licensetocannibalize  asked:

no, i blame the nbc network tbh. i don't particularly care if you want to do this in public or not.

Right, which I said.

You don’t know shit about what happens inside NBC’s doors. 
You know what this isn’t even about the ratings anymore, this is about you outright verbally abusing myself and my friend ohshutupitsquick. We did absolutely nothing to prompt this kind of reaction, this was all your doing.
I told you, I love all Fannibals - I love everyone in this fandom and I love absolutely everything about it. I do my part, I reblog, I watch on the NBC site, I promote on facebook and twitter. You don’t know what people do, you can’t say certain people or networks aren’t doing their jobs. And most of all don’t you dare talk to me or any of us that way again. You really consider yourself a part of this fandom? And treat us that way? For no reason other than you’re having a hissy fit? Please.

When your stepmom is watching The Biggest Loser while you're trying to do your homework.

She’s constantly shouting “DAMN STRAIGHT!” at the TV. I’ll be nice since it’s your birthday, but I really want to finish season one of Weeds sometime tonight…