“Sho-kun’s drawings too, I like it! If I was a girl I have no doubts that I would be charmed by that. Because whenever I see those drawings I always laugh from the gut.”

“Sho learned to draw at the TV show corner sometimes ago, but he can’t give any soul to his creation, can’t be captured.”

-Ohno Satoshi

/huh??! What soul Riida? That isn’t needed! Sho’s drawings are masterpiece! 😀😀

in 4 days

17.01.20 non•no (Mar 2017) 2 ARASHI – Ohno Satoshi & Aiba Masaki

“Let’s take awe-inspiring photos for the new-year first episode!”
Responding to what Sakurai-kun said above, Aiba-kun x Ohno-kun headed Kyudojo (Kyudo practice hall). Dressing in hakama and learning the basic action, holding the bow and arrow they had the shooting practice. In the chilliness and tranquility with tension, they their concentrating facial expression was serious. At the end, from near distance the two shot the target! After their first-time challenge of kyudo, they had this conversation.

Aiba: Today we also had prized experience too. It’s my very first time practicing kyudo. The bow was bigger than what I have been thinking, there was a unique nervousness! I concretely felt that it is a sports which trains both the body and the mind.
Ohno: (Nodding) Though I had bit practice just then and it was fun, I think it would be very difficult and hard if it is done properly.

A: That shooting the target, that was coincidence only. In such short time the arm and chest was trembling! This time everyone from the kyudo club who offered support to this project were smart. In terms of club activities, during my secondary school study, I played basketball. What remained in my memory is, when I was year 1 I had tough fundamental training. During the newcomer contest, I was hit by basketball on my face, in order to stop my nose bleeding [it] was stuffed with tissue papers, I couldn’t forget it (giggle).
O: Though I was in the badminton club, I supported on the fundamental training (giggle). I joined the training just when I used the racket and shuttle at gymnasium. But, I was pretty strong during contest (grin). From I was small, I played badminton a lot with my mother.

A: That’s great indeed! Leader acts a character which has physical action in your upcoming movie right (“Shinobi no Kuni” to be released this summer)? How was the sword fight scene?
O: I recalled my time acting in theatre and it was reminiscing. Because a little mistake would lead to injury, I have been very tense during filming.

A: Indeed, practice like Budo (Japanese martial arts) creates “‘do’ [cult / practice / way of life]” and it is not an easy task. Though I have practiced Judo.
O: “Do” is also related to culture. I have learned Sado [cult / practice of tea] during event (2015 Waku Waku School) and it was impressive. There were lots of delicate etiquettes and it was a depth of knowledge!

A: I am thinking about the skillful “do” of other members…… Let’s talk about this (giggle).
O: Matsujun, since he adopts healthy diet, shouldn’t he be “dietary life-do” [cult of adopting healthy diet]? Nino is…… magic, [though] I haven’t seen him play magic recently.
A: Good, “magic-do”. Sho-chan goes to various places for location filming of variety programmes, “solitary travel-do”. Leader is “overseas drama-do”. The whole DVD series set I and Nino gifted you as birthday gift (giggle).
O: I shall be getting into it (giggle). Aiba-chan is, the delivery shop you recommended to me the other day was great, so you are “home delivery-do”!

A: I’ll have stock again (giggle). Really it would be great if we two talk about “idol-do”…… actually I don’t know what “idol-do” is. It’d be great if someone can tell me what it is.
O: There is no standard answer isn’t it. I also have no particular awareness of it myself.
A: Now, what is important is, “the status of doing what we want to do in full enthusiasm”. And then, if people watching our TV programmes and concerts can enjoy them, it would be very fortunate to us.