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“CEO Ohno’s Busy Days”

Clumsy Reiji is funny and cute!

In his new drama, Ohno Satoshi had to challenge himself to take on the habits of a CEO. Is CEO Ohno somewhere to be found in this office? Is he too busy?! Let’s check out the day-to-day happenings of Ohno Satoshi!

Ohno Satoshi X Love Comedy!

He can do his job well, he has money, but the young CEO who isn’t one for love, Samejima Reiji (Ohno Satoshi) is shocked when Shibayama Misaki (Haru) enters the company and he falls in love. 

In regards to love, he seems invisible to her. As the title is “Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (World’s Most Difficult Love)”, is Reiji at the mercy of mercy itself?!

After reading the script, I was interested in seeing that my character is taking a bit of a role reversal. This character is not terribly different from me [in regards to love], I might say. (laughs) I was throwing out lines impromptu and didn’t intend them at all. (laughs) I think Reiji comes from a pure heart. Though he probably failed at matchmaking many times. What gives? (laughs) We don’t know how much of the problem is him or the women that were around him, but I think everyone has their lovable points. The dialogue reminds me of “Tonari no Kaibutsu kun” kind of strange, but maybe both are similar insofar that they are “monsters who become princes, yet cannot be helped”. (laughs) Monsters, yet human, probably first-born… But Reiji is such an ordinary-seeming man. A useless child, that’s what I am tapping into here. To become Reiji, it wasn’t negotiable– stubborn, unyielding, without giving up. That’s a CEO, right? I added a few lines here and there to add flavor, but I wanted to focus on feeling. 

A clumsy figure, suffering in love, in front of a pretty woman?

In this role, I got to stand in sympathy of the reverse [of the usual role being a clumsy, helpless woman in dramas]. He’s often frustrated like, “Hello Misaki, I am doing something over here! …When will she notice?” (laughs) This character is so youthful; I felt like a child. Our characters grow close but then, only comparatively close. However, [Reiji is] not lovable so… (laughs) This love presents in a muted tone. Yet, Reiji gets this secretary in the company, and [my character] can only think, “she’s so cute!” (laughs)

Only young celebrities get many nice suits and clothing changes in dramas usually. But your character seems to have a full wardrobe and it’s been a long time since you’ve done a costume drama…

Because we are shooting on the clock though, costume changes are very quick! (laughs) And we usually only do one or two quick stylings for my hair per day. I had it cut and colored for filming and it is more efficient to keep it the same way the whole time for my character. Also, moving in the stiff suits is a bit tricky. (laughs) If I were to dance in a firm, slender suit, it would be difficult, yet the slenderness is an attractive point. It is a completely different environment, filming versus lives, with their multiple costume changes. In this role, my characters strangeness doesn’t present in his properly trimmed suits, but rather in his face, his actions. In the absence of an outward appearance of strangeness, Reiji’s individual self is more subtle. But I do think Reiji does things that are interesting, like giving a drifting smile, to show that “head in the clouds” sort of feeling. His CEO aura also needed to be transmitted. 

The owner of a hotel chain– is that something you imagined wanting from childhood?

Me? I was never that kind of person. (laughs) But from a young age I did carry a business card. (laughs) From when I was small, I always saw Johnny san as a strong CEO, so that is the image of CEO that sits in my mind. The first time I went to his home is ingrained in my memory forever. It’s why I am sitting in the talent seat. (laughs) Subconsciously, I try to remember that Reiji is a CEO, so I need to carry that type of attitude– even off the clock a CEO is thinking about his company. It’s a bit rough, as I was reading the script I thought, “I wish I could really work for this company”. (laughs) I can see myself as this person. I feel like two different Ohno’s, actually. Seeing the world through my own eyes and more and more I can find Reiji’s stubbornness. Maybe he starts talking into a mic, and no one is listening, but he drones on. He also refuses to give managers a hand because it is cumbersome. Not going to appointments for no reason at all. Just, “today is impossible”. (laughs) I wanted to be as close to the director’s vision as possible. I was allowed some freedom, but I am not like MatsuJun when it comes to acting. (laughs) 

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