oi love you and that's enough

former vandal starter sentences
  • "Don't leave yet."
  • "I know love's not what it's about."
  • "Stay a bit."
  • "Your body says you want to quit."
  • "No regrets."
  • "I should go."
  • "Should we really be doing this again?"
  • "I don't want your heart."
  • "You've been talking to me, but I know your hands have something to say."
  • "Keep breathing on my neck."
  • "Your body's writing checks that I intend to cash."
  • "I'm a sucker for your smile."
  • "You touch me like a loaded gun."
  • "Kiss my body."
  • "Make it all feel better again."
  • "We could get higher."
  • "I'm an almost-famous movie star."
  • "Should've bought a better face."
  • "Ain't gotta worry about the money at all."
  • "You're living in a glass house, throwing stones at the ground."
  • "The doctor's on call."
  • "I should be going to bed now."
  • "I'll take a quick pill to even me out."
  • "My best friends are just acquaintances."
  • "My lover is not around."
  • "My mother would be so proud of me, talking to myself."
  • "OI guess you lose some, win some."
  • "Sometimes the high is worth the comedown."
  • "For now I guess I'll stick around."
  • "Why me?"
  • "Just because it could always get worse, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt."
  • "It hurts like hell."
  • "It's worth it in the moment."
  • "I'm content with loneliness."
  • "I could care for a weekend, but that's as far as I get."
  • "God, I wish I cared enough."
  • "Go slow."
  • "Let's take time."
  • "I'm trying to find a reason I should give a fuck."
  • "Before you love me, just remember love is only sweet surrender."
  • "I can't get my heart to be on board."
  • "I'm just not really feeling it."
  • "Don't confuse butterflies with being bored."
  • "I want to want you so bad."
  • "It's all I've ever known."
  • "I see you want to give it up."
  • "I wonder when I'll be enough."
  • "To you, I'm just a fucking wreck."
  • "I'll never really learn."
  • "If you're not going to love somebody else, then you better get to loving yourself."
  • "I've been up all night."
  • "I'm a mess and I'm lost in the head."
  • "I'm never going to get it right."
  • "You were a fire and I was a candle."
  • "You wore me down."
  • "I could get myself clean."
  • "I keep reaching for you."
  • "I don't want to be strung out."
  • "Release me."
  • "I've got to cut you clean."
  • "Maybe just one more sip before I leave."
Our Secret Love Song
Our Secret Love Song

I am not very sure whether the title of this song is ‘our secret love song’ or just ‘love song’??? but anyway yeah this is the only song from any voltage app that has stuck with me even though i haven’t touched SITS in months. yay SITS! i added my own outro because i hate how it ends in the game LOL hope you enjoy! :o

I apparently didn’t state this clearly enough during my previous music post, but this is a fan cover. I did not record the audio directly from the app.

I’m Not Complaining


Another sober night out in LA left you and Joe to help each of the boys into the shared house. This wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you agreed to go on holiday with everyone but hey, you and Joe finally had some alone time. 

You let Oli fall onto his bed, not bothering to tell him to undress as you had just watched the drunken mess try and remove his shoes. You pulled and blanket over his body before heading out the door and switching off the light. 

“Oli’s down, is that all?” You asked Joe as you walked into the living room. 

“Yep although these two didn’t want to get into bed” Joe gestured to the two sleeping lumps on the couches. 

“Whatever, at least they’re asleep. We should be too” You said with a yawn as you reached out for Joe’s hand. 

“Or maybe we could do something else, but you’ll have to be quiet love” Joe said with a wink before kissing you deeply and walking you to your room. 

In the morning, Joe went a checked to see if the boys were still breathing while you jumped in the shower. You were rinsing the shampoo out of your hair when the shower door opened, revealing a naked Sugg. 

“Are you gonna get in or not? You’re letting all the water out” You said before putting your head back under the water. 

Joe’s hands trailed from your hips to your breasts, giving them a small squeeze before leaning his head on your shoulder. 

“You’re beautiful you know that?” he said placing kisses up your neck. 

“You said that last night” You turned around a faced him, your arms wrapping around his neck.

“Well you are, and the boys are all still sleep.” his hands were now on your bum.

“Is that so?” you questioned before attaching your lips to his forcefully. 

You unwrapped the towel from your hair, tossing it to the ground before pulling your damp locks up into a bun. 

“Maybe we should wake them up, its nearly 11″ you said looking at your phone.

“Yeah probably” Joe said as you followed him out of the room. 

“Oh good you’re up” you said as your eyes met Jack, Conor and Josh all slumped over the couches in the living room. 

“Been up for a while love” Jack said with a smirk.

“Okay and do you plan on sitting here the whole day?” You asked as you watched Joe go from room to room checking on the rest of the boys. 

“Thats not what you two plan to do” Josh said loud enough to bring your attention back to the three of them. 


“Oh nothing Y/N. Oi Conor lets go have a shower.” Jack said standing and walking back into their room, his brother following suit.

You glanced over at Josh who just laughed and went back to scrolling through his phone. 

You and Joe were sat outside waiting for the rest of the boys to finish getting ready so you could all go out to eat. 

“Are you two decent out here?” Jack’s voice echoed through the air as he stuck his head out of the door. 

“What are you on about mate?” Joe called out as his mates emerged from the house and into the backyard. 

“Just wanted to make sure we weren’t intruding on anything thats all” Jack said sitting in a lounge chair beside you.

“Can we leave now? I’m bloody starving” Mikey said.

“Yes I agree lets go!” You said standing up, pulling Joe up with you.

You didn’t say much on the way to the restaurant or even once everyone had sat down at the table. You had come to the conclusion from the conversations that took place that morning that 3 of the boys had heard you and Joe in the shower, possible last night when everyone was supposedly sleeping. 

This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if this wasn’t what Jack had wanted. For the 2 years that you and Joe have been dating, Jack had always teased you two about having sex, or not since he was unable to catch you two in the act. Apparently he had been able to catch, or hear, most of the boys except Joe and Oli. Oli was lucky, no one really stayed the night at his flat and he never really talked about sex. Joe on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. Jack would alway be around when he knew you were spending the night or he’d be the one to invite you on holiday, much like this one, before your boyfriend even had time to process what was happening. If Jack heard the two of you last night, theres a good chance that the rest of them knew by now, with the exception of Joe, who right now, had no clue what was going on.

“You alright love?” Joe asked placing a hand on your thigh.

“I’m fine” you said with a smile.

“She’s probably thinking about last night mate.” Conor said before shoving a forkful of food into his mouth. 

“What happened last night?” Joe asked confused.

“You should know mate, you were there!” Caspar joined in causing your eyes to widen slightly. Yep all the boys knew and now, of all places they could’ve chosen, a restaurant is where this conversation was taking place.

Joe looked from his best friend to you and back to the rest of the boys, Jack specifically who had a smug grin on his face. 

“What are you guys on about?” Joe asked still so confused as what was going on. You brought your hands to your head, your fingers running circles on your temples. 

“Y/N knows” Jack said briefly pointing his fork at you before going for more food. 

“Can we not talk about this here please?” 

“Talk about what??” 

“Lets just say mate, the next time you have sex with us in close proximity, make sure we are all actually asleep.” Joe’s mouth hung open at Conor’s words. 

“You all were asleep. You all bloody passed out last night” Joe narrowed his focus in on the two brothers. 

“The key word there is ‘were’ Sugg. You see falling asleep on a couch isn’t fun especially when you’re drunk.” Jack paused to take a sip of his drink. “I woke Conor up a few minutes after you two left us on the couch and on our way back to our room, we heard…some noises.”

“And then you certainly didn’t care about the 3 of us sitting on the couch this morning” Josh said to Joe.

“We weren’t even loud this morning, and the shower was on.” Joe said quickly.

“Yeah you weren’t loud at all, couldn’t bloody hear a thing…from the living room” Now it was your turn for your mouth to hang open at Jack comment. 

“Are you serious?!” you kicked him from under the table. 

“Ow love. And yeah I had to make sure I caught you two so I could cross your names off the list. But don’t get me wrong, this time I’m not complaining.” Jack’s smirk was quickly replaced with pain as another foot came in contact with his shin. 

“Ow quit it. That was a compliment guys. I’d rather listen to you two going at it than Conor or Mikey. What you two are doing in bed is not sex…-”

“Alright thats enough.” You quickly cut Jack off not wanting him to finish that sentence. “Can we forget that this has happened please?”

“I’m not going to forget this but I’ll stop talking about it” Jack sent you and quick wink before yet another kick to his shin made him cry out.