Since I will be under a different name on the 18th, day that officially marks a year of by blog being under the name of shesanambrosegirl, and summer is coming to an end, I’ve decided to go ahead a post this now. Thank you guys for making this year so wonderful, putting up with my Crazy Hippie post, Brie Bella and Dean Ambrose rants, and making my dash fucking so amazing. I adore all of you, and I’m so very sorry if I left any of you out. 

This is what your squad goals should look like:

fearlessbanks, skippingcrazychick, deansrenee, dean-osgirl, lanasreign, bruckrumlow, briesus, heavenlytheshield, deansroman, scumbagseth, cassadysamore, allhailkingbarrett, boughtin, shinewizards, nichkhunss, yayjlee

My Favorite Fangirls:

A-C: adrianeviles, airheadrollins, ajbrie, blacktylers, cmlees, cmskunk, cruellasethvil 

D-F: deanee-express, embrozs, flawlessglamazon

G-I: glamslams, hash-tag-heel, its-ga-linda-with-a-ga

J-L: jezebelheart, juliaahr, kofiskingstonlacemeupchucktaylor, lexabliss, litasmoonsault, luchalita

M-O: missxpeep, ohhotrobvandamthisismyjam, ohmyziggler, owensfight

P-R: paigeajlee, paigeturning, raesummer, riley-garcia-good

S-U: screamforpaige, scrletwitched, shanemcmahonsjerseys, shatteredglassceilings, slayjaylee, spearforme, stephslays, sunsethflips, thebest-thebeard, theloudlunatic, ticklemehaley, uce-o

V-X: weheartrenee

Y-Z: youtappedout

My other babies:

a-fractured-fairy-tale, hippiebella, nikkibellanetwork, divasdivisionnetwork


wwe-army’s follow forever

So in the last couple of days I’ve been put in several Follow Forever’s and I wanna thank punkedbyambrosee frostybalor holalajlee frostythesellout and merryreignsmas for putting me in theirs. I’ve been tagged in a couple of more but sadly I didn’t save the names so I’m very sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, I am still very thankful. Since I also wanna thank my other 600+ followers for sticking with me since summer I decided to do a Follow Forever myself. Have fun checking this out and enjoy the blogs I enjoy. Merry christmas!

The people on here I like most:

loveyoujas - psychrollins - deanikki - grinch-brose - starbrose


ajleesus - asickguy - ambrollinzambrosecock - ambrosley - ambroseriotambroserollinsreignshoundsambrosewwe - blitzenbliss - briemode - cena-ortoncenaxorton - chrisjerichoo  - cmpancake - cmpunkappreciation - cmpunkgifs - damnbrvsesdeanambroseblog - deans-ambrose - dayumbrosedeanambrusedeanandsethdeansambooty - deanambrowsedeanmoxbrose - deanvmbrosedirtysdeeddirtydxxds - divaedits - embrozsericksrowans - everythingreigns - everythingzigglerexplicitambrose - explicitmoxleyviolence - fabj0hnfrosty-lee - frostytheroman - fyeahambrosefyeahnxt 


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That’s it. Merry christmas. :)