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Is Ja’far cute?

Wow here I go again talking about the things that matter in life and Magi :D

Is Ja’far meant to be cute in Magi? I mean, you know how Koumei is meant to be ugly (but he isn’t at all tbh, especially now that he lost his hair….furr….. feathers?),  I wonder if Ja’far is meant to be cute…

I think he is? Idk Not only does he have several cute expressions:


But also sometimes I feel Ja’far is aware of his own cuteness and hates it. Like here when Yamu made his hair grow:


He looks so embarrassed like: *blushing* damn now I look even cuter shit, I’m not supposed to be cute, I’m an ex-assassin, I should have grown up big and buff and scary damn this shit.

I also think that the joke of him as a character is that he looks motherly, cute and caring but can be very scary, like when he tried to murder Cassim. It seems like Alibaba and Aladdin see him that way. They find him very caring but also scary.

Alibaba’s memories about Ja’far are literally sparkling and they even almost hugged when they met again.

This is from a Backstage. It has Ja’far’s profile information censored with the onomatopoeia in red “PIIIII” and something like blood is falling. Main trio is scared in the background, the onomatopoeia around them is “buruburu”, so it means they are shivering. I think this backstage hasn’t been translated yet so idk the context.

Sinbad also seems to be aware of this. He sort of points it out when he introduces Ja’far for a second time, when he seems to be a little drunk. And he goes:

What does he mean tho? How does Ja’far look? Weak, delicate, cute, harmless, too kind to murder? What do you think about Ja’far’s look, Sin?

And Ja’far is like: wtf do you mean like this??? *sweats*

Ja’far certainly seems to not like looking cute at all, but at the same time he acts in a cute manner, not on purpose tho. He is polite, walks elegantly, looks clean and tries to give the impression of being like royalty.

Anyway I do believe he is meant to be cute and……. I can’t believe I just wrote all this much about the idea of Ja’far being canonly cute. 

I’m 100000% serious tho….