RFA + V + Saeran react to child!Mc


  • O M G
  • He couldnt help but blush and coo over her, gushing over how cute and little she is in her oversized sweater and innocent eyes
  • She was so little he just wanted to pick her up and squeeze her so tight! 
  • So precious
  • He wanted to take so many pictures of her, and put cute ribbons in her hair
  • omg piggy back rides, he will act like a space ship travelling the universe with her! 
  • que him running around with child mc on his shoulders, her giggling like crazy.
  • he pretty much acts like a child sometimes anyway so him and mc would have a ball
  • want to play dress up with her! Que him getting all of his outfits out and trying them on her, she looks so cute with kitty ears!!
  • When little Mc tilts her head and meows innocently, he is done! Ded, K.O 


  • Holy shit
  • holy shit how did this happen
  • falls in love the minute he sees her cuteness, her cuteness rivals his good looks when it comes to attention but he doesn’t mind that at all but is even more boastful about her cuteness
  • gushes over her like she’s a sweet little princess
  • so many selfies with her
  • protective zen mode activated
  • wants to take her to get the fish shaped bread and gets all maternal as heck! 
  • loves acting out one of his scenes when he plays with her, she giggles whenever he says his famous lines.
  • so happy he’s just so happy at that, it’s all cuteness


  • Uh oh
  • this man is in trouble
  • Your cuteness is his weakness, his cold demeanor is melting away
  • You have him wrapped under your thumb he is done
  • zen may be protective but que over protective Jumin mode
  • calls that the security guards guard you 24/7 again, and gets rid of any threat, even anything you could trip on
  • you’re his precious bby and he’s your protector
  • seriously if you even get a paper cut this man will get a doctor out of no where and just dote on you with tea and attention
  • like seriously dude its just a paper cut
  • whenever you say his name with that cute voice of your he just melts
  • his puddy in your hands
  • almost afraid to hug you because you’re so smol and delicate, delicate little flower
  • but when he does hug you he now never wants to let you go, seriously he will keep on hugging you and keep you close to you at all times, you’re his precious little angel whom he must protect from the world
  • He will go to work and meetings just holding you, like the employee will be like “Oh sir, whose the little girl?” “She’s my precious angel, any way, please proceed.” goes on with the meeting casually while you sit in his lap, with him petting your hair


  • Oh dear
  • She doesn’t know how to deal with kids

  • but when she sees Mc she just, goes into full on mother mode

  • Mc needs a woman to look after her since the rest of the guys are… well, she’ll feel better looking after her

  • loves playing tea party with her

  • Mc tries to do her hair and ties it up with cute ribbons, Jaehae just smiles as mc does this, cute girl bonding time
  • Makes sure you’re well fed and you’re comfortable 
  • If anyone dare touch child Mc, pray to God seven someone save your soul because she will KICK YOUR ASS
  • oh my god
  • panics
  • how will he look after a child? He is a child
  • But, omg, mc is so… cute??
  • kind of kneels down so he is at her height and nervously says hi to her
  • he’s so sweet to her
  • Mc gets attached like straight on
  • She tries wearing one of his hoodies and plays with his blonde hair
  • Mc shows curiousity toward LOLOL and he’s happy to have her watch him play and show her how to play it herself
  • But monitors that she doesn’t get addicted like him or plays too much, he’s a lost cause
  • plus he doesn’t want her getting dark circles under her eyes like him
  • You know how some little girls have this phase where they look after a baby doll? Yes, that’s him, he’s the baby
  • has to endure little mc’s mothering while trying to feed him food and put him to bed
  • Seven laughs forever 


  • Breaks into the apartment to get mc
  • looks around since the apartment seems empty

  • sees a little lump under the blanket, little mc peers out and looks at him

  • he blinks in confusion

  • wtf a child, why is there a child here

  • feels super awkward now, losses his bad ass composure

  • uh…

  • he also kneels down so he is around her height and gestures her to come towards him

  • little mc is curious so she walks over to him

  • “It’s alright princess, come here.” his wearing his mask so it makes his voice sound weird

  • Mc pauses and starts giggling at that

  • unknown is just like wut

  • “Your voice sounds funny” Mc giggles at him, he looks confused, him?? funny?? No he was bad ass.

  • Little mc’s giggles causes him to soften a little

  • Tries to coax her over telling her how fun paradise will be

  • Nope, little mc decides to play hide and seek, she’s littler so she can find places to hide

  • Omg why unknown was not prepared


  • Can’t fucking see
  • a little lump bumps into him

  • what was that

  • “Oh? Who is this?” looks at the direction of said lump, okay he can see out of his left eye

  • a little girl? Why is there a little girl here? 

  • Sweet as heck to the little mc asking where her mom is

  • so confused when he realizes who she is

  • No this precious angel is on her own

  • Feels guilty of course

  • makes sure to hold her hand all the time and just is so sweet and caring with her

  • gives her some treats and gives her some food

  • seriously he goes into doting dad mode

  • Probably will still take some pictures of little mc and shows her the camera 

  • treasures the pictures little mc took after he gave her a little lesson on how to use the camera

  • oh wow he’s happy for once 

LOL i don’t know guys i tried, some of them might seem OOC but oh well


Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Song: Temporary Bliss by The Cab

Word: 638

Warnings: Angst and some implied smut

 A/N: This is my entry for @castieltrash1‘s  300+ Follower Challenge. I hope you all enjoy!


Gif credits: @frozen-delight

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popped-comets  asked:

search it on youtube! The channel makes great music about games and it has a really cute mascot! With great expressions-




I got an ask like I wish I knew you better and I was like, oh

This is Gin! 

I really like fashion! But i have a terrible sense of it on myself, wardrobe majorly consisting in blue, brown, mustard and black..! 

I own a lot of flowery hairpins my classmates make fun of (listen, one is 21 only in her identity docs) and an overwhelming amount of hats i never wear 

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anonymous asked:

hello!! FIRST OF ALL!! I like how you incorporated korean culture into your hcs! It's so good ;-; thank you<3 okay back to what I was gonna say~ I was thinking how the members would be like when they realise the mc has like no muscles and is a weak af person :))) totally not me HAHA anyway keep up the good work! :>

look, anon-nim…same tbh


  • dis boi
  • lol
  • this is his time to shine
  • even though he’s not the strongest person himself
  • he’s strong enough to support you
  • he starts going to the gym more often to maintain his ‘physique’
  • “I’ll become as strong as my LoLoL avatar!”


  • y’all already know ma boi Zen works out like every fucking day
  • so doing heavy lifting is no problem for him
  • likes to also use his strength to randomly pick you up and spin you around
  • (which makes you nauseous, but you can’t tell him that cos he’s so happy to show his affection like that)
  • his ego goes up by like 12000%
  • “ooh, now I get to be prince charming!”


  • #stronggf
  • she does all the heavy lifting at the café
  • which makes you feel terrible
  • but she reassures you that you contribute equal amounts of effort towards the restaurant
  • kisses your arms all the time
  • “they carry your love for me and that’s enough.”


  • lol
  • he doesn’t care
  • i mean he’s strong and everything, but like, not really one to flaunt it
  • “jagi, that’s why I hire people to carry out those menial tasks. you don’t have show me how strong you are. strength isn’t just a physical concept…your mental strength is so resilient, and that’s more beautiful in my opinion.” (wow cut the cheese Ju-Ju)


  • defender of justice, 707~!
  • will definitely be that person who takes all the groceries out of the car in one trip 
  • will try and convince you to convert your diet to honey Buddha chips and PhD pepper, cos it’ll make your muscles grow
  • “babe, I swear you’ll turn into Saitama if you follow my diet plan.”


  • has absolutely no problems with it
  • you make him feel so useful
  • always fucking going on about how manly he is for lifting a box (congrats)
  • still, he’ll encourage you to help out
  • always right next to you when you’re struggling 


  • uh oh
  • this is no bueno for senor saeran
  • after mint eye, he felt broken and weak
  • but after observing how much more weaker you were in comparison made him want to gain his strength
  • you decide to join him, seeing it as a healthy way to deal with his issues 

sorry these are so short…writer’s block makes me a mess~


[ENG] Jay Park - Solo (Feat Hoody) lyrics

Ohhhhhhh…. yeah yeah yeah
Baby I’ll be honest yeah
You got flustered yeah
This is the first time this has ever happened to me
I don’t know what to do nah
I’m usually on the opposite side
They usually line up to see me

But this time
You came and left me in a daze
My ego you can throw it out the window
I don’t care… I want you baby
Even if my parents say no
Even if my friends call me stupid
I don’t care I want you baby

So please be single
Not too long ago I became single
So i want you now
So please be single
If I’m too busy
And if you want me to
I’ll retire right away

So please be single So please be single
So please be single yeah
Please be single Please be single
Please be single yeah
You got me like o0o0 You got me like o0o0
You got me like o0o0 You got me like o0o0

Single lady? When they asked if I’m
I just said I was even though I wasn’t baby
But when you are in front of me
I see your sincerity
Baby I’m solo from now Ohhh..

Not sure if you are being real
Or if I’m mistaken
I don’t know why it’s me that you want? Baby
All the girls that are lined up
Trying to get at you
I do know that’s why I’m unsure

It’s all good just please be solo girl
Aladdin and Jasmine I’ll show you a whole new world
Get on my magic carpet real
Girl don’t worry about a thing
Just follow me
I’ll show you a lot of things oh
This ain’t puppy love I’m for sure
Don’t know your name baby but I think I love you
Nothing on you I just wanna know your name
Though you not my first be my last baby
Not too long ago I became single
So i want you now

So please be single
If I’m too busy
And if you want me to
I’ll retire right away
Just please be single just please be single
Just please be single yeah
Be single Be single Be single yeah
You got me like o0o0 You got me like o0o0
You got me like o0o0 You got me like o0o0

Danny Fernandes // Kryptonite

Feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders
You know I love you, but I just need some time
I know I said nothing would come between us
But I just can’t bear it to see you cry
I wanted to be your everything, baby
I wanted to be the one you count on to make it right
But tonight I can’t be your Superman

Cause your tears are my kryptonite, oh, oh
This is killing me
Your tears are my kryptonite, oh, oh
I can’t take anymore
I don’t wanna let you down
When I just can’t fly
Cause I’m dying inside
Your tears are my kryptonite
And I just gotta get away

I always thought that I would be the one to save you
But I’m the one that you need saving from
I can’t break this wall down between us
I guess I’m not the man you thought I was
I wanted to be your everything, baby
I wanted to be the one you count on to make it right
But tonight I can’t be your Superman

For when Connor realizes he can’t save everyone.


Stare Down Challenge Featuring Eisuke Ichinomiya x Soryu Oh

This CG is from Voltage Inc.’s Kissed By The Baddest Bidder and is of a much younger Eisuke x Soryu. I love this CG a lot because the look in their eyes is so intense :p (some people might already be shipping these two LOL)

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Bumper Cars
Alex & Sierra
Bumper Cars

Alex & Sierra - Bumper Cars

Can’t help wondering what you’re thinking
Wherever you are
Late night movies, careless drinking
To cover these scars
And as much as I wanna be with you, I know…

You and me, we’re bumper cars
The more I try to get to you
The more we crash apart, no
Round and round we chase the sparks
But all that seems to lead to….
Is a pile of broken parts

We’re bumper cars
Bumper cars
The more I try to get to you
The more we crash apart

Good intentions, all these questions
I’m sitting alone
All roads since you are wrong directions
I’ll never get home
And it’s making me wanna be with you, I know…

You and me, we’re bumper cars
The more I try to get to you
The more we crash apart, no
Round and round we chase the sparks
But all that seems to lead to
Is a pile of broken parts

We’re bumper cars
Bumper cars
The more I try to get to you
The more we crash apart, oh

This was supposed to be fun
This was supposed to be the one
Maybe we stayed too long
Maybe we played all wrong
This was supposed to be good
But I know, I know

You and me we’re bumper cars
The more I try to get to you
The more we crash apart, no
Round and round we chase the sparks
But all that seems to lead to…
It’s a pile of broken parts

We’re bumper cars
Bumper cars
The more I try to get to you
The more we crash apart

We’re bumper cars
Bumper cars
The more I try to get to you
The more we crash apart

Imagine Zayn Malik (Song)

Levei o maço de cigarro até os lábios e acendi com o esqueiro prata, puxei longamente a fumaça para dentro de meus pulmões e expirei, lá estava ela sentada ao lado do cara que sempre a amou, o que sempre esteve com ela. O que nós tivemos não significou nada para ela, seu jeito insensível diz que não precisa mais de mim.

(Hey what’s up? It’s been a while!
Talking ‘bout it’s not my style
Thought I’d see what’s up
While I’m lightin’ up
It’s cold-hearted, cold-hearted)

(S/n) se levantou ajeitou o seu vestido no corpo e assim que levantou a cabeça seu olhar parou em mim, ela andou até um lugar reservado da festa, sigo-a tive que semi-cerrar os olhos para não perde-la de vista entre as pessoas. Me aproximo dela pegando em suas mão, sua atenção foi para minha mão na sua, depois levantou seu olhar encontrando o meu eu sabia que (S/n) me desejava tanto quanto a desejo. Soltou-se e saiu pela porta que dava para fora do lugar, eu sabia que era para lhe seguir. Então fiz

(Know it’s late but I’m so wide
Saw you facing God in spite
Cause you let it go, now you’re good to go
It’s cold-hearted, cold-hearted)

Assim que estou fora ela passa as mãos nos cabelos suspirando profundamente.

- Isto está errado. Eu amo Nicholas, não podemos mais fazer isso.- Disse, afirmo me afastando. Um sorriso brotou em meus lábios, isso machucava más não devo demostrar.

- Eu prometo que não durar muito tempo.- Segurei novamente suas mãos trazendo-a para mim.

-Você não entende Zayn, faz meses que estamos ficando. Nós não devemos.- Ela abaixou seu olhar ainda abraçada a mim.- Ele nunca irá me perdoar.

- Chega!- Sussurei. - Para com isso!- Digo alto a afastando um pouco.

- Zayn, eu tenho meus motivos. Eu estou noiva, não posso mudar de uma hora para outra.- Suspiro fechando os olhos me acalmando, quando se tratava de (S/n) eu me sentia calmo.

(Oh, oh
This is probably gonna sound wrong
Promise it won’t last long

Oh, oh
If we can never go back
Thought you’d like to know that )

- Eu entendo. Eu sei que não devemos continuar com isso quando não tem só nós no jogo.- Segurei seu rosto em minha mãos, suas bochechas rosadas e seus olhos grandes e chorosos. - Eu só quero que saiba que ele não irá lhe tocar como eu te toco, que ele não vai amá-la como eu amaria.

- Eu sei.- Disse em meio a lagrimas e abaixou a cabeça, entretanto levantei novamente fazendo encarar meus olhos. - Eu estou tão confusa quanto você.

(He won’t touch you like I do
He won’t love you like I would
He don’t know your body
He don’t do you right
He won’t love you like I would
Love you like I would)

- Basta você querer (S/n)! É simples, venha comigo. Vamos viver intensamente. Só você e eu.- Sorri com as esperanças que tinha.

- Não.- Negou.- Eu te amo Zayn más, é tarde de mais.

- Nunca é tarde. Quando irá colocar a cabeça que eu posso te dar tudo que ele não pode. Eu te amo mais do que você pode imaginar.- Coloco um madeixa de seu cabelo atrás da orelha, deposito um beijo em seus lábios finalmente.

Poderia estar tudo acabado, mas eu nunca irei deixar de espera-la. Pois, quando as cinzas de um relacionamento acaba a esperança renasce, e com certeza eu não a deixarei ir.

-Não, está acabado foi um erro.- Deu pequenos passos para trás.- Me desculpa. - Voltou e me deu um beijo para ela seria o último más, eu sabia que não seria o último.

E então ela caminhou novamente entrou na festa e sumiu de minha vista. Talvez eu me sentiria pior depois dessa pequena conversa, mas a determinação não me abandonou. Eu sentia que todo aquele papo não estava definitivo, podia ver nos seus olhos sua luta interna para me renegar. Não posso desistir, não quando meu coração queria tentar até a última oportunidade.

(Talkin’ don’t want me, cause I want you
Been thinkin’ it over, but I prove
So stop wasting all my time, messing with my mind
It’s cold-hearted, it’s cold-hearted)



[LYRIC TRANSLATION] Heartbreak Hotel - Tiffany Feat. Simon Dominic 

Your eyes that see the end
Shakes me endlessly, tangles me up
Has time come that I can’t make up?
This painful feeling, stop
I can’t hide it

From the beginning, our expression
Were like having ended a predetermined journey
With a tired face
Can you predict
What will happen next?
I’ll be gone
You can’t hurt me now

This place is heartbreak hotel
In this space that remains for me
I lay down alone, forget you
Even if tears fall, forgive you
Today I’m checking out
I’ll leave here (Heartbreak hotel)
No I ain’t gonna go
No I ain’t gonna go
Today I’m checking out
I’ll leave here (Heartbreak hotel)

Night that was like a dream comes to mind immediately
It shakes me endlessly, I’m exhausted
This empty space, your baggage that has been organized
Shows the gap between us

Our relationship has become as if
We didn’t know each other from the beginning, without expressions  
With a bit of an unfamiliar face
Do you think you can predict what’s next?
You’ll be gone
I can’t hurt you now

This place is heartbreak hotel
The vain expectations you sometimes gave me
Even if I think of you, forget you
In the end, I forgive you
Today I’m checking out
I’ll leave here (Heartbreak hotel)
No I ain’t gonna go
No I ain’t gonna go
Today I’m checking out
I’ll leave here (Heartbreak hotel)

It’s a place I came to often
As times goes on, delayed check-in
Responsibility that you can’t pass on
To each other anymore
It has been a long time
Since we’ve become indifferent to everything  
Feelings left for you
Feels like baggage, never packed

Good room for saying goodbye
Feel like a penthouse suite
Like how it’s comfortable to sleep separately
One heart is now a twin
You and I, each after greeting the morning
Even the last meal is
Roughly taken care of with room service

I’ll leave with everything empty
In a newly purchased carrier,
Putting in our memories together,
Seems like it’d be heavy, you can hate me
I’ll receive enough punishment  
After breaking away from you
If your heart is not settled enough,
It’s okay if you stay longer and come out

Our tiring relationship
Jet lag that won’t unravel
Stop this long journey
I want to go back home
To resolve my sleeplessness
I want to comfortably lay on my pillow
Go back 2 reality
I want to awaken from this dream of you

I try to blame you
But now it’s pointless, right here
I try to blame you
There’s no use, right here
My love that poured out to you
It shined because it was you
I always wanted to say this to you
Even though it’s already too late, right here Oh

This place is heartbreak hotel
In this space that remains for me
I lay down alone, forget you
Even if tears fall, forgive you
Today I’m checking out
I’ll leave here (Heartbreak hotel)
No I ain’t gonna go
No I ain’t gonna go
Today I’m checking out
I’ll leave here (Heartbreak hotel)


This love is more than chemical
It feels unusual
And I can’t get enough
You know-oh-oh
This love is more than chemical
And we’re unbreakable
Oh be forevermore
More than chemical

“I’m holding it together the best I can…for you.” -Damon

The Epicness that is Damon and Elena <3

anonymous asked:

noona pls do a sexy sehun spam




i will hit you. on the lips. with my lips.


*coughs* bulge


why did i agree to this



there is nothing i hate more than this MV

i hate crotch grabs

what the fuck do you think youre doing

Mr. Oh istg i will destroy you and your perfect fucking face

sebooty is life

i hate myself

delete me

i hate everything

how does one be so flawless

don t fuck ing l ook into the camera l ike th at mr oh


fuck my life

wtf why

i will cut off your tongue

idek what he’s doing but iTS AROUSING AS FUCK

brb suicide

fuck this MV too

i hate my life

i want him deleted

thanks for destroying my ovaries sehun :)

I see so many crappy stock photos on tumblr so I decided to google some and see how bad they were and 


this was titled “Sexy Indian Musician”

tetsuyuuki  asked:

imagine the absolute ball of dork that would be kurosemi

oooh i am totes down for this ship

  • they have a number of fans who stereotype them as total jock types (kuroo being stereotyped as The Rebellious Delinquent Dude jock even tho he’s a precious nerd who can ramble on abt DHA of all things sometimes while semi is stereotyped as The Punk-ish Cool Guy jock even tho he rly just dyed his hair on impulse bc he saw other ppl doing it and thought it was cool without realizing that it would cause ppl to ask him if he’s in a rock band or smth) so lbr they 100% relate to each other
  • aLSO they both just want their kouhai to be okay and to improve at volley so they don’t understand why their best friends call them dad/mom???
  • these two will be forever laughed at by tendou and yaku bc they thought that introducing kenma and shirabu was a great idea.
  • semi probably respects kuroo bc he’s one of the few ppl he knows who can appreciate tea as much as he does
  • kuroo is Super Duper Mega Extra Ultra salty bc semi’s hair is always fab meanwhile his own is a disastrous disappointment. semi teases kuroo and says he’s just gotta find the aesthetic his hairstyle would work w/. kuroo is still salty and tries to ruffle semi’s hair as often as he can to mess it up
  • imagine them in college during finals omg they’re both using creative ways to prevent their hair from getting in their face and it makes them look even more than the dorks they are!!! kuroo tries to tie his hair up in a bun while semi uses a bunch of hair clips. at some point, out of pity, they do each other’s hair
  • they both have the fashion sense of Just Put On Whatever I Pulled Out First From The Pile In My Closet and there is no hope for them someone please help these children
  • semi tries to keep up when kuroo rambles on abt chemistry, he rly does, but it’s just impossible
  • they probably didn’t even realize they were kinda-sorta-maybe dating until someone else pointed it out like they were practically inseparable most of the time and people just assumed they were together, but when someone actually went out and asked them, they just stared at the person and then each other for like 30 minutes
  • after the realization it was a lil awkward for a bit and they stopped hanging out outside of the classes they had together, but one day semi just couldn’t take it so he showed up at kuroo’s flat and when kuroo answered the door he said “i left like 4 different kinds of tea here i have nothing left at my place and i need caffiene”
  • kuroo looked like he was constipated and semi was abt to ask if he was but then it hit him: oh
  • this time, it’s semi who ruffles kuroo’s hair. “of course i’m here bc i wanted to see you, you idiot”
  • cue the kiss both of them have been craving for since literally forever: kind of awkward and sudden, noses mashing together, but the euphoria was incomparable :DDD

wow this got long i never realized how much i ship this until now