okay, so basically i said:

i understand where you’re coming from and agree!

it’s just that i also think that it’s a shame when a race tends to fulfill negative stereotypes about itself.

that’s what makes me ashamed because i’m like, “…why not try to prove others wrong…why not just better yourself, huh?”

yeah, wrong is wrong and i’d LOVE the world to be a much more peaceful place. but i also get upset when negative stereotypes are filled. and then i said, maybe it’s what i grew up around.

no, i’m not saying all black people are horrible- FAR from that. BUT, i noticed a lot of unbelievable things that happened while i was in high school was with black people. and that makes me ashamed. my high school was very diverse with 3,400+ students.

here are some examples: a black girl cussing out a blind boy for hitting him with his walking stick, a black girl making “retarded” noises to my friend, who’s “special” for telling the girl, “i’ll see you in english”….i’ve never seen or heard of any other fights except by black people while i was in high school.

i know media plays into a lot of making others look bad, but when actual people aid that thought? it makes me ashamed.

and then i said, i didn’t take age into consideration when i watched that video, because i’ve seen adults in their 40s act JUST as bad…and black. and have been around personal murders that dealt with teens and one with a 51 year old man shooting someone (personal)…black.

i know all of mankind can do bad, but personally, i was just thinking about how some of us as a race need to turn around for the better and just stop making not only us as a race look bad..but just as a human race, too. because a lot of the stuff i’ve witnessed is BEYOND ridiculous. but it’s a shame that i’m MORE-THAN-LIKELY seeing that it’s someone black (personally).