Finally~!! I preordered my Arashi Live Tour 2014 The Digitalian [Limited Edition] woohoo~!! It's seriously christmas today ^^

Best thing after knowing that Digitalian is finally going to be out, is using my unexpected 1358 points, so my shipping is basically 160 yen :D Ah~ the concert footage is from the last day of tour, 23rd December 2014 (Oh~ it changed… on cdjapan, it said footage from the last day of concert in December but now just a day in December, 20th I’m guessing from reading other people’s experiences ~)… I WAS THERE ON THAT VERY DAY!! I so can’t wait for this, I want to relive my experience there! :D Please show Aiba-chan’s 32nd birthday surprise on the DVD, please~ it was on the last day of tour, come on!