Update News

So as some of you may have noticed, I’m not paying a heck of a lot of attention to tumblr at the moment. In addition, the site update is sorta stalled. Real life emotional/medical/employment issues happening on our end here, nothing terrible but enough to leave us very little free time for the site.

Yes, the analysis update is still happening– but it’s going to happen slowly for the next month or so, and hopefully after that we’ll be able to come back to something that resembles a decent pace.

kamikazefinn  asked:

That last annon about unsourced art had me wondering.. Is it alright that I use your screencaps for my Utena episode rants? I source you guys but just wanted to be sure.

Go right ahead, that’s exactly the kind of thing they’re there for. We didn’t spend a year screencapping the series so we could tell people to go do it themselves!

We do ask for credit (in Site Info/disclaimer, I know, no one reads it), we like to be credited, and it makes us happy when we see it, but we have better things to do than chase around asking people to credit us. It’s kind of a nonissue anyway, since we’re the only major SKU site left. We know pretty much everyone uses our stuff.

We sort of care when people steal our stuff, though. Once someone took all our essays and put them up on her own site under her name. At the time there were bigger sites than EM and it was an actual concern. Today we’d probably laugh ourselves sick about it, but we’d probably ask for it to be taken down.

anonymous asked:

Are the Utena forums down? What's going on?

Our hosting made some changes that seem to have messed with the way the site in general is loading. I can’t give an estimate of how long it will take to fix at this moment because we’ve only just now gotten home to take a look at it, but I’ll let you know when we have an ETA on a fix.

Edit: We have a trouble ticket open with the host, but they won’t get to it until morning :/

anonymous asked:

Why do you call yourself "Empty Movement"? I've been... not in the fandom, but viewing it passively, for quite a while and the name hasn't made sense to me yet.

It’s from a line in Virtual Star Embryology that was translated differently in the fansub days. Kuudou nari is now translated as “empty motion,” but the first translation we found had the line as,

Ah, it is an empty movement.

We like it, so we kept it.