Ed teaching how to play The a Team, Edvent day 24. I’ve wanted this for so long!


hey y'all so this is really messy cuz i just got back from a private performance with ed sheeran where i was like 20 feet away from my favourite person and ahhh but this weekend is crazy cuz I’m leaving for RED soon and i need to go get ready, so ill post more later. He did question and answer between the five songs and HE ANSWERED MY QUESTION i have it all on video so ill get the exact quote later but i asked if he was stranded on a desert island for the rest of his life which three people would he bring and he said i don’t know. then he asked if animals could count as people (he wouldD) and he said bringing three girls would be awk and so would bringing all guys and he didn’t want two and two cuz then they’d pair off, so he decided on himself, a girl and two cats. <3 more later xxxx

Okay, so I was wearing my new Ed t-shirt today, and my friend was reading the tour dates off the back and this guy comes up and looks at my shirt and is like “who’s ed share..an?” and so i said “the most amazing singer and sweetest person ever” and i showed him the background of my phone which is an adorable picture of Ed. and then he said “ew, he’s sooo ugly and weird” so i was like “BITCH PLEASE, YOUR FACE IS UGLY AND WEIRD” and i mean sorry, i try to be a nice person, i try to be normal and sociable, but sometimes…