ohstephyy post

hey everyone. you may have noticed a vast slow down in posts.

right now, my laptop is broken and I’m in my last three weeks of school.

it’s impossible for me to create gifs and hard for me to do much like organize the submissions and the like.

I’m thinking of opening up a store (with a few adventure time items of my own design) when I get a new laptop to help with the costs of it and will also catch up with gifs.

thanks for understanding we love u xoxoxo

Hey everyone. It’s Steph. Just a small whispery announcement:

I am going to the philippines to visit my family and I’m leaving next week (so the 4th) and am going for an entire month!!!

I’m trying as hard as I can to find enough content to fill an entire months worth (maybe even more, because I know how inactive this blog has been for the past few weeks, i just went back to school) of stuff for the queue. It would help me and mckinley a lot if you guys also kept submitting your at related stuff too! 

What i’m trying to say is: i may be without wifi for long periods of time. We have the most patient followers ever <3