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Nina Simone does a nice cover, too, and Blossom Dearie does a super slow version in French. You probably know both these things.

I am familiar with the Blossom Dearie version, but not with the Nina Simone version.  However on Monday, when I was doing my weekly Freegal shopping, I did  a search of the song title and realized that it;s basically been recorded by every person on the planet–especially if they have any sort of jazz background or are in a group that is a Some Guy’s Name Trio.  And after perusing the samples I can attest that basically EVERY version sounds good.  At one point I actually considered starting a separate tumblr just devoted to a daily rendition of the song, but knew I only had the attention span to do that for about 25 minutes.  But this blog may resemble such a thing for a few days.

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I hope these are better lesbians than are on “The Real L Word.” Which we watch anyway because they are so terrible we can’t stop.

Oh, they’re just as ridiculous. The main/wannabe-Shane character is possibly the worst actress ever. But, the accessory people (and one of the mains, Tess, played by an actress by the name of Fiona Button - i mean come on, adorable) are awesome. Set in Glasgow, cute accents, whatever. It’s fun.

PS. The L Word rules. IDGAF.