ohoho you guys are so cute


IMMA leave in this cute scene here and skidaddle my way out

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Hoping his epilogue would be a real date between them OHOHO!!

But guys definitely support Hikaru so you can have more of this lovely dumplin and this adorable MC for more seasons to come! (~ ̄³ ̄)~

anonymous asked:

hey can you do a scenario of mark as your boyfriend ヾ(〃゚ー゚〃)ノ

  • you’d be reading on the couch and he would come and try to stick his head between you and your book because he wants attention & he’d try to ask you what the book’s about but then falls asleep on your lap because he was tired from all that flipping ‘n kpop stuffs
  • he would introduce you to his nieces over facetime and promise that he’ll bring you home to play with them when he’s back // the nieces ends up liking you better than him and always ask for you whenever he calls them
  • you would call papa tuan to tell him something embarrassing that mark did so you guys could both laugh at him
  • he would be jealous and act like a puppy (insert feisty mark puppy on asc) when you spend too much time snuggling with coco
  • you send him snaps but he keeps trying to screeshot them even though you put it for 3 seconds because the trust is gone
  • you go to church with him because you have to confess all your sins, so you might as well take the cause of your sins aka satan mark with you
  • you’d have drawing contests with him and loser has to buy ice cream but he always lets you win even if you draw stick figures because he thinks it’s adorable that you try so hard for ice cream
  • he’d teach you how to skateboard by holding on to your waist but he won’t let go even if you tell him you’ll be ok because he’s scared shitless about you falling over // ( ̄︶ ̄) not that i’d mind, ohoho…we can skateboard all the way to church
  • you’d send him good morning texts and it’ll range from “rise and shine ya cutie” to “if you’re not awake i’m gonna start calling you mean things like wet socks”
  • you’d take cute/derpy selfies with him, but is disappointed every time he posts a picture of you guys because he’s so bad at picking filters

yeah idk what you were expecting LOL

Did I tell you guys about the story about my students and how they think its fun and cute to come in after gym and hug me and get all their little gross fifth grade kid sweat all over me? They think its so cute and funny and I mean yeah, it’s cute and funny I guess, but they’re 3rd 4th and 5th graders so ofc they have to take it above and beyond, so the kids that started it decided that sweat wasn’t enough, so when they go do bathroom break after gym they all go in and wet their hair and faces and shirts and come back and attack me with hugs–it was like three little boys at first but now they’ve got literally all the little boys in the class doing it and maybe a third of the girls are in on it too, and all my coworkers are like “ahahaha gabrielle they’re hugging you they just do it because they love you ohoho” and i’m like ok yes but little kid sweat??? this was cute at first but now it’s like “haha okay guys i love ya’ll too but ew gross haha sit down and do your homework dont touch me hahah ew” 

ugh. i love these kids but they’re ridiculous lol.