if nick spencer wrote the rest of marvel
  • spider-man:i killed uncle ben. fuck responsibility
  • bruce banner:you WOULD like me when i'm angry
  • tony stark:iron man actually was just a bodyguard of mine. and i'm not smart enough to build the suits either
  • daredevil:i was never actually blind
  • black panther:i was white the whole time
  • the punisher:i shot my family
  • black bolt:i can actually talk just fine
  • professor x:screw mutant-human relations, race war now
  • red skull:hail SHIELD
  • doctor doom:i don't really hate reed richards that much to be honest
  • galactus:planet-based diets are bad for you, i'm going vegan

Lovelies, if you’re free tonight (5/27/2016) the Game Grumps will be doing a live charity stream for Camp Kesem on twitch.tv/scaretocare

For American audiences the stream will be at 7 PM PST. So on the west coast that’s 7 o’clock tonight, and for us east coasters it’ll be 10 o’clock PM! (Other time zones and viewers outside the U.S. can google “7 PM PST” to convert that time to the time in their area :) )

Learn more about Camp Kesem by clicking their official link here

See you tonight, lovelies!



For everyone who’s seen Half Life: Full Life Consequences, I invite you to also witness the art that is Doom: Repercussions of Evil, which has one of the best ending plot twists in all of modern literature and machinima


Sekai Muzukashii No Koi  - Let’s Dress Samejima Reiji - Ep 7 - 5/25/16

7 New Outfit or Outfit Combinations in this episode and since there were various “bed scenes”, there was 2 new casuals and 3 new lounge sets for Reiji to change into.  And again, kudos to this drama’s stylist for pushing to get those extra shirts and neckties because they really do give Reiji a new look even though it’s the same couple of Armani suits.  This is a big, big change from Maoh, Kaibutsu-kun and even Uta no Oni-san where Ohno got very few outfit changes.  Ohno is tiny in stature for a man, but when needed to, he can S-the crap out of any designer clothing.  

Few personal thoughts on this episode:

1) Yes, I was quite upset at how this episode ended and previews next week looks like more heartache for Reiji and Misaki. It’s not the world’s MOST DIFFICULT Romance for nothing. This episode showed another side of Misaki, she has a quick temper and when angered, she’s quick to draw blood. I was quite shock at how harsh her words were. “I could hit myself for thinking you were such a worldly man….OUCH”.  She can be as rash and as immature as Reiji.  Remember, her grandfather was against her working in the Hospitality Industry, yet she ran away to Europe to study any way and left him to die alone.

2) Reiji/Misaki Relationship was developing at the same time as the Wada/Maiko-san Relationship.  Seems there is no mother figure in Reiji’s life, so the first woman in his private life is really the secretary.  Maiko is the first woman who tells Reiji off for misbehaving, she’s the one who helped him build his hotel empire. So you see both of them being unsure about stepping forward into a new future.  Reiji respects Maiko and confides his personal fears to her and the Chauffeur only, and I really think they have an understanding to not call out Reiji whenever he tries to act like the tough guy.  He admits he doesn’t know whether he feels comfortable about pushing Maiko off to have a love relationship with someone else.  He feels responsible for hiring her after she resigned from his father’s lodge for having an affair with a married man. Reiji, Maiko and Ishigami spent 8 years building the Samejima Empire while putting their personal life on hold.

Samejima Papa visits in next episode, maybe he will reveal more about Reiji’s teens and early 20′s. 

And remember what Gackt-san once said “Love is like riding in a roller coaster”


One of these days I swear I’ll do a proper minute long Game Grumps animated but for now have this