Confession: I ship Sakuraiba with all my heart, but I also believe they’re not really that close. I’ve read some upsetting rumours about Sho being rude to both Aiba and Ohno at the beginning of their careers, and, even if they’re rumours and might not be true, I feel like somehow it fits his character (from back then, at least.) I really hope it’s not true, but that’s why I feel like Sakuraiba don’t really get along…


AU MEME; ninoneen asked:  Arashi Office AU/ Arashi

Sakurai as boss, Ohno secretary, Aiba and Jun employees/ cubicle neighbors and Nino coffee shop barista with a slight twist on the side, Aiba has an stalker with an unknown number sending him messages to his phone (and of course, the anon is inside that office) -  ninoneen


As people are wondering how do they control the penlights, EACH of the 55,000 seats (or how many tens of thousands per dome) has a tech-sticker pasted on them and all the fans just needed to do was sync your penlight with your seat - this is for the fans who bought the penlight and not using an older model.

Arashi doesn’t just create a concert onstage and leave it as such. But they bring it to our seats as well from the moving stages, the tall stands, the catwalks, the middle stage, the back stage, the small, medium and large carts that goes around - all lit up so that fans can spot them anywhere in the dome or whatever-sized building they occupy and the result is a visually & OVERALL stunning experience.

However, not all songs are remotely controlled and when a song that they hijacked the lights is over, your penlight will revert to whichever colour you set it on (blue, red, yellow, green or purple).

But what impresses me the most was during those moments when they are not controlling our penlights like at the ending aisatsu. The majority of the crowd would still be in the same colour - why?

Because the fans themselves will MANUALLY switch their penlights to whoever is on stage giving their closing speech. To me, that kind of awareness is what makes the experience even more heartwarming and one of the most respectful thing an Arashi fan can do even when it isn’t your bias.

Also you should read this translated review of『Japonism』 (done by my lovely amy) from a website that is more focused on rock music, detailing the amount of thought and planning that went into the production.

The fact that their “Japonism” album was extremely conceptual with themes of “Japan as seen from the rest of the world” and “Back to their roots” played an important role in this. By having a clear-cut concept in their album, they were able to extend that by default to their concerts as well, the entirety of which was deeply imbued with the intent and ideology of Arashi as the creators of said concept.

There was a keen sense that whoever came up with this flow and this production was a genius, but what truly floored me was the fact that the genius behind it were the idols standing up on stage themselves.

Link to original review here.

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