Are you watching Aiba's drama Youkoso, Wagaya e? - Juntoshi talk

Monthly The Television 2015 No. 248 (July issue, Kansai ver.)

Matsumoto: I’m behind, but I’ve watched up to Episode 2!
Ohno: How was it?
Matsumoto: Sato Jirou-san’s acting was really amazing! (laughs) The story’s really novel, isn’t it? I wonder what’s going to happen after this! Thematically speaking, how is this going to end up? That’s what I think about while I’m watching it, you know. Man, this is a new form of drama. What do you think of it, Leader?
Ohno: Well, as for me, I’ve watched Episode 4!
Matsumoto: To watch only Episode 4… That’s tough, don’t you think? (laughs)
Ohno: I thought that it would probably be where [t/n: the real fun] starts! (laughs) Ah, new plots have also been set into motion. But as MatsuJun said, it’s hard to imagine what the next episodes are going to be like.
Matsumoto: Yeah.
Ohno: Is the culprit behind it a single person? Or is it someone acting with someone else as an accomplice? I’ve thought of that, too.
Matsumoto: Ah, I see.
Ohno: And also Aiba-chan. I wonder if we’ll get to see even more of his various expressions from now on.
Matsumoto: Don’t tell me that Aiba Masaki will be the culprit in the end!
Ohno: Ah! That’d be the most interesting way this story could go, wouldn’t it?
Matsumoto: He looks like the victim, but in reality… heck, this is becoming a super heavy story! (laughs) If this is the way it goes, it’d be like a development in one of those late night shows.
Ohno: I don’t want anyone in the family to end up being the villain!
Matsumoto: It’s really impossible to predict what’s going to happen, so it’s really thrilling.
Ohno: Well then, I’ll watch it again some other time!
(Credit: LS)