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#preach oh my god yes. I doubt I’ll be able to spend any more large amounts of money for this club. It’s just too much, even for me. Also the eating out. Try to cut back on that or just stop going out to eat for fundraisers. It really really helps.

I don’t even eat out. I have diningdollars so if I dont have food to make in my apt, I eat the HUB. I haven’t even been shopping lately because I’ve been trying to save up.

And so far it’s Membership + FTC + Masquerade/rides + Stuff for Install 

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STUDY. Pull an all-nighter! Stay focused. Got outside, get some air, then go back to studying. No tumblr, facebook, twitter, fanfic, etc. I know you can do it.



after studying for so long and coming on tumblr and seeing this.. it’s just really really really really nice