hey hi 안녕 it’s abi! i wasn’t going to make one of these bc shy;; but i figured i should or i’ll never make the most of this blog!!
anyways i’m 18, from the UK and this is my new studyblr - a sideblog of my design insp blog. i made this blog because i’ve just finished my last year of A levels and i go to uni this september to study graphic communication! In my spare time I study korean, read and try my best to keep drawing :)
i also feel like i should mention that i love flowers & animals & i have a kpop blog where i make gfx !!

(later down the line i hope to be able to post notes, my organiser layout + maybe even tips for younger students? hm idk it’s early days we’ll see)

studyblrs that i love / inspired me to make my blog: @genspen @melbstudent @ohnotes @productiveflower @ohchickstudy​ & @nihongo-no-gakusei <33

Join And Eat With Me And All My Many Friends On This Towel of Picknick!
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2016 . 09 . 02  | 12:00

i did a bit of bts shopping :)

what I got:

  • leuchtturm1917 (a5, blk, dotted, hardcover) from indigo
  • after you by jojo moyes (paperback) from indigo
  • muji pens (0.38mm and 0.5mm, blk) from muji in toronto
  • muji refills (0.5mm, blk) from muji in toronto
  • crayola supertips from walmart

Otonokizaka Private Academy

Chapter 4 - Paper Heart
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Summary: The kindest smiles hide the biggest lies; and the louder you scream the more truths will you spill

Tags: #Private_Academy_AU   #Oh_oh

Note: i know my cryptic summaries don’t say much so I’ll sum up this chapter like this: “kotori noo..umi nooo..maki nO..eli oh..nico bro..nozomi go oofff!!”

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2016 . 09 . 04 | 13:22

a little preview of my bullet journal which i just started!! i will be doing a more in depth bullet journal run thru later i think if yall want to see it…. school hasnt started yet so i have no daily spreads yet but soon!! *click for details!!!*


2016 . 09 . 11 | 12:44

- whats in my pencil case 2016 -

*the pencil case was handmade by me :D my dad had some scrap blk leather fabric so i asked for some, bought a cheap zipper from walmart and hand sewed this :) TIP: NEVER HAND SEW LEATHER TT_TT


  • muji blk 0.38mm (quintessential)
  • muji pnk 0.5mm
  • muji blk 0.5mm
  • muji blue 0.5mm


  • “mild” pastel highlighters from a local japanese dollar store


  • bic mechanical pencils
  • brush pen for calligrpahy from local japanese dollar store
  • hilroy right angle ruler
  • steadtler eraser
  • pentel 0.7mm lead


  • crummy the face shop eyebrow pencil in blk brwn
  • nirvana white rollerball
  • nivea hydrocare lipbalm
  • usually i have my eyeliner in here as well
Fav Studyblrs: Week 2

If You’re Not Following These Then I Don’t Know What You Are Doing On Tumblr XD

***ALSO have Youtube channels that are SO aesthetic and helpful!