one direction + song au meme

                     ╚>  Stockholm syndrome 

Meaning: to develop or have compassion or sympathy for one’s abductor.

Who’s that shadow holding me hostage?
I’ve been here for days
Who’s this whisper telling that i’m never gonna get away?
I know they’ll be coming to find me soon
But I fear, i’m getting used to being held by you
Baby, look what you’ve done to me
Baby, look what you’ve done now

anonymous asked:

who are your fave blogs?:)

Okay, so my favorite blogs are her, her and her

But, my favorite people on Tumblr are Nina, Breanna, Gray, Damon, Peyton, Courtney, Nikki, Rhiannon, Jeydon, Alexis (even though she hasn’t talked to me in FOREVER) and that’s all I can think of right now… c: