Here it is folks, what the amazing artist k00ps has been working on for me and what I’ve been waiting to share with you. This is the gif version without the logo that will be included later, so please don’t remove the caption. The still image will be the cover for the album, as well as being available on an all over print shirt with ‘AEON FUX’ on the front and ‘APOSEMATIC’ on the back. Due to it’s length I guess it’s officially a mixtape. It’s more ambitious than I anticipated but I’m really going to try and push myself and put out something that I’m proud of. The tentative tracklist is as follows:

Aposematic~Tarantula Hawk~Teardrinker~Exuvium~Little Fly~Coleoptera~Swarm~Darlingtonia (Cobra Lily)~Crypsis~3 possible bonus tracks

I’ve been working really, really hard this year. This has been my first year performing live, and I have had a lot of low points, but the tremendous support I’ve received has made me want to push forward and complete what I’ve started. This will be my first official release ever. I’d like to make physical copies available as well as digital, and I’d like to have an art book to go along with the album. I’m still looking for artists for a few songs, so please don’t hesitate to hit me up. I’m looking for really distinctive styles/also a few more promo images so please contact me if you’re an artist who has a unique style!! I’m definitely looking to commission folks. Thank you to k00ps for being such an amazing artist and supportive friend. Thank you all for listening and for the support, I’m trying to get folks really hyped about this release so please reblog if you can. Thank you. 

So. For fun fun, I coloured Solas’ unfinished fresco. Obviously it’s not great because I don’t even really know what to even put in there, haha. Done mostly for a thread on the BSN, but thought I’d post it here anyways. :)

Only the middle part is coloured by me, the rest is from DA:I (particularly artist Nick Thornborrow).