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Welp, I'm being dragged into the ship, can I have a scenario where GA walks into DiEs room and sees him without his armor, and she sees all the scars he received from his time traveling

Ohohoho, congrats for falling into this ship :^)

- mod lune

“I’m coming in, Add!”

“Yeah, well don’t. I’m changing, so unless you want to see my naked body, I suggest you not to come in.”

He can’t stay in armor, even if he wanted to. While his craftsmanship gives him protection to some of the poison he receives from time traveling, it’s certainly not invincible. Any particularly large damage may break it, with cracks forming into his armor. A powerful thrust to his waist might not protect him from being impaled, if it was someone like Elesis, or even Elsword.

Plus, dirt and sweat will build up in his armor no matter what he does. It’s an unfortunate weakness to being a human being.

As he sheds off his armor, he can feel his skin being exposed to the air, cooling and seemingly enjoying the limited freedom. It’s admittedly more nice to take off his armor and be in nothing but his boxers. He’d do it more if his powers wouldn’t try to kill him without his armor.

The door forces itself open for the Elf, whose eyes stare at Add just as he was going to strip off his last piece of clothing for a bath.

His eyebrows twitch when the Elf glances down at Add’s body, eyes widening at his waist. Or maybe even below that, Add doesn’t want to know.

“…Tch. What the hell, I warned you,” Add hisses. “What part of not wanting to see a male’s body do you not understand?”

“Oh, it’s fine,” she throws a dismissive wave at his remark. “I’ve seen it before, no need to pretend to be embarrassed just because your prideful body isn’t as, well…”

“I don’t care about how my- that-” he cuts himself off, unable to find himself finish his statement. “Argh, you know, I don’t really understand the social equity of simply having-”

“Scars.” she finishes the sentence, looking over at the healed cuts and scratches left behind from his time traveling. “…Some of them are recent.”

“…I’m going to take a bath.” Add stands, covering his body and hiding his scars with a towel.

He leaves the room, letting Rena stare around at his bedroom for a little while longer.

“I guess I’ll have to bring in some herbal medicine next time.” she concludes.

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Yandere sinbad headcanons

ohohoho Oh mai gawd Wai would you wish for this (●´ω`●)

~definitely the more manipulative type of Yandere, messing with your mind and always more than a few steps ahead of you so he always seems to know what you’re planning.
~although he’s the King of Sindria with lots of responsibilities and tasks, he’s always going to know where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with.
~always tries to ditch his tasks just so he can be with you, and if he can’t, he’ll probably drag you around with him while he completes his work.
~has a fear that you’ll think he’s neglecting you and will thus turn to other people for attention so he doesn’t trust anyone to talk to you for too long, not even the Eight Generals, especially Jafar.
~don’t try to escape from him because he’ll be able to track you down no matter what and he’ll do anything it takes for you to be back by his side. If he does capture you after you try to escape, be guaranteed he’ll lock you in your room for a good and Long while, and he’ll be the only one that gets to interact with you.
~“You know I just want you to be by my side forever, right?”

FAPuary Day2 - a bit late because of my wrist giving up halfway through the page. Got myself a wrist support today, on to todays page then :3 .. which will probably also end up being uploaded a day late omg. Why am I always late??

stupid dream stuff I said

“Honey i have accidentally murdered my brother”

“*stares at my dream basement* Ay karamba”

“jose Rizal didn’t die for this”


“I have accidentally murdered tons of people using a hammer”

“RARARA *slams the door with a hammer”

“*talks to one of my frogs* Washington you’re the greatest thing i have ever got”


“I am in a dream, or am i hmmmm”


pocky day w/ kookmin~~ also some mochi eating and uhh glasses jimin [my original tweets] *please don’t repost*