I’ve always wondered why younger Connor looked so familiar to me, and then I realized he reminded me of Toboe from Wolf’s Rain! 

Both of their parents were absent and/or died when they were really young. And after that, they were pretty much on their own until they found a new, adoptive family (aka Achilles and the residents in the Homestead for Connor, and then the Cheza wolf pack for Toboe). Not to mention their expressions have that “I’m a big boy now, I can take care of myself” attitude. Plus, they’re both adorable! ;v; 

I swear I’m gonna draw a really kawaii fanart of both of them just watch me I’m gonna do it

It’s the end of the year and I have reached a milestone of 3000 followers! This year was tough but I made a lot of great friends and tumblr and I look forward to making even more in 2017!

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Into The Light
➥a Joel fanmix


1. House of the Rising Sun - Ashley Johnson // 2. Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // 3.All Gone (Aftermath) -Gustavo Santaolalla // 4. Too Old To Die Young - Brother Dege // 5. Iron (Quintet Version) - Woodkid // 6. Home - Gustavo Santaolalla // 7. I Need My Girl - The National // 8. Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons // 9. Dead Man’s Gun - Ashtar Command // 10. Redemption Day - Johny Cash

cover image credit: ohyeahgames

This is the first time i do a “Follow Forever” since there’s only 3 days left till 2015 i thought i should do one! to all the people who supported me and my blog and made me smile everyday and made my tumblr experience something to be grateful for. Now i know i don’t have any tumblr friends since the beginning 4 years ago , but i’m not complaining! cause i know you all are nice people and deserve the best! :) (not all of these blogs are gaming blogs) 

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