The Swan Queen Movement Video Project is finally here!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this project! I had a wonderful time watching all your videos and editing this.

This is the list of everyone who submitted a video:

  •     angeldnt
  •     barbie-shoes
  •     fluteprodigy
  •     girlandtheuniverse
  •     jaspertina
  •     jasusestheirwords
  •     kgork94
  •     le-nuage
  •     limitlessundyinglove
  •     livsfamousshirt
  •     lostgirl-from-neverland
  •     masterkritz2000
  •     mmisery
  •     myheartbeatsformysoulmate
  •     myqueenparrilla
  •     october-lady
  •     ofthespookypumpkinvariety
  •     ohmywonderlands
  •     Onceuponasnacktime
  •     phoenixrisingonthemoon
  •     sassyyetsimple
  •     weareevilregals
  •     wrongwaytoinfinity
  •     katyrina19
  •     storybrookehbic
  •     Amy Collier
  •     Andrea Stickle

If you have any questions concerning this project, if you’ve been getting hate for being a part and/or supporting this movement, or if you would like to join us, you can contact me here.

The background song used was “Arms” by Christina Perry (Instrumental).