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I feel so soft

every time I imagine Jungkook and Jimin being an actual couple. I mean, them doing all those couple things and shit like sharing food and clothes, backhuging and piggybacking, stares, subtle touch, unexplainable references to weird kinks or their private situations, going on trips together, filming each other, sharing gay af photos, being gay.

Oh wait, I don’t have to imagine that.

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wait waIT WAIT, in the last one you noted "pictures that either you or Michael have taken". are you suggesting that he takes pics of u 👀👀👀👀 explain pls i need this in my life -(I'm going to mark my asks w an emoji) 🗽

OH BOY MIKEY, Michael loves to film you and take photos of you while you two are together. Your giving a blow job and he thinks you look fucking amazing today (more than normal because your always amazing) then he’s pulling out his phone to film you. Are you wearing his hoodie while your riding him? HES TAKING PHOTOS! His favourite ones are where he sets up his phone somewhere so it can film you two having sex, he usually watches these videos/looks over the photos when he jerks off or his turned on and you can’t come over to help him out with his little issue

@DaisyAitkens (on Twitter): Me directing my favourite blonde in  #96ways to Say I Love You #georgiatennant #LIFF 

(with a huge hat-tip to mochaahh for posting the smaller version of the photo/tweet in the tag!)

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How would exo reaction be to seeing the model actor that they will be working with? Sorry if my english isn't good.

That’s OK about your english.

as long as you’re trying then I’m fine no matter how good or bad it is.


Xiumin:*the crew points to you when you arrive and tells him you’re the actor/model he’ll be working with*“Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise” *didn’t even know he was working with someone until they told him*

Luhan: “I approve…. hey” *says hello to you as a crew member brings you over to introduce you to him*

Kris: “That’s the model/actor/actress I’ll be working with?”

Suho: “I’m very happy to have the chance to work with you. I hope our photo shoot/filming will go wonderfully.”

Lay:*is excited to work with you but doesn’t know what to say*

Baekhun: “you’re very pretty/handsome. I know we’ll do a great photo shoot/film”

Kyungsoo: “why is he/she here?” *waits for an explanation why you’re at his photo shoot/film* “Oh” *feels bad for how he treated you when he finds out*

Chen: “he/she is pretty… great” *was planning on trolling his coworker but is rethinking his plan now*

*decides to be nice and just nobs to you whenever he gets the chance*

Chanyeol: “I get to work with him/her?” *tries containing his happiness*

“hey, we should get each others phone numbers so we can talk if we have a hard time with the script/poses” *holds his phone up for you to put your number in his contacts* Gah look at that adorable face. Who could reject a face like that

Tao: “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” *winks at you before he leaves to go back to the dorms for the day*

Kai:*stares at you and watches as you finish a photo shoot/ part of the film by yourself*

*brags to his hyungs when he gets back to the dorms* “you should see the model/actor/actress I get to work with”

Sehun: “they said that I’d be working with another model/actor/actress but they never said that he/she was gorgeous”

*wants you to notice him and know how perfect he is so he has the crew let him do a solo photo shoot/scene*