okay yeah i like both of those the thing is just that the girl whose house i am at is really stubborn and shit and she’s wouldn’t let me leave even if i tried and i kinda feel like crying since i didnt want to come anyway

  1. ohumhey replied to your postOkay so I know that some girl broke in to Ryan’s house but what happened with a wedding? Oh I thought you were talking about a PATD wedding. I am so worried for Brendon and Sarah’s wedding. They are so cute and deserve an awesome wedding without stupid butts being stupid butts. block
  2. ohumhey replied to your postare you really moving fandoms? Totes agreed.

I know, they should probably get married in Narnia, just to be safe.

ohumhey asked:

Are you all like Brendon and Ryan need to be together?

if you’re asking if i ship ryden, no. i fucking hate ryden. it’s a bunch of bullshit. i don’t think they need to be together at all, i think ryan was holding brendon back.