December 26, 2012 ♥

Ito yung pinaka special day para sa akin. Syempre, the picture says it all. The day I said “OO NA” =)) I know the place isn’t perfect. But we made it extra special :“> habang flina-flash ko yung hearts sa kanya kinikilig na ako ng sobra tapos yung last heart… "OO NA” yung nakasulat. tapos ayaw nyang pumayag buuin ko daw tapos ayun, binulong ko sa kanya na “Oo na, girlfriend mo na ako” tapos yun yung first time kong nag I Love You sa kanya. Hayyyyy its been a month. parang kahapon lang :“> I Love my boyfriend so much ♡


My dad is my hero. Always have been, always will be.

Hi Daddy! Happy Father’s day! I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to read this ‘cause you don’t even know tumblr did exist lol. But if you do, I’ll never let you read this either! what’s the sense? hahaha nooooo, don’t get me wrong guys. I made this post for my dad to let you know how much I love him though he had no idea about this. I’m not a daddy’s girl, but I’m his princess. I’m not sweet daughter, but I do really love my Dad. I love those late night talks with him. he always gives me the best advice. The only thing I’m worried about is disappointing him with my stupid immaturity. I’m not perfect but he wants me to be. Sometimes I get upset with him because of some stupid reasons but it doesn’t really matter. He’s still my father and I really miss him. I love You Daddy!!! Someday, I’ll make you proud. I PROMISE.