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100 Days of FIX
Guess what? April 7th, 2012 will be FIX’s 100 days! Ultimate Fixtion will be celebrating FIX’s 100 days with our project, 100 Days of FIX (temporary name). We will be sending the members care packages that includes hot packs, healthy snacks (like fiber bars, and trail mix), flavor enhancers, neck pillows to things customized bracelets and shirts, and a message book.

Our messages book will be like a scrapbook. Your messages will be hand written by our project manager, as well as myself. We wanted to expose FIX to different cultures, so we will be including flags of the countries that fellow Polaris are from! We also want to send them little ornaments / trinkets from different cultures, so if you have something and small and nice that’s related to your culture and you want to send it to FIX, please PM me for more information! 

Our gifts have yet to be finalized, but don’t worry! We will keep everyone updated on our project. The donation thread will be set up ASAP, so please do help us out!

Submit your messages too! Join the forum and leave your message there: http://withfix.b1.jcink.com/index.php

FIX -  Please don’t say 

In love with them <3