Well hello everyone!

I’m seeing a lot of new followers and new faces so I just want to take this time to welcome you all. Of course, I want to say hello to even my older followers :) I hope you guys are all well! I just want to give out a quick reminder about the current features on this site as well as ones I plan to have in the future.

  1. Tags. Probably the most common/loved feature. I tag every new upload/reblog with the artist and genre for the most part. You can click on any letter and browse the artists available. Honestly, it’s pretty cool and if you have time on your hands, you should try and find a new artist to like. There are also links to the different types of post you may want to see (video, gif, audio, etc) Let me know if you have any difficulty with that!
  2. Requests (Picture or Prayer). My inbox is always open for anyone who has requests. Do you wish there was an image with lyrics for a certain song? Or perhaps you’d like a gifset from a particular music video? Let me know! Also, if you’d like any prayer requests, I’m open for that too. I want to get to know you guys more so don’t be shy in saying hi or if you just want to get something off your chest. If you want me to not publish something, just let me know and I’ll keep it private. :)
  3. Playlists. So this is a feature that will take some time to work on, and I will try and get it done within a month or so. I see a lot of christian blogs have playlists and such, and in general, I’m not a big fan of having one on the main blog page (especially since making the blog endless scrolling already eats up computer speed). However, I do think it is important to have playlists or some sort of music player other than audio posts …especially since this is a christian music blog (well it’s kind of expected lol). SO, I decided to have links up to different genre’s of playlists in the near future. One link will also have all the songs available. I really am looking forward to this. If you guys have any suggestions on players or ways to easily put up the songs or just ANY advice or ideas on this new feature (even if you want to just tell me that you think it’s good) please let me know!

Thank you all for reading this really long post. Haha. I do care about you guys and I am just so happy and glad for the support I got for this blog. Thank you all and don’t be shy! :)

God bless you all!


P.S. Don’t forget that I track the ohyeachristiansongs tag! (remember to make it one of the first 5 tags for it to work in the tumblr search)

P.S.S. Also, how has your summer been?