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17.03.16 ARASHI DISCOVERY - Hello to a New Adventure – Ohno Satoshi* [English translation]

Good morning. This is ARASHI’s Ohno Satoshi.

Today’s phrase come on!

“It’s time to say goodbye. But I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure”

Easy-to-listen English. This is the words from US sports announcer Ernie Harwell-san.

This radio programme. ARASHI DISCOVERY.
After the broadcast on the 31st this month, Friday, it will come to an end.
It is decided to come to an end this month.

Well it’s quite a sudden.

Well, Kurihara’s programme, Morning Step, will also come to an end. At the same time. Well until the 31st this month, then come to an end.

Well, but, really. It started from 1st October 2002. It’s been 14.5 years. I’ve been doing it for 14.5 years.

Well, really everyone. Well… everyone who’s been listening to this programme all along. Really everyone, thanks a lot, really.

Well. 14.5 years. How many episodes have there been? So, five days a week, this programme. Then, one year, there are around 52 weeks. So, one year there are 260 episodes. And then for 14.5 years, there are 3,770 episodes. Still, well, there were also days with no broadcast, though.

During these 3750 days I kept speaking. At the beginning it was like, three choices to a question.

Next week. Well there will be bit a Special. Well there are still two weeks to go, next week, since long time, with Kurihara-san, I’ll directly do the radio programme with him. Probably it’s the first time since the 10th annual anniversary of this radio programme isn’t it?

Let’s do it. Um. Since long time. The two of us speak. We would like to broadcast this special version. Please look forward to it!

This was Ohno Satoshi’s broadcast!

* Only announcement part was translated.

“In Arashi we have a messaging group. We have that. I’m 100% confident in it.

Like for example, if I were to send a message now, right… If I did that, I’d 100% get a response. I’m confident. There are times where it may be delayed, of course. But I’d definitely get an answer.

Isn’t that nice? It’s a definite thing in Arashi.

What’s funny is that even though up until just now we were all working together, once it’s over, the 5 of us would still message each other.”-Ohno Satoshi, ArashiDiscovery 10.05.16

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Ohno Satoshi is M

From the 7/4 broadcast of Ohno Satoshi’s Arashi Discovery radio program

On this day Oh-chan answered questions from listeners. As his drama “Shinigami-kun” had just finished there were tons of questions about it. 

First: Was the crab in the first episode real? (in the first episode Shinigami-kun had sat on top of a closet and munched on a crab)

Ohno said, “That was real except for one part.” Oh-chan was made to look like he was crunching on the shell of the crab, but actually, the part he was eating was made out of candy. 

“It was real! They made a lot of it just in case. They also made shelled-scallops out of candy, even though we didn’t use it in the end." 

The second question was: Is the shirt you are wearing under the suit long sleeve or short sleeve?

Ohno replied, "I wonder when it was? For the 4th episode where we filmed in the studio it was really hot so I had a short-sleeved shirt.”

The third question was: Won’t your hat fly away?

“When I am hanging upside down, I would wear a swimming cap and put the hat on top of it. It becomes really tight and surprisingly the hat doesn’t fall.”

The last question: You got punched by Kiritani Mirei’s character many times and it looks real. Was it you or an extra?

It turns out that Ohno really did get hit by Kiritani Mirei that many times (and more). Sometimes she would actually accidentally hit him and she would apologize. In the scene where she hit him with flowers after he tried giving them to her, he really did get hit. Every time he would get hit by Kiritani, coupled with verbal abuse and cursing, but Ohno said, “Surprisingly I actually quite like those kind of scenes." 

He ended by saying, "I like acting scenes where I get punched, so I guess I am M. Please call me M.”

End of Arashi Discovery with Ohno Satoshi - 3/31/17

Today is the first day in 14 ½ years that Arashi’s leader Ohno Satoshi is not broadcasting his daily morning segment on FM Yokohama’s Arashi Discovery which ended on  3/31/17.

Personally I am very sad but I do hope they give him his own segment on another outlet so that he can share little tidbits on what’s going on with his life with his fans. 

Ohno's various laughs
Ohno's various laughs

Ohno Satoshi’s laughs appreciation post

Just because I love his different ways of laughing ♥

From various Arashi Discovery

Ohno Satoshi Talks About His Abs

This is from the 6/18 broadcast of Ohno Satoshi’s Arashi Discovery radio program. 

The quote of the day was a Japanese idiom about trying one’s best and working hard. And so Riida started talking about working out. 

He said that now that he no longer works out, his body is all soft and flabby. He used to do sit us and push-ups, but now he doesn’t do them. He does 30 of each exercise during concert tours. 

However, Oh-chan says that even though he doesn’t work out now, when he flexes, he still has abs.

“I am a little proud of it. Isn’t it cool?”

Oh-chan says that he tries not to work out as much as he can and wants a body that’s only for looking. He wants to become something like a cat. Even though a cat is always sleepy, when it finds a prey, it will have an outburst of energy. “Wouldn’t it have muscle cramps?” Riida wondered. 

He ended by saying, “I will try to keep my body looking nice while working out as little as possible. I am sorry if my body looks shabby at the concert in Hawaii.”

wait. so he’s going to show his abs in Hawaii???????

DVD!!!!! NEED THIS ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!

“I know what "kabe-don” is. (cornering a girl to a wall) Like in manga? I can’t do it; I’m not handsome enough for that.“-Ohno Satoshi, Arashi Discovery

/ooooh Riida!!! You are more than enough handsome ~

12 days before turning 34 Ohchi~ :)

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