Once, Ted and I turned all of the furniture in our hotel room upside down. That was pretty um… calculated. We weren’t even that drunk, we just had a joint moment of freaking out. And then in Colorado, two days later, we were both staring off into the distance and we realised that we were both feeling guilty about some poor housekeeper having to go into that hotel room and put it all back.

This is precious.


So I’ve wanted to send M&S fan mail for quite a while now, and I figured a lot of you guys do too, so I was thinking- what if the Mumfamily joined together to collectively make something awesome for the boys?

One idea I had to do this was to collect all of our letters, drawings, etc. into a book and then have someone give it to them in person at a gig (because they don’t have a place where you can send them mail). What do you guys think? 

Does anyone else have ideas? Post them or message me- I really want Marcus, Winston, Ben, and Ted know how much we appreciate them and love their music!


Mumford and Sons in the studio recording trumpet for The Cave


Some baby Mumford and Sons (minus Ben) to brighten your day :)