Captured by The 5th Kazekage

The 5th Kazekage - Drabble based off of this picture

Blu medic woke up fuzzily, somewhere in his sluggish brain, alarm bells slowly started to ring as he realized that the last time he had been awake was during a battle against the Reds. Had he been knocked out, he tried to move one of his arms but it shifted strangely. Cautiously he opened his eyes, he looked around the room he was in, the red accented walls told him something dreadful. Captured, he had been captured by the Reds… That was not good, not good at all, he was apprehensive as to why the Reds had chosen to capture, instead of kill him. Whatever the reason, it would be not good one, not for him anyways.

The Red Spy slunk into the room, a cigarette in his mouth and a lazy, dangerous smirk on his face that bode ill for the captured mercenary. The Spy casually walked in, unhurried he looked about the room, seemingly to ignore the bound man in the room as he casual walked over to a place just barely out of sight and in the dark. The other man seemed to be messing with something metal as he heard shifting and clanking noises. The Red pushed the cart into his peripheral sight-line; he shoved the growing anxiety as he saw the implements of torture gleam in the darkened room. He would not break, he would not give up any information, no matter what the Spy did, or any of his other team mates, he would keep as silent as possible.

Some of that intent must have shown on his face as the other merc merely chuckled and shook his head slightly and purred, “Everyone breaks, it’s just a matter of when, Monsieur Medic~”

The first thing that the Spy grabbed was a black leather crop, the medic couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, out of all the implements, he had chosen one that would bruise, and at the worse barely break his skin. The crop lashed out and hit just above his left nipple, it hurt more than it should, however he said nothing made sure his face was blank.

“You vill have to try harder zhan zhat Herr Spy.” Blu Medic taunted.

If he could enrage the Spy into killing him, then he would respawn, it would hurt like hell, but at least he would be away from this place.

“I had requested that Red medic make a serum that would intensify the sensitivity to pain; so far it seems to have worked.” Spy replied with a smirk. “Not that he knows that I chose to test it on you.”

After striking three more times on his collarbone, neck and face the medic started to glare at the other defiantly. He felt something drip on his lips and he tasted blood. It seems that he had not healed fully from the battle that meant that it had not been to long since his capture. There was a faint hope that his teammates might notice his absence and would try to rescue him. The next torture that the Red spy inflicted on him was to cut him with a dagger. Blu Medic threw insults at the other, in response the other cut him deeply and longer than the other one.

The spy pulled off his tie and used it as a gag to halt the others words. One of Blu medic’s hands had curled into a fist, an unexpected wind brushed past and he realized that his shirt had been ripped open. As he curled his other hand into a fist he spotted Blu spy quietly sneak in, the Red spy had stopped torturing him for a while and turned to the right and walked off for a little bit to grab something, special just for him. Silently point in the direction where the other spy was, Blu spy nodded quietly and back-stabbed the other spy. His teammate unchained him and they left the base, he thanked the other man before going to supplies to get another shirt. He would pay back the red spy for what he had done.