ohmygod these dorks

ok so my friend on twitter charmingsmills asked me a few days ago who’s Gillian Anderson, so i made a whole explanation showing her who she is, and now I decided to post it here. I’m still new in this fandom and there are lot of things I don’t know about her but here it is!  

Who’s gillian anderson

well, first of all Gillian Leigh Anderson is this gorgeous lady ◕‿◕✿

she is also this cutie lil pie

and this adorable cupcake ◕‿◕✿

she gets super excited after beating someone on Top Gear

she also gets super excited while shaving a man’s back

i would let her shave my whole body tbh 

she is one of the cutest dorks ever ◕‿◕✿

she likes to swear a lot

a lot 

if you dont believe me you should watch this video 


she is a fabulous actress. she plays one of my favorites characters aka stella gibson

 among other amazing characters such as tiny hot doctor dana scully 

she is the biggest troll

she is the queen of troll, seriously (most of the biggest trolls with david are on interviews, videos and stuff so i cant put it here but you know what i mean) 

she does charity work 

she is a writer! (i havent read the book yet so if any of you has a link for the PDF or something…)  

she is basically an idiot actual 12 years old

but an adorable one ◕‿◕✿ 

her laugh is the most adorable sound on earth. It could solve wars!

that’s basically gillian leigh anderson in a few pics and gifs! :) [gifs and pics are not mine]  hope you guys like it! Adiós!