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Back with a fully finished screen re-CAP! -shot again- Added a background and made some minor tweaks. 

As stated previously, I just fell in love with this picture of Michael and Barb modelling the new RT Lifestyle hats! <3

Also, Happy Birthday to Michael! Sorry I can’t draw your tattoos. X-X


OH MAN!!! i was gone so many days this week that i was worried i wouldn’t finish this!!! (O wO) <3 <3 <3 but i managed! heheh!!! which i’m so glad of, because this is a topic i really, REALLY love!!!! @plinys ‘s micro fic, about Kylo and Hux meeting as children, is SOMETHING I’M HERE FOR 100%!!! AGGGGGG~!!!!! *is in love* so here’s the original text:

The woman, a Rebel spy working with his mother, tugs her son forwards. He’s not much, a few years older than Ben, but not quiet as tall. With red hair messy around his face, and clothing that seems to fit poorly on his thin shoulders. General looking nowhere near exciting as Poe or any of his other friends - kids of the Rebellion have to stick together after all. “Ben,” his mother says, stopping him from staring. “Meet Armitage. He’s going to be staying with us for a while.”

I ended up drawing them WAY older than i had originally intended, but… i’m a totally in love with the idea of the two of them meeting at the last possible moment when they could have changed each others life path’s (i have so many sad HCs about it!!! (T AT) i have a whole story board about it that i’d just DIE to have the time to draw!!! UGGGGG~!!!!!) So thank you so much Plinys!!! I really had fun doing this one and i hope you enjoy it!!! (-^ O^-) Can’t wait for tomorrow!!! The info page and last weeks MFM are linked below for anybody who’s new to the party!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 thank you all for another awesome week of MFM!!! *hugs for everybody* <3

Micro Fic Monday info page LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
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Last weeks winning piece LINKED RIGHT HERE! <3

Hey! Sorry for bothering you 😅😅😩 but I kinda need help! I want to make an AU! And my stupid mind came up with this! Ourantale! They treat the anons/people as there guests and what not! They can do dares and things like that! And I did some thinking and this is how I know who’s who!….

Us Sans as Huni

Us Papyrus as Mori

Uf Sans as Kaoru

Uf Papyrus as Hikaru

Ut Sans as Haruhi

Ut Papyrus as Tamaki

Gaster Sans / Science Sans as Kyoya

This is the hosts! There’s more but eh! So uh I was wondering if I should do it or not….I kinda need help and I was thinking that u could… to me u seem good And I kinda want ur comment of this idea! And from everyone else to :P again I’m sorry for bothering you!

Ut Sans have to pay off his huge tab so papyrus want him to join his AU host club! And it takes off from there I guess :3

P.S You don’t have to if u don’t wanna! Bye!!! ^^


This is a really cute idea, you should totally do it! I’d personally do Frisk as Haruhi (but that’s just for ship reasons cough cough) but this is cool!

Also I love BB and his bunny