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I always got the impression that the gods felt that Aku wasn't really their problem. They handled the source pretty well, and compared to them Aku's not much better than a speck. 'Course, they had a responsibility, but they also felt that mortals could handle it, so they just gave them a tool to do exactly that (too bad the Aku's a cheating little donger)

*Aku wreaking havoc on the galaxy*


👏dont 👏tell 👏real 👏people 👏to 👏kill 👏themselves 👏 over👏 an 👏imaginary 👏ship 👏

i just love them and tis anime so much i just can’t

this is part of my life now and i cant wait to see season 2 and what they will come up with

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Yuri and Victor’s first reactions to meeting each other can be summarised with this one gif

The roles switch before and after the banquet

I’ve fallen and i can’t get up

Haven’t drawn anything(especially silly comics) in AGES and now there’s yoi which gives me power and inspiration

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