YesAsia Here’s another new group for your K-pop boy band FiX! Formed by leader Sung Woo, Nuri, Oh Song, and Jung Wook, rookie group FiX has quite a name to live up to - it’s short for “Four Immaculate eXtraordinaries” - but they’re definitely on the right track. Groove Entertainment introduced FiX last year through the TV drama Big Heat, which starred Sung Woo and Oh Song and featured an OST song by the rock group. Now FiX makes their official debut with their first mini-album.

artist | FIX
album | Please Don’t Say
release date | December 14, 2011
    01 Please Don’t Say [ MV ]
    02 Please Leave Me
    03 Beat It
    04 Song for You
    05 Please Don’t Say [Inst]

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to get the password - click Please Don’t Say MV link. The long URL is the password

[Complete] Thanks To: Changsub

I will be thankful forever, till I die. Hong Seungsung CEO, Park Choongmin president, Hong Ilhwa vice-president, No Hyuntae vice-president, Shim Jonghyuk director, Kim Sanggyun chairman, Yoo Sangeun chief, Kim Soyeon chief, Kim Jihoon chief, Park Wooyong assistant, Ahn Dahye-nim, Choi Janghyuk chairman, Yongwoon hyung, Yongbok hyung, Jiyong hyung, Joongun hyung, Jintaek hyung, Jungeun noona, Hyejung noona, Youngchan hyung, Baewook hyung, Sanghyun hyung, Sungseok hyung, Hosu hyung, Jonghoon hyung, Sanghyub hyung, Dooyoung hyung, Ohsung, Hongjoon, Chaeyoon noona, Yoojin noona, Oh Jiho chairman, Park Sungjin head, Jiwon oona, Bora noona, Jieun, Yeonsoo hyung, Daewon hyung, Hyojin noona, Heejin noona, Sungjoon hyung, Jaebin hyung, Haewoo yung, Ssancho hyung, Rayoung noona, Youngjin hyung, Sungho hyung, Minsoo hyung, Booyeon noona, Namtae, Kim Jonghoon chairman, Jung Sunghyun head, Lee Yosep team leader, Jisun noona, Chorong noona, Jae Jooyoung team leader, Go Eunhee assistant, Nam Soyoung-nim, ‫Kim Eungmin-nim, Kim Hyunggyu chairman, Ryu Jaeah team leader, Ra Yoonsun assistant, Yeonjung team leader, Hyunjin teacher, Gyusang hyung, Yongduk hyung, Junggwan hyung, Jungmin hyung, Jungwan hyung, Sehwan hyung, Minsung hyung, Oksun hyung, Dubu teacher, Hoonjin hyung, Hongrak hyung who is in the army, Sunmi noona, Miyeon noona, Dasom noona, Hana noona, Taewoo, Red Carpet’s Kangho director, Jooyoung noona, Hyemi noona, Hyojung noona, Yeonah, Leeseul, Leeseul noona, Nine Visual’s Donghyun hyung, Minhee, Tak Soohyun coach, Baek Seungyoon director, Park Jangwook coach, Hyukkie, Sangwook, Sungryeol, Seungseok, Doonghee, Jihoon, Hangeun, Sangcheob, Junghwan, Chaemin, Jinah, Hyunyong hyung, Hanna, Yejin, Sooyoung, Seungheon. And Eunkwang hyung, Minhyuk hyung, Hyunsik, Peni, Ilhoon, Sungjae, I love you all. My mom, dad, and Jungeun who I love the most, let’s be happy. Lastly, I would like to thank God who has given all of this and allowed me to be here. And really lastly, to the Melodies whom I love, Yejiapsa ♥ I thank you forever and love you orever.

- 1st album, the people Changsub is thankful to.

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