Got my passport application in! I’m one step closer to checking a MAJOR item off my bucket list! WOOHOOOO!

Now I just have to wait 3-6 weeks to get my passport (and my original birth certificate back). I had no idea they kept your original birth certificate and sent it off as well. At least I’ll get it back. I really don’t want to have to get another one.

BTW, passport photos…worse than DMV photos. I look like a hot mess in my passport photo, thanks to the higher humidity resulting in flat and fuzzy hair and a sweaty me. 😣😰 But the exciting part is that no matter how much of a hot mess I look like…I HAVE A PASSPORT PHOTO! And soon I’ll have the passport!

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SO MUCH DRAMA & DEATH! Oh my god I’ve never ever been so utterly excited by any other programme at all! Holy crap! My god! I’m not posting spoilers just incase you guys haven’t saw it this week, but holy shit just watch it please, for the love of anything, watch it.


After traveling an obnoxious amount of hours (7 via bus from NYC to VA Beach, then the next day 6.5 hours from VA Beach to Columbia South Carolina via car), we finally made it to our final destination! *phew*

My cousin is getting married today (the reason to all this travel) and almost all of my family is here. Last night some of us grabbed dinner (ohmyword it was so fantastic I at so much food) and hung out for a while. I have forgotten how crazy my family is when we’re all together. An older woman even came up to our table last night as said “I have a complaint, you guys are being too loud! You’re having too much damn fun and you’re not saving any for the rest of us!” Which of course caused more uncontrollable laughter.

I’m looking forward to this afternoon/tonight, it’s gonna be crazy and oh so very good. There will most likely be an update to come tomorrow.

Every day is an adventure if you treat it as such.

Stay wild,


P.S. I am so so so blessed and happy to be able to travel as much as I have been these past couple of days. This is something I’ve needed in my life for a while, and it’s finally coming to pass.