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TAG, you're it! The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then send this to the fifteen nicest people on tumblr.<3



1 - I really hate clowns, for death. I hate them.

2 - I’ve lost my dad three years ago (almost) but I still cry.

3 - I can eat the world and not gain a single pound.

4 - I love people from tumblr, but I feel like I’m totally hated in here, because no one never ever talks to me.

5 - I dream about getting very famous to treat like shit people who said I was not enough, but I think it’s a mean attitude so, yeah, I don’t know haha.

6 - My mother is always ill, so I’m the mother of my three younger babies <33 Awww love them so much.

7 - I hate my step father, and I hate him so much that once I thought about ripping up my shirt and saying to my mom he rapped me, but I didn’t, I ALMOST did, BUT NO.

8 - No one understands why I am so happy with friends and family, but sometimes I feel so empty that I can’t even express that.

9 - I will always think that I am annoying you.


10 - I will kill the wives and husbands of the hole cast of twd and then I will lock them on a basement to make them fall in love with each other.

Because I’m a psycho. 

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The Rules:
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My questions to you!

1) If you could buy one thing right now, what would it be?

A lollipop (says miltymamet)

2) How do you feel about bugs?

I’m fine with them as long as it’s not on me

3) What pets do you have? If you dont have any what pets do you want?

Siberian husky & a rat (says miltymamet)

4) Favourite movie?

Step Up

5) Favourite pop?

Coke, unfortunately

6) Have you ever bought a whole series of something?

Yup, the hunger games trilogy & HP movies? I’m still investing on all the books lol

7) Weirdest experience?

My friend and I were walking home from Timmies and we matched with our clothing and drinks and a couple of guys passed by and yelled “I HOPE YOU TWO HAVE FUN!”

8)  How do you feel about Facebook?

Relatives are taking over fb

9) Ever been to a hospital or in an ambulance?

Hospital, yes, loads of times. Ambulance, nope.

10) How do you feel towards TWD sound track?

It has great songs

11) Have any siblings?

I have 2.

My questions:

Last thing you drank?

Favourite sunglasses

How many likes do you have (on tumblr) ?

Favourite colour

Where do you want to travel?

Favourite piece of clothing?

First impression of me (LOL)

5 songs you listen to the most

Have any medals?

 Do you have a jewelry that you wear on a daily basis?

Do you like sports? Do you play?