I love how you’re just like me in so many ways. You have this sarcastic, witty sense of humor. Things that most people just assume, you doubt. You question things that are taken for granted. Sometimes, you’re inexplicably depressed. You see the beauty in the world and you see the hurt. You understand me like no one else does.

I love how you’re so much smarter than me. I just want to soak it all in, to know the things you know. I want you to show me everything.

You’re a little bit twisted. But I think we all are, sometimes. We harbor these secret thoughts because they seem like something we shouldn’t be thinking but you don’t hide it.

You are so handsome but you have no idea. Sometimes you’re shy but most of the time you’re proud of it. It seems like all you ever do is compliment me. I’m trying to learn to believe you. You make me feel beautiful, needed.

I love that you told me that you love me first. I love that you didn’t wait for me to say it. And you waited patiently for me, for the time when I was ready to say it, too. I love you even though I was afraid to give you my heart because I’ve been hurt before.

I love how fuck-the-world you are. It’s not gonna be me and you against the world. I know how our relationship is loved by many and that includes our family and friends. And I like it when you keep on telling me that it’s going to be you and me alone.

I love how real this feels. I’ve thought I was in love before and I’ve loved unrequitedly but this is so different with you, so whole.

I love you despite the things that we disagree on. And I’m willing to make it work, no matter how hard it may seem.

Please don’t break my heart.

I love you.

I love you.

I’ll never get tired of saying that.

I just received another gift from my boyfriend Paul. I have always wanted to buy this book, and I thought it would be just a dream to get a copy. Since I don’t have a job anymore, there’s no other way that I can still buy and collect books. Because having enough money to survive in school is really hard. I am just very thankful because even though he’s not into reading,even if he doesn’t understand the happiness that it gives me, and even if I never asked for it, he keeps on trying to make my dreams come true by buying all the books that I love.

But what makes it more special though, is every book has a written letter in it. I’ll try to post some of those letters here. It’s really sweet you know because I know how much he hates writing. He always thought it would be so cheesy for him to do it cos he likes to do manly things. Something that makes him look cool, but still, he do it anyways. Plus he knows how bad his handwriting is. But it doesn’t make me love him less. It’s just simply sweet how much he puts an effort into everything that he wants to do for me. For a guy like him, I know it’s not that easy to send books from Manila to Mindanao. He never did it with his past girlfriends and that what makes me the luckiest girlfriend ever.

Thank you so much, love.

Today my stepmom basically told me that if I am not willing to diet and work out all the time and become “athletic/healthy/fit/thin” I shouldn’t expect “athletic/attractive” men to be attracted to me.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her how wrong she was, and how much ass this giggly size 14 gets on the reg.

I want to sleep with you.
I dont mean that.
I mean sleep together.
Under my blankets.
In my bed.
With my hand on your chest and your arms around me.
With the windows cracked, so it’s chilly and we have to cuddle closer.
No talking, just sleepy, blissfully happy, silence.
I just love you so much.

…and there’s this boy. and the way he laughs makes me smile, and the way he talks gives me butterflies, and everything about him makes me happy.

I can’t wait till we’re living together. I wouldn’t mind waking up everyday by his side. I’ll cook him breakfast and lunch and dinner and we’ll eat together. And we’ll cuddle on the couch while watching movies. We can share the housework or we can spend the day in our bed if we wanted too. We’ll eat pizza and ice cream at the middle of the night.

What we’ve got is really special.
What we are is perfect match.
And the miles could never come between us.
No matter what we do, it’s always us.

—  It will be just us and it’ll be perfect (a.s)