one direction + song au meme

                     ╚>  Stockholm syndrome 

Meaning: to develop or have compassion or sympathy for one’s abductor.

Who’s that shadow holding me hostage?
I’ve been here for days
Who’s this whisper telling that i’m never gonna get away?
I know they’ll be coming to find me soon
But I fear, i’m getting used to being held by you
Baby, look what you’ve done to me
Baby, look what you’ve done now

anonymous asked:

who are your fave blogs?:)

Okay, so my favorite blogs are her, her and her

But, my favorite people on Tumblr are Nina, Breanna, Gray, Damon, Peyton, Courtney, Nikki, Rhiannon, Jeydon, Alexis (even though she hasn’t talked to me in FOREVER) and that’s all I can think of right now… c:

HAPPY NEW YEAR YA’LL! Here’s to all of my favorite blogs that I will never unfollow bc ily all ♥ I follow like 1.3k blogs so this is going to be long (if we never talk or i didn’t follow you for long, i still love ya so stay beautiful)
big thank you to fcktomlinsn for making this edit :)

♥ #-b ♥: 1din1day, 1d-ecstasy, 1dhelpme, 5secondsof-lourry, 5secondsofnxrry, 5stds, 5xox, 17tomlnson, 94-styles, actuallystyles, aguswaters, ahastyls, alexandeleon, alrightylou, arctixmonkeys, arousingstyles, ashtoniwir, awallfolwers, awhstyles, bangnarryy, bedmau5, believestylinson, blisshire, bxnjourniall, bradfurd, british-boys-frustrastions, britishcurls, buhnahazza, butharry, bakstreetboys

♥ c-f ♥ cheshsire, city-of-magnus-bane, clubhuman, clueless-sun, cockity, craicdaddy, cutiehaz, cutiehazza, dimpleface-harry, doitforthecurls, doitwithstyles, doityourstyles, doncarster, doncasslut, doncasstur, donthaz, drtymouth, duhstagram, elouvote, evrrdeen, evyautumn, ewsos, fabubeanie, fcktomlinsn, fcktomlinsons, fcuklinsons, feelsfromfivefellas, fiightingirish, fresharold, fricksniall, fucksg, fuksharold

♥ g-h ♥ gagforlou, gagginiall, gethazza, getsomehaz, grimshart, hariboforharry, han-rawr, harlold, haroldspooh, haroldstiels, harrehdont, harry-and-grimmy, harry17black, harrycanunot, harrycmon, harryhickey, harryikes, harryspocket, harrystuyles, harrystylesz, harrywifi, hazlnuts, heckharry, herrolds, hgwaters, highschoolisntlikethemovies, holmeschlapel, hohemmings, horanflack, hoerryhsyles, hugstyles,

♥ i-m ♥ imharrysslut, imnotsurestyles, indaniallriver, itsharoldsfault, japan1d, juveniall, kinglyharold, liam-my-lover, lostbrits, loudons, loudouns, louii-s, louisfxckharry, loulocket, louiwt, louteadale, malikcigs, mhmstyles, mihcael, mstletoemalik, mullinars

♥ n-z ♥ natalieuon, narrythesexgods, narryclass, neonlightis, nialljhorn, niallspeniis, niamsnuggles, niftynialler, nutcraicrs, niams, ohstylesno, ohfuck-styles, ohshutupharry, perfectionzayn, princesshrry, pocketlarry, perrie-winkel, peynuh, punksmichael, raspzarryjuice, realhorany, samegig, sdyles, shoutitoutyeahstyles, styleshire, stylesfire, stylesupdate, stillnasty, stylesfeg, stylesporno, totalcraic, ugghharold, whattarush, weszarry, wowlarry, zmllk, ziamon, ziallou

+blogroll / everyone i missed in this one

this is probably the longest follow forever I’ve done omg if you’re not in here and we talk or i reblog from you a lot, please forgive me. i was trying to narrow it down but failed


okay originally i was gonna do this when i hit my birthday goal (which i hit about a month and a half before my birthday) (so about a month ago i reached it and i love you guys so much) but u know what?????? photoshop is so hard to use when u haven’t used it before and u have no idea what ur doing :) 

ANYWAY this is basically a follow forever of mutuals who i love and literally never talk to but i love u guys & i see u :) i’m actual friends with like 4 people on this site????? idktalk 2 me i luh u guys :)

# - C

21stagram 5h-perfection alexaturmer alphazyn ashtonsprada babygoatsaf bicepspayne blwnskyhigh boobcabello caillouzayn camcabello camilascabello champagnepadre cigarettezayn colombianxs coolkidzvyn croptopsquad cubaricanho cuddlewithpayne cupcamila

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H - K

harryvibes hellazayn here4zayn i-loathe-soup impulsiveluke injauregui ironzayn itslernjergi iwantyoutofuckingrockme jacksionwang jakegyllenhalal jaureguimycamila jesaynelsun jesyscute karatemalik keistas kitkatp

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sorry if i forgot anyone !