The Ouran Live Action was much better than expected

And much worse than expected at the same time.



Seriously, they are just creepy.

The characters are lovely, though. Haruhi is a sweetheart and has a nice androgynous look, she’s really fitting. The twins are the twins and simply perfect. Honey mostly only says things like “kawaiiii”, “oishiiii”, “sugoiiii”, but he’s adorable. Once again: CREEPY ANIMATIONS. Kyouya is handsome and his notebook of doom turned into an iPad of doom. Niiiice. Mori. Just. SWOON. The scene in the water where he rolled his sleeves up (AND CAUGHT A FISH ASHDGSA). Marry meeeee.
And Tamaki is just plain creepy. |D I like him, though. Him getting flustered over Haruhi is cute.
Oh and Nekozawaaaaaa. I don’t really have an opinion about him yet, because he’s creepy, but he’s supposed to be creepy, soooo~

I like that they hardly left anything of the actual Anime out, but added a lot of things. :> The scene in the water for example, this was just really adorable. I love that scene okay.