Fifth person: Will have my character show up on their doorstep

Bo’s breath scraped against his raw throat as his feet slowed to a stop. He doubled over, pressing his palms to his knees and cringing as he felt blood from his ear slowly trickle down his neck. If he could just get back to the house Lho could fix his ear and he could call Alex and tell her that her boyfriend was a certified psychopath. He caught his breath as best he could, looking up and nearly falling backwards in shock. The manor lay directly before him. He was sure he hadn’t gone in that direction. In fact, he was positive he had purposefully gone in the opposite direction.

Slowly, he felt his feet move forwards, taking him up the front steps as a knot slowly formed in his stomach, sinking lower with every step down the hall. No, he hadn’t meant to come here, he had meant to get as far away from this place as possible in case–Bo’s blood ran cold as his feet came to a stop. He recognized this hall and, more importantly, the door that he was now waiting outside. He had opened it once before, and would much rather never make that mistake again.

With his feet rooted to the carpet outside of Jake’s door, Bo had no option but to wait, still holding his bleeding ear between his fingers.