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"Let Me Take You Home Tonight"

                        Theo’s ice blue eyes glided over the brunette’s body, examining each and every curve with one sweep. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he began to speak. The vampire licked his lips slowly. “Such a beautiful woman.. chéri, I do hope you’re not going home alone tonight.” he all but growled, his voice low and velvety. “I can fix that.. if you’d let me.”

Earlier my Mum gleefully rung me from upstairs to tell me about the Enid Blyton fanfiction she’s been reading, eagerly telling me that “she read 8 chapters” and “Fatty and Betts get married at the end”

And then she came downstairs to show it to me

And it’s like, she’s the last person I ever expected to find reading fanficiton

So I ripped up some kitchen roll for confetti and threw it over her with a little fanfare and said “Welcome to the horrific and wondferful world of fanfiction”