Oi! These jackets are great, Dan! And they were on sale!”
“Whatever, I just can’t believe they wanted us to dress alike for this shoot… It’s mum and Christmas cards all over again…”

“Billie said I’m the better kisser.”
“Don’t encourage the young listeners to lie, Dan. You’re setting a bad example.”
“I’m not the one wearing a navy t-shirt with an olive sport coat.”
“This coat is GRAY. Why are you always on me about my clothing?”
“Because, Dave, your girlfriend looks like she stepped off the pages of a magazine and picked you up off the street! And THIS coat is gray. YOURS is OLIVE.”