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Someone From Louden Swain Is In Love With Me And All I Got Was This Song Written About Me

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary: Based on this one post by @lamthetwickster AND a request from @a-vast-african-plain “Hi I was wondering if you could do a prophet!Chuck x reader where he and the reader used to date in high school, but broke up when they went to college because they didn’t want to have a long distance relationship, and then he goes to his high school reunion and sees the reader for the first time in years and they still have feelings for each other? And could it be a little smutty? Pretty please with strawberry syrup and marshmallows on top?” 


A/N: I know it’s SUUUUPER different from the original request, but I loved this version and am a teeny bit proud of it so. ALSO IM SORRY ITS SO BAD IM RUSHING IT. 

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(have a cute Rob)

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Bitty Adopts Tater Like He Did Chowder

Stay with me here.

Aside from them having food names, Chowder and Tater are like adorable rays of sunshine who will fuck you up on the rink. Both of them really like Jack. More importantly, both are a long way from home.

Of course, Bitty would mother the fuck out of Tater. What the hell kind of question was that? He and Jack are the least subtle boyfriends ever in the history of secret relationships.

So say Jack talks about how Tater seems a bit down and maybe he’s feeling homesick? Bitty doesn’t even think twice about it. Because that sweet Russian ray of sunshine. He researches Russian dishes that could survive the trip to Providence and he sends Jack a care package for Tater (along with things for Jack himself).

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6th and San Jacinto

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: You live in Austin, and one night out with your friends, you decide to go to San Jac Saloon. The co-owner is there, and he makes it a point to make sure you get special treatment throughout the night.

Word Count: ~4,100

Warnings: drinking, general bar atmosphere, smut (you knew it was coming), cursing, unprotected sex (be safe!)

A/N: of course, talking with @spontaneousam led to yet another fic idea. This one, I’m calling a collab. She basically gave me the idea, I wrote it with her as my editor. Thank you, Brook! Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, my crisis.

***Credit to @seenashwrite for the second gif!! Thank you so much again for making it!

You slipped into your tightest dress, your strappiest heels, and make sure your makeup was perfect and set, sure to last you through the night. Austin, Texas, the city that never sleeps - oh, wait - ah, whatever. You and your best friends had planned a night out on the town, heading down to 6th Street.

It was insane. The street was blocked off by police barricades, cops on horses lined the street, mobs of people were shuffling from bar to bar. You noticed a kind of quiet place, right on the corner. San Jacinto street. It ran all the way through Austin, practically - straight through campus, downtown, and then even farther than that. You waved for your friends to follow you through the pack of already drunk people crowding the door of the bar just down the street.

As you entered the corner bar, you noticed how different the atmosphere was. Other bars were bumping dance music. This one had country playing through the speakers. You could get used to this place.

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Nalu, 6 lmao

OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS WEEKS(?) LATE. im sorry dani omg. congratulations for being the first person to send me a writing prompt, and for motivating me to write my fIRST FAIRY TAIL FANFIC love you & pls dont hate me for my tardiness! :x i think its unnecessarily long sorry, does it even make sense? its 2am and omg ill read it over in the morning

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?

“Leaving already, Luce?”

Said girl turned her head to see her long time best friend give a questioning look upon her departure. Lucy had just wrapped her hand around the doorknob, hoping know one would notice her disappearance within the bar, and it seemed her luck was low today.

Lucy loosened her grip and turned around fiddling with the ends of her jacket, “Uh yeah. I’m not feeling that well so I’m just gonna head home.”

She unwillingly looked at the smaller blunette forcing a thin smile. Honestly she felt bad. The utterly stressful week of exams had just ended and they wanted to celebrate at the local bar. And she did not want to be the party pooper, announcing her leave. 

She just wanted to go home in peace and without her friends nagging her.  She’d deal with this situation in the morning. But obviously the universe had different plans.

Levy  stared at her friend, resting a hand on her hip. A beat of silence passed by.

“You miss him, don’t you?”

Lucy flinched. But out of instinct,

“No.” Deny. Lucy bit her tongue. Why did she always do that? Of course she missed him. Fuck, she missed him so much. But remembering her last conversation with him made her insides want to shrivel up into a box made for mice. God, she had been so stupid. What they fought over was stupid. 

Everything was just stupid.

Concerned, the smaller girl stepped forward, “Lucy yo-”

“See you tomorrow, Levy, text when you get home okay?” Lucy spluttered out as she hastily left the building, shutting the door behind her. The moment her feet touched the pavement Lucy bolted. 

She was so embarrassed. She was never in the right mind in situations like those. She held her messenger bag close to her body as she ran down the street. There were noises and shouts behind her, calling for her name. But she didn’t once turn around. Turning the corner Lucy slowed down to catch her breath, leaning on a brick wall. She looked up at the darkened sky decorated with small twinkling stars, and breathed out. 

Why did she always run away?

Two hours later, Lucy lay in her bed under a mound of blankets and pillows. She was cold and she was tired. And she couldn’t even shower when she got home. Of course the pipes just had to be broken at this time. As well as her heater, which seemed to have lost its life 9 months into its usage. The universe loved her.

Lucy frowned as she turned on her side, staring in to the darkness. Inching her way to the edge of the bed, she grabbed a well-stuffed pillow imprisoning it within her arms. Lucy let out a sigh as she laid her head on the cushion. She wondered what he was doing right now. Was he having fun at that firemen’s retreat? Did he miss her at least half as much as she missed him? Lucy mentally scoffed cutting her own thought off.

No he didn’t. Definitely not. 

She wished she could have fixed things, the things she caused, before he left. But she was a coward. Lucy immediately buried her face within the fabric of the pillow and released screams of regret. Pulling the cushion closer to her face, it was as if she anticipating that comfort would somehow seep out of it for her.

It didn’t.

Releasing feelings alone wasn’t comfort. Lucy knew that all too well.

Lucy unwillingly opened her eyes. It was dark, and damn, it was cold. Reaching out her right arm she started to feel around for the blanket. She didn’t usually kick off the blanket, or at least not completely off that she’d actually wake from it.

“Where is that stupid thing?” The blonde mumbled to herself, now sitting up. It was pitch black in her room, and her eyes hadn’t adjusted yet. But even so, she could fairly make out the lumped figure at the other end of her bed. With her blanket. 

It was a large lump. Not your usual deflated ones where you know it’s just your blanket. No, it was a big one, and it was moving.

Then suddenly a wave of fear came over her. Who was it? Why’d they take her blanket? And why were they in her apartment?

Lucy backed up against the wall, grabbing a pillow and held it against thumping her chest. Take a deep breath Lucy. You can do this. Deep breath. Natsu taught you self defense. 


Lucy squeezed her eyes shut. Her luck level was on a negative. She could feel the goosebumps come about from her legs to her shoulders. God, she prayed that he was here right now. That he was here to save her somehow. To comfort her. From this.. blanket thief..? Lucy shook her head, and stared hard at the now moving blanket mass. I can do this. Lucy set down the pillow and hesitantly went on all fours. She slowly set off, crawling towards the foot of the bed with careful movements.

Lucy dipped her toes over the edge of the bed, feeling for the wooden floor.


Lucy whipped her head back, eyes wide. Thinking she was caught, she jumped up in defense, but automatically lost her stance. Letting out a small yelp she fell against her writing desk. Mumbling a few curses, she rubbed the back of her neck. Then realizing her situation, she quickly crawled to the edge of the bed, peaking at the lump of sheets. Seeing as it was still, Lucy took it as a clear and continued crawling to its side of the bed.

Take a deep breath

Lucy was now on her knees, in front of the blob of sheets. This was it. Outstretching her arm, Lucy reached for the switch of her nightlight. The one Natsu got for her.

Lucy shook her head, even pinched a cheek. That was very inappropriate. Here she was about to unmask a thief, and she was thinking about him. Was she crazy? Definitely. Now that her scene was illuminated, this would be done in a without hitch. A shiver rolled down her spine, leaving the hairs on her neck upright. She was really cold. Just a bit more. She encouraged herself. Just a bit more and I’ll get my stupid blanket back.        

Opening one of the drawers Lucy looked for some type of weapon to attack them with. Just in case they tried to fight back. Quietly shuffling through her miscellaneous items, she finally chose her wooden hair brush. It was a typical tan coloured brush with dark bristles, one she’d gotten ages ago.

She took a deep breath, weapon- hair brush- in hand. Leaning up against the bed, she gripped the end of her blanket and winded her armed hand back. She could do this. If anything went wrong, her famously named Lucy-Punch wouldn’t do her wrong, nor would her Lucy-Kick. Swallowing the lump in her throat Lucy gripped the fabric harder.



Three!” Lucy hurriedly whispered as she yanked the blanket off. But she stopped halfway down their torso as she realized just what it was. Who it was. 

It was him.

She dropped her hairbrush. 

The moment it made contact with the floor, Lucy flinched. But the so-called thief was unaffected, he seemed to even cuddle closer with the pillow he kept captive around his toned arms. 

Lucy stayed still, boring her eyes into his face. Not like he was conscious to care. Was this real? Was he real?

God, how she missed him.

She hadn’t seen his face in a week. Had it really been a week already? Well he did mention the retreat was a week long. But it still felt like ages since she’d seen him. His hair was still the same; unnatural and untamed. She never did understand how pink- out of all the given colours, was his natural hair. But she’d never thought to question it until now.

Her eyes studied his figure. He was on his stomach, cuddling every pillow in his reach. He looked very comfortable in her bed. Not very surprising for Natsu. The blanket draped just over his waist, reaching a dangerously low territory. A territory that seemed unclothed.

Lucy quirked a brow at that. Was he…?.. No..

Pushing aside all the anguish threatening to spill out of her body, Lucy stood up on the spot. Her breaths were shaky as well as her body. Has he always had this affect on her?

As she opened her mouth, something cut her off.

“..Hnng.. Luce?” Natsu’s low raspy voice let out, “Is that you?” He peaked an eye open, the nightlight blinding the other.  He could really only make out a yellowy-white blob.

“Natsu.” Lucy puffed her cheeks. Was he really that nonchalant, considering the situation he was in?

“Is there a reason as to why you’re naked in my bed?”

“I’m not naked Luce.” Natsu said, shutting his eyes once more.

“Prove it.”

Lucy’s eyes widened after she realized what she just implied. Was he actually naked? Was he actually crazy enough to show her? No. No he wasn’t… But this was Natsu she was talking about. God help them. Her eyes widened as he gripped the covers in means of lifting it up.

“Wait Na-!” She called out, covering her eyes from the view.

See?” Natsu murmured as he swiftly revealed the uncharted territory of his lower waist.

Sweats. He was wearing low ridden sweats.

“Oh.” Lucy whispered averting her eyes to her wooden floor. She got worked up over nothing. The adrenaline leaked out of her body, making her feel physically weaker and cold. She really wished she could hop in under the covers and hideaway right about now. Except for the fact that her wonderful blanket was in Natsu’s possession.  She just wanted to hide from the world, was that too much to ask?

Lucy stood still. This was awkward. She shifted on the spot rubbing her forearm, not noticing that another pair of eyes were watching her every move.

Lucy bit her lip. She had to do it. And she had to do it now. This was God giving her a second chance, and she would not let it slip. Despite this thoroughly and completely odd situation- How did he even break in? Whatever- she had to do it. She did not waste her whole week sulking around; bathing in her own regret, just to waste this opportunity.

“Look Natsu, I’m so-”

“Say, you wanna lay down, Luce?”

Lucy frowned and looked at him. What? His eyes were still closed, but his arms were inviting. He knew she was going to apologize, but why did he stop her? Just to invite her to lay down in her own bed with him. She snuck a glance at the digital clock up on the wall, at 4:30in the morning? He was definitely whack. 

But he was Natsu.

Lucy’s mind was running. Too many thoughts for one brain’s capabilities of handling. Her last week to put it bluntly, was hell. It was horrid. Full of regret. She pushed him away for stupid reasons. She said things that hurt herself to say. She was utterly stupid, yet here he was. This dork, with his arms wide open.

She almost laughed at her situation.

“Any day now, Lucy.” Natsu mumbled, his hands gesturing for her to come closer, the sleep evident on his face. The pinkette had moved back almost reaching the middle of the mattress giving her an obvious amount of room before closing his eyes. He finally pulled the blanket over his shoulders but leaving just enough extra for another.

Hesitantly, Lucy stepped forward and climbed up onto the bed and under the blanket. She moved some pillows aside and laid on her side, facing him. She tucked a hand under the confinements of her cheek and looked at him. At Natsu.

His eyes were closed, but she knew he was awake. Lucy looked at him a little harder, examining the small scars littered across his jaw, and kisses from the sun just atop his nose.

“I missed you.”

Lucy held her breath.  Were her ears playing games? Did she hear that correctly? He missed her? She adjusted her position, the rising goose bumps bothering her. She felt almost a physical weight flow out of her. Those words were just so comforting to hear. It put her mind at immediate ease.

Tears pricked the corners of her eyes as she bit her lip to keep it from trembling. Those words were so damn simple. But it seemed to make everything right. How did that even work? This whole time she had this detailed plan of how their confrontation would play out, how she would apologize. Everything;  she almost memorized it like a script. But she didn’t expect it to turn out like this. In her bed, four in the morning, under her blanket. But it was so them. But was there even still a “them”?

Gaining the courage, Lucy reached out and gently laid her palm again his cheek, moving her thumb in a slow circular motion. It was almost as if to make sure he wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Natsu, surprised at the sudden contact opened his eyes. He honestly wasn’t expecting an answer from her, or anything at all really. Maybe a demand for his presence to be gone, but he knew she wouldn’t have to heart actually go through with it.

“I’m so sorry.” Lucy barely whispered, her voice cracking. She let her hand slide down his face and onto the sheets. She had so much to say, her mind couldn’t process it all in the correct order. She couldn’t even make eye contact, instead  gripping the bed sheets between them. She felt a tears leak down her cheeks but did nothing to stop them. She could only stare at the distance between them.

Moments passed and Natsu stared at her now tear stained face with furrowed brows. Seeing her tears tore at his heart. He promised himself he’d never let it happen. But it was happening. Natsu bit his lip before he shuffled towards her under the sheets and closed the distance.

Without a word, he slipped an arm under her neck and the other above her waist. Natsu gently nudged her chin upwards forcing their eyes to meet. His chartreuse eyes seeming to look past her trembling pair of hazel. He leaned forward touching their foreheads together and closed his eyes.

“Don’t cry anymore, okay? I’m here so it’ll be okay.” Natsu softly murmured, “You’ll be okay.” He then gently tucked her head into the crook of his neck. They fit like a perfect puzzle piece.

Lucy stifled back another line of tears threatening to fall, her hands by her side. She didn’t deserve him. Not in the least bit.

Suddenly she felt his hand take hold of her arm, draping it over his own torso.

“It’s awkward if you don’t do it back, Luce.” Natsu’s voice lowly whispered , his lips brushing her against ear.

Lucy’s cheeks tinged pink, her arms squeezing his body.

“Whatever.” She grumbled, leaning her head deeper into his scent. Lucy felt his arms tighten in the slightest bit around her, his head snuggled against her temple. She let out a breath of relief, a breath of comfort.

Natsu grinned against her head, “Night, you weirdo.”

It’s warm. She thought, It’s really warm.

Just Pretend.

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Warnings: A cuss word maybe?

Requested: Yess! ) Prompts used: ‘Just pretend to be my date!’ ‘I could kiss you right now! ‘You look beauti-Nice.’ From {this} and {this} list.

A/n: This took way longer than expected, And i’m so sorry for that. I hope the wait was worth it!!

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You sat on top of the tallest building in queens, Dangling your legs off the edge. Your head leaned on Spider-Man’s shoulder, Or Peter. You never knew if it was cool to call him by his real name. You had been working together fighting crime in your hometown for more a month, And it had been amazing. You were the best fighting duo out there, And you worked perfectly together. After a night filled with action, It was a habit for you two to talk underneath the stars, And talk about random things. It was the best thing you could have wished for. You started to like him. As more than a friend. Which scared the hell out of you.

“Can i ask you something? A favor, Actually.” Peter nervously asks. He fiddled with his right glove.

“Yeah, Sure. Whatever you need.”

“I need you to pretend to be my date.” He said more than asked. You shot up, Almost falling off the tower from the speed of your movements. “What?!?”

“It’s not that big of a deal if you think about it.” He said, But it almost sounded like he was questioning himself.

“Yes it is! I haven’t even seen your face! And you haven’t seen mine! We’re basically strangers! Couldn’t you have gotten a friend?” You Hated the idea. You even disliked that you had feelings for him, But being his date for who knows how long? What if you caught more feelings!

“i… Don’t really have any friends to ask. Please? My aunt May really wants to meet my ‘Girlfriend’ And i don’t want to let her know i’m a huge loser!” He pleaded. You could hear the desperateness in his voice, Which unfortunately made you cave.

“Fine. I’ll just give you my number and you can tell me when i have to go through this hell.” You sighed. Already you knew it was going to be bad. You grabbed a stray pen on the roof floor, And gestured for you to let you write it on his hand. Scribbling your cell number across his wrist.

“Done!” You threw the pen back where you found it. Turning back to Peter, Who rushed to bear hug you.

“Thank you so much! I could just kiss you right now!” He nuzzled his head in your neck, Hugging you tightly. You were surprised from the sudden affection.

“Um… But you won’t, Cause we’re not a fake couple yet.” You pulled back from the mostly one sided hug. The air felt thick around you. It was almost like you rejected him. You let out a breathy laugh, Trying to make things less weird.

“Oh uh. Right. Sorry.” He coughed.

“No need to be.” You smiled from behind your mask. “I’m off, Spidey boy. I’ll see you later.” You waved at him, Turning around and stepping off the roof.

You knocked on the apartment door, smoothing out the lines in your dress. You rocked back and fourth on your feet, getting even more nervous by the second. The whole situation was crazy. Pretending to be someone’s girlfriend? Someone you had only known as a person you right crime with? Obviously you were out of your mind for saying yes.

The door opened to who you assumed to be his aunt. She was pretty young, which was unexpected. You honestly thought he’d be much much older.

“Oh hello! You must be Peters girlfriend. You know, he’s talked a lot about you.”

“And you must be aunt may. It’s a pleasure to meet you! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of things does he say?” You smiled softly at her, trying to make a good impression.

“Please, just call me may. And oh I can’t tell you all the things. But the most are about how much he misses you when you leave. Always saying Y/n this and that. It’s so adorable!”

“Oh really? Huh.” You didn’t even try to hide your shock. He was talking about you? And he missed you after the nights together?

“Aunt may! Don’t embarrass me in front of-oh wow.” Peter’s eyes widened, His mouth hanging open a bit, Trying to form words.

“Y-you’re stunning. I mean.. You’re really beauti-nice… You look nice.” Peter awkwardly said. He looked handsome, you couldn’t lie. By the sound of his voice you thought he might’ve been a little younger than you, but it seemed like you were the same age. You bit your lip to keep from blushing as much as he was. Not wanting to look extremely red.

“Thanks sweetie.” You cringed a bit at your words, you hated the whole nick name thing in relationships. Let along calling Peter that when you barely know him. But it made it look convincing.

“Oh you two are just so cute! I’ll get some snacks and we’ll talk more.” You shot a soft smile her way before she disappeared into the small kitchen. She was very sweet. Peter was a very lucky guy to have someone so caring.

“So uh. You have a nice place.” You turned to Peter, who was staring at you. He looked like he might faint. He blinked a few times before realizing you had been talking to him. “What?” He asked, causing you to giggle. Was he really that shocked to see you?

“I said, your place is nice. It’s very cozy.” It looked straight from the IKEA paper, but in a soft way. They really made such a crappy place look pretty good. “And the posters on your door are cool.” You nodded over to the Star Wars and Star Trek posters. They looked a bit old, with some of it being ripped on the edges. He must’ve been a fanboy for a long time.

“Oh.. Um, thank you.”  

“Okay! I’m here with cookies! Now tell me everything.” She sat down the tray of tea of other things on the very small coffee table, Sitting down on the chair across from a small couch.

“You’re going to have to be more pacific.” You joked, causing May to laugh.

“I like this one.” She winked at Peter, Giving him a thumbs up “Ohmygod.

“How did you two meet?” You looked over at Peter, who was struggling to find an answer. “Uh… At school.” He stuttered. You could clearly tell he was lying. But thank god May didn’t notice.

“Well I know that, but like, how?” After a few seconds of awkward silence, it was clear Peter couldn’t make up anything.

“We were teamed up on a project, and he was just so smart and funny that I just fell for him instantly.” You smiled, trying to look somewhat lovey. It wasn’t too far from the truth. You had liked him instantly. And he was the most cleaver geek you knew.

“Oh my that’s so cute!! You know, You two make such a great couple.” May. Clasped her hands together. She was smiling like a mad woman, which made you a bit scared. She liked you two together a little too much than a relative should.

“Really?” Peter asked, Obvious surprise in his voice.

“Yes! I can just tell that you two were meant to be. Now do i have to give you two the talk or are we fine?” You both blushed. Of course she had to make things awkward. You looked over at Peter, who looked like he might even get a bloody nose from the thought of it.

‘We are definitely fine mam!” You quickly replied. You were sure Peter was blushing even harder than you. Which you thought was impossible.

“Okay well i think Y/n and i are going to head off to my room. to Talk.” Peter grabbed your hand. You followed in his steps to his bedroom.

“Don’t take too long! I still have more questions!” She yelled after you.

“Well that was worse than i thought. I’m so sorry i dragged you into this.” He closed his bedroom door, apologizing to you profusely. His face a light pink from pure embarrassment.

“It’s fine. Seeing you as red as red velvet cake was cute. And so worth it.” You laughed. You sat on his bed, and he followed soon after.

“i-i wasn’t blushing!” You playfully nudged him. “Yeah you were! And you even are now.” You smiled. Peter didn’t reply, Which made you worry a bit.

“Do you think aunt May was right?” Peter asked, Nervously playing with the hem of his shirt. You noticed he always did something like that when he was about to say something possibly regrettable.

“About what?” You asked, Confusion in your voice.

“U-us being a cute couple.” Peter stuttered. doubt filling his voice.

“Are you hitting on me, Parker?” You smirked.

“I-uh.. Yes?”

“Then yeah, I think we’d make a pretty hot couple.” You winked. Leaning into his body, So you were almost straddling him.

“Can i kiss you?” He asked. And you swore his voice go a little higher. You traced his jawline, Tilting his head up so you could look into his eyes.

“i’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” You whispered. His lips quickly pressed against yours. It was soft, And a little sloppy, But it sent you over the moon. You could feel him smiling into the long kiss, Which made you bring him closer. His hands went to your hips, And your fingers ended up in his hair. You pulled away before anything more could happen.

“Am i dreaming?” Peter panted, A little out of breath from the make out.

“Funny, I was about to say that.” You pecked his lips, Only for a second this time. “We better get back before May thinks we’re doing anything crazy.” You stepped off the bed, Stretching out a bit.

“But i want to stay here.” Peter took your waist and pulled you in, Making you fall onto the bed with him.

“Fine. But don’t blame me when May forces us to listen about the birds and the bees.” You warned. Knowing that would be the thing to get him out of there.

“Good point.”

Words: 1,642. My longest fic!

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Goku’s Birthday!

Hey you guys! This is a fanfic to celebrate my 25 follower mark! Thank you guys so much. Here is a token of my gratitide!

Warning contains adult content not suitable for younger veiwers! You have been warned!
Goku took a deep breath as he stared at his phone selecting Vegeta’s contact, and pressing call. It rang three times before he got an answer.

“Kakarot, what do you want!” Vegeta snapped.

“I was ju-”

“I told you never to call me! Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can go off and piss me off!” he growled.

Goku went mute because he hadn’t told anyone it was his birthday. Vegeta remembered?! His heart started to race.

“Idiot! Are you there!? You better not have hung up on me Kakarot!” The smaller sayan shrieked.

“No!No! I didn’t hang up!” Goku rushed to explain,” It’s just that-You remembered my birthday!?”

“N-no! I didn’t- well I did-but it’s only because- damn it don’t change the subject!,” He demanded,” Why the fuck did you call me!”

“Oh-um,” Goku thought as he collected his thoughts,” Oh yeah! I remember now!”

“Good job you remembered what you were going to say. Yaaay,” He groaned sarcastically.

“I was wondering,” He continued ignoring the comment,” if you would do a live video show with me for my youtube channel around eight pm.”

“No.” He answered impatiently.

“Aww, come on please,” Goku begged,”It’s just when I set up a video live and my subscribers can talk to us.”

“One: I don’t care two:…There is no US! Just you posting whatever stupid show or whatever!”

Then it got quiet.

“You’re doing that thing when you poke your lip out aren’t you?” Vegeta asked rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Maybe,” he replied in a playfully whiny tone.

“Ohmygods fine! But not because of you! I’m only doing this so I can steal all of your subscribers.” He teased as he hung up the phone.

Goku was so excited he could barely hold it all in. It had only been thirty seconds since he had last talked to Vegeta, and he was already longing to see him. He felt lighthearted of the thought of him coming over. He could barely contain his excitement any longer so he decided to get everything set up.

He set up the camera, the computer, and forty sandwiches. Now he was just dicing his twenty first apple, when he heard the door slam open.

His heart lept. He already knew it was Vegeta. Knocking wasn’t exactly his style.

“Alright, Kakarot! You know the drill!” Vegeta announced as he walked in the kitchen.

Any time Vegeta would come over there had to be a large amount of food to eat already prepared. They would hang out about once a week, so Goku was familiar with the routine. If there was no food. There would be no Vegeta. It was that simple, and those were the rules.

Goku quickly finished dicing up the last apple slid the slices in the bowl and carried the three plates of sandwiches and the bowl all in one trip over to his computer, which was sitting neatly on his bed  facing the were the pillows were, while balancing the bowl on the tip of his nose.

“Kakarot, what are you doing?” Vegeta laughed,” You look like a circus seal playing for treats!”

“How do you know that i don’t have a secret identity? I could very well be a circus seal playing for treats.” He emphasised as he carefully  made his way to the bed. Vegeta approached and took an apple slice out of the bowl and inspected it. Then he took a few steps back and tossed the apple slice to Goku.

He effortlessly caught the apple slice with his mouth without loosing the balance of the bowl.

“Pft, I guess you really are a circus freak,” He smirked trying to hide his amusement.

Goku carefully set their snacks on the fluffy bed in front of the pillows in front of the computer, and plopped down. Vegeta was leaning against the wall showing no sign of moving.

“Um, aren’t you going to come sit over here?” The larger sayan asked.

“And why exactly would i do that?” Vegeta interrogated

“Um, so you can steal all of my followers.” He responded.

“Fine,” Vegeta groaned as he plopped down beside Goku.

“Alright,” Goku exclaimed as he clapped his hands together,” we’re live in three. Two. One. Hel-”

“Hellooo ladies aand gentlemeeen, and welcome to my youtube chaneel!” Vegeta mocked.

“Uh Vegeta,” Goku began to ask hesitantly,” How do you know the entro that I do to every video?”

“Hah,” He retorted,” Sometimes when I need to laugh at something stupid, so I watch your channel.”

The computer made a beeping noise.

“Looks like we got our first comment of the day!” Goku gushed as he got ready to read it,” Let’s see. This one is from LittleMissCarrotQueen, and she says…..”Ooh burn!”,….Umm.Okay anyways today is my birthday-

“Which i’m sure no one cares,” Vegeta joked

”And,”Goku continued,” I’m doing a live truth or dare with my guest Vegeta, and you guys will give us the truth and dares.”

“Wait what!?,” He yelled,”No one told me about this!”

“What,” Goku teased,” Are ya..Chicken!?”

“How dare you insult me! I will prove to you I am no chicken!”

“Okay then ladies and gentlemen let’s get started. I’ll go first, and I pick truth.”


“Okay, from The Psychotic Gamer. He says,” Goku are you gay,bi,trans,pan,or ace?” And that is a really good question, hmm. I think that i’m pansexual.”

“Your what?” Vegeta asked.

“Pansexual ya know…. Someone who is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity,” He answered

“Okay…my turn. I guess,” He said sounding a bit uneasy,” I’ll go with…Truth..since it’s only the first round.”


“Okay this one is from Anon. Oooh. Let’s see. Anon Want’s to know,” Are you Goku’s boyfriend/Lover/husband?” Uhh.”

“No, absolutely not!” He sputtered,” It’s insulting that you would even expect that from me and a clown like him,” His face turned slightly red.

“Okay then, um let’s move on. I Pick dare!” Goku volunteered.


“Okay, this one is from Hot Chips and he says,” I dare you to tell your guest what he needs to hear. Tell him that he is super hot!!! Because you can’t even lie!! He is! Oh and try to keep a straight face!,” Wow,” Goku laughed,” And what am I chopped liver. Okay,” Goku put his serious face on,” Vegeta,” He said with a giggle rising in his voice,” You are,” His serious face broke and turned into a smile,” Super hot!! And I can’t even lie because apparently you are!,” He died laughing and so did Vegeta”

“Damn it Kakarot!” He laughed as  his face turned crimson,” Okay okay umm. I pick dare.”


“Here we go. This one is from Davevin. She says,” Vegeta I dare you to take of you shirt!” Goku stared blankly at the screen then at Vegeta. He wasn’t quite sure how to react to this one.

“Wow, Kakarot. I didn’t know you had such a vulgar audience, but since we all agree that i’m irresistible,” he joked,” I will remove my shirt.” He seductively slid off his shirt, and carelessly threw it to the ground.

“OhMyGod Vegeta No!” Goku shouted half laughing with his face in his hands.

“What is it too much to handle? Oh and i will not pay for any medical bills that you may have from severe nosebleeds after this.Just a reminder to all of you who asked for this”

“What Vegeta ohmygods,” Goku giggled,” Okay enough about..whatever that is. Umm dare” Goku suggested


“This one is from Gay=Awesome, and she says,” Goku describe you and Vegeta’s outfits in a divva accent.” Okay that’s not too bad,” He cleared his throat before he spoke,” Presenting Vegeta, who I must say is. Rocking. His topless, skinny jean combo, and me on the other hand. I am looking fabulous in my sweatpants,and T-shirt! We are just out of this world today! Don’t you agree Vegeta?”

“Correction I am out of this world. You. You looked like you rolled out of a dumpster,” He corrected,” And I pick dare.”

In his opinion he loved how Goku looked when he just rolled out of bed in the mornings…but he would, never admit it.

“Alright,” Goku giggled.


“This one is also from Davevin, and she says….”He trailed off as he read the text as his face ignited,” Why don’t we just skip this one,” Goku offered with his voice shaking.

“What? Why? I never give up on a challenge, and i’m not starting now! Tell me what it says.” Vegeta demanded.

“Okay….Davevin says,” Vegeta I dare you to sit in Goku’s lap  (Facing him) Then  take off his shirt. Then kiss him on the lips, and then you have to tell him you love him.” Goku quoted.

Vegeta’s face turned ruby red as he stared at the screen in disbelief,” N-no! I’m not doing that!”


“Uh,”Goku mentioned,” Hot Chip  says,” If you’re too much of a wimp you don’t have to do it.”

“A wimp!?” Vegeta growled,” I’ll show you a wimp!”

Vegeta jerked Goku closer to him by his shirt until their gazes were locked. Vegeta was sitting up on his knees while Goku was sitting down on his legs. The shirtless sayan seductively plopped down in Goku’s lap, and looked him right in the eyes as he gently slid off his shirt, and carelessly threw it to the other side of the room.

“Vegeta what are you-,” He was interrupted by Vegeta’s finger sliding down his lips.

“Kakarot shut up,” He said softly.

Vegeta put his arms around Goku’s neck as he brought his lips close to the larger saiyans.

Goku’s heart was racing, his face ignited, his breath quickened. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He put his arms on Vegeta’s waist. Goku Couldn’t wait any longer, so he went the rest of the way for Vegeta. It was a short soft kiss. When they pulled away, and their eyes met It was as if time had stopped.

“Kakarot,”Vegeta whimpered biting his lip,” I love you,” He mumbled there gazes inseparable.

Goku was sure his heart stopped, his breathing had stopped. Everything had stopped.

Vegeta couldn’t help himself he had to get another one. He lunged forward sending Goku on his back as Vegeta kissed him feverishly as his hands wandered down to his abs.

Every touch sent a jolt of pleasure through Goku’s body. The way Vegeta was touching him….The dare wasn’t supposed to be all of this.

Vegeta broke away from the kiss, and moved to Goku’s neck, and began to suck.

“Uhhh, Vegeta,”Goku pleaded in a low moan biting his lip. He could see were this was going. He could take a pretty clear darn guess in where this was going, so he reached over, and grabbed the webcam crumbling in his hand. Then his computer went crazy.


Goku looked over at the computer, wondering if he should cut it off or not, when Vegeta slid his pant’s off his waist. He took a few seconds to admire what he was seeing before he hesitantly gave Goku a questioning gaze.

It was almost like Vegeta was asking for permission. Wait Vegeta was asking for permission!? Goku gave him a gentle, but certain smile as an answer, and vegeta slid out of his pants. He lowered his head back over to Goku’s neck, and began to suck that same spot again. Vegeta ripped off his boxers, and began to slide himself in.

“Vegeta!,” Goku moaned at the sudden action as he tightened his grip on Vegeta.

Vegeta began to slide himself in and out of him slowly then he started to pick up the pace.

“OhMyGodsVegeta!,” Goku shouted as he jerked his hands off of Vegeta, and began to scrunch up the sheets under his hands. Vegeta still working on that hickey reached over, and held Goku’s hands as he started to move violently fast. He was letting out short grunts and low moans. Letting out Goku’s nick name here and then. The bed (which was very steady) Began to rock, and creek to Vegeta’s movements.

Vegeta dropped one of Goku’s hands,and reached for his sensitive spot, and began to stroke him swiftly.

“Shit! Vegeta don’t stop!,” The larger saiyan begged.

In response to this Vegeta started to stroke, and move faster.

Moans spilled out of Goku’s mouth as if he had no control over them.

“AaAh, Vegeta! I’m almost there!” Goku shouted right before he came in Vegeta’s hand.

“Kakarot!,” He moaned right before he filled Goku with his warm liquid.

Vegeta pulled himself out,and fell limp beside of Goku panting trying to catch his breath.

They laid there silent in a pleasure daze until Goku snapped out of it, and turned over the see Vegeta fast asleep. Goku took the blanket that he kept on the edge of his bed and threw it over Vegeta as he crawled under it, and snuggled up to Vegeta. He then whispered in his ear,” I love you too.” And drifted away into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning Goku woke up, and surprised Vegeta with breakfast in bed.

Later that day when he went to go shower. He looked in the mirror, and realized that he had a hickey in his neck…..Good luck leaving the house…

Oh and he checked his youtube show, and all the comments left showed that everyone was upset because the show had stopped…

Happy Birthday Goku ;)

Written by @superjustanotherfangirlstuff

worldclasswombat  asked:

Part 2: Ignis sees a young person who's heart is already broken by the engagement- he also knows it is his duty to Lucis, that the wedding is successful. "Prompto-" he touches his shoulder- he isn't very physically effectionate but he knows prompto is, he bites his mouth before he says something regretible, "It is complcated-" Prompto nods holding back tears- "I- I won't tell him- but He's my world. I love him so much-I needed to tell someone even if it's just you I think thats ok," He smiles.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, WHO GAVE YOU THE RIIIIIGHT, BRUH?

Ohmygod, at first I thought this was going to be a Promnis that started sad and ended in fluff, but you gave me Gladnis and Promptis (like srsly man I ship these two SO HARD), and I was like OH THAT’S WHAT HE MEANS, YAY!

But then Sad!Prompto asking Ignis on how he told Gladio because he’s so lost on how to tell Noctis just…shattered me, man. And I was like -sob- okay, Prom, you got it, you’re a strong man with a strong will and you can do it.

But Ignis HAS a point and I hate that he has a point, because it really IS complicated. And I’m just sitting here going with the mind blank because I try to think of an answer for the scenario to be happy, but it /can’t/, you know?

And what burns the most in the heart is that this doesn’t even need to be an AU, it could fit the canon just fine because Prompto never really tells Noct anything, so how do we know he didn’t have something to say? What if THIS was a thing and we just didn’t know because Prom never said it to anyone but Ignis and Ignis is the master of keeping secrets, huh?


Awman,thisissosad who gave you the right I love it :’(

I imagine Ignis as the most supportive figure to Prompto, what with knowing his secret and understanding him very dearly. They may not be as intimate as Ignis is to Noct or as Noct is to Gladio, but they’re still very close friends. And Ignis is very, very comprehensive. You can easily tell he’s going to be there for Prompto in his silent suffering. Not solving things, just…in support. Lending him ears when needed, a hand squeeze if required. 

Man….these feels. :’(


twinkle twinkle little star… how i wonder what you are.

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Haha sure I would love the company, just hop down here let's watch this lady sell a dress. Ok if it's no trouble how would the nordics then react to them screaming into the phone, "Then who the heck is in my car, ohmygod imma get murdered say you love me because I'm dead"

  • Denmark: WAIT WHAT! WHERE ARE YOU! I’M COMING! starts running like a mad man

Norway:….well that isn’t good uses magic to locate them and save s/o


Sweden:….uh oh….starts running to where s/o should be


Awkward: wade the shipper.

this will be a part of a series type thing for peter, so get hyped!

Warnings: wade, and very slight mention of blood.

No one knew when or why wade would show up at random moments at the avengers tower, but he did. He was annoying, and he would not let go of his little ships. Like Bucky and Sam, steve with tony, or Nat with Clint.

Sometimes he even hit on Peter, but most of the time he was furiously shipping you and Peter.

“Hey lovebirds. Have you two gotten together yet?” Wade says, jumping down from who-knows-where. “Ohmygod wade not again!” You yell. He had been stalking you and Peter lately, trying to make his little otp a thing. Once even shoving you two in a closet, saying “now admit your feeling like you do in one of those tumblar fanficys!”

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Mauricio: “See Ronnie, I told you I was his father, he looks just like me… a slightly paler, more gangly, less attractive, version of me,”

Veronica: “oh my god nooo, not a teenager, I can’t do this. I could barely handle two kids”