The Boom in the Doom


“The team investigates the murder of a police officer that sends shockwaves through both the Jeffersonian and FBI teams. Behavioral analyst Leslie Green is assigned to work with Booth on the investigation and lends her professional assessments on who the cop killer could be, while Cam must make some decisions in her personal life and the entire team re-evaluates what is truly important to them.“




I would like to have a son and a daughter, I don’t think I’ll be strict with them. If they’ve done something wrong I would forgive them. But if they do it again, I’ll punish them. As long as they don’t get the wrong idea that doing bad things is fine, I’ll be watching from a distance and just let them be. I believe that my kids will be good. My ideal is to have my children respect me as their father from the bottom of their heart. If that isn’t so, they wouldn’t listen to me willingly. Oh right! There’s only one thing I will definitely be strict about, kanji (laugh). I will tell them “you see, your dad didn’t learn kanji properly and he’s living in regret, you’d better learn it properly”. I guess that’s not convincing (laugh). And “if, you have any kanji you don’t know, don’t ask me” (laugh). If there is one thing I’ve learned from all the things I’ve done till this point, it is to make sure that our second generation does not repeat the same mistakes we did.
—  Ohno Satoshi

We won’t waste time explaining the plot, which is basically a collection of the sort of dreams Buffalo Bill pit survivors would describe to their therapists. But easily the most memorable thing about the movie – aside from Satanic concubine catfights – is the character Torgo, a satyr who serves the film’s handsy antagonist, “The Master.”

Torgo was played by a young actor named John Reynolds, who sadly committed suicide a month before the film was even released. Although the entire cast’s dialogue would be dubbed over by a small group of people in post-production, Reynolds still had to endure wearing improvised leg prostheses made of coat hangers, chicken wire, and car upholstery foam. You know, because he was supposed to be half goat. Not that the movie ever gets around to explaining this fact.

It’s been whispered that the grueling task of wearing these completely unnecessary prostheses caused Reynolds to develop a painkiller addiction, but according to a fellow cast member, he was already an an avid consumer of extracurricular chemicals to begin with. It’s also been rumored that Reynolds wore the braces incorrectly, which also isn’t true at all, mostly because there’s no right way to wear random piles of garbage strapped to your legs.

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Drunk T.O.P: ayo lets doom dada do this shit

Drunk T.O.P: faces the wrong way 64% of the time, what are my limbs doing, thank god for backup dancers because I can’t handle that right now, am I still standing, closes eyes the whole time, slurs the fuck out of the chorus, idgaf

Drunk T.O.P: somehow actually spits fire on his verses NAILED IT