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dazai & chuuya stargazing...
  • dazai: the stars are beautiful tonight
  • chuuya: yeah
  • dazai *staring at chuuya lovingly*: you know what else is beautiful?
  • fyodor and tachihara *in unison*: chuuya ♡

Edward Elric Appreciation Week | Day 7: Favourite short rant or “Edspressions”

➙  His DORKY AND ADORABLE BLUSH flustered expression
“Oh, geez! Why do alchemists have to be like this? […] You really are stupid. Half? I’ll give you A L L of it!“

@angelicsentinel - you can’t mention in a chapter that Shinichi has stubble without expecting something like this. 

I’m such a dork, ohmygod, fluff completes me.

One of the good things about being Conan, Shinichi thinks, is that a child’s morning routine is a lot easier than that of an adult’s.

As Conan, all he’d had to do in the morning was have a quick wash and then get ready for school. There had been no need to worry about making his own breakfast, because Ran - a literal angel - had taken it upon herself to make meals.

(Not that Shinichi has ever actually had a talent for cooking, he always ends up with burnt food and cut fingers, but still.)

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anonymous asked:

so i was re-watching the Atlantis movie with a friend and while i was i noticed one scene in the movie where milo ask kida for her name and it was super long, so i was wondering if you could do the same scene with iwaoi? and oikawa asking iwazumi for his nickname or something and it being iwa-chan! anyways my friend and i both love your AU so keep up the great work! <3333


Okiawa: “By the way, we were never properly introduced, My name is Oikawa.” 

Iwaizumi: “My name is Hajime Iwaizumi.”

Oikawa: “Ha-Ha-Hajimaiwazanami….. Ah, Hey, You got a nickname?”

Iwaizumi: *giggles* “Iwai”.

Oikawa: “Okay, Iwai-chan! I can remember that.”

(I think Oikawa would subconsciously add the -chan xD)

There are so many amazing scenes I can’t wait to draw of Iwaoi ahhhh

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Boyfriend!Luke Would Include:
  • lots of times when he’s holding you around your waist while you’re walking and he snuggles his nose in the crook of your neck
    • sometimes mumbling cute words
    • or whines
  • whining that you’re not cuddling him
  • probably lots of lazy days too
  • always tricking him and playing around
    • like swimming and playing Marco Polo and you get out of the pool and it takes him longer than it should to notice
  • i feel like he would do a lot of online shopping with you
    • and always get super fucking excited when the package arrives
  • lots of chilling in nothing but your underwear
  • i think he’d probably try to hide a lot of his emotions when leaving for tour so he would become very quiet but once he left with the boys is when he would let it all out
  • lots of phone calls
    • “i’m so tired of these idiots. i need you, baby”
  • binge watching netflix and certain shows on TV
    • which means scheduled nights together with popcorn and tea to watch your shows
  • coming home from tour to a surprise sleeping in your bed bc he couldb;t stay awake long enough
    • “oh, baby, you’re here! well.. surprise. i’ll tell you everything tomorrow - come cuddle me now.” very sleepily
  • lazy cuddles
  • sweet, slow sex
  • occasional rough sub!luke sex
  • lazy sex on the couch in his shirts
  • sex, sex, sex
  • “i love your body so much, baby”
  • summer evening walks hand-in-hand around the beaches/streets
  • giving you his jacket when you get chilly despite him telling you that you should have brought one
  • joking nicknames and insults
    • “ohmygod you dork, you can’t put that in the microwave”
    • “don’t call me a dork you dweeb”
  • lots of eye rolls at him
  • LOTS of corny jokes!!!!
  • the boys teasing you but thinking y’all are really OTP
  • lots of vacations with him and the boys
    • vacations alone too!!!!!
  • probably touring with him too for bits
  • head nuzzles, “you’re my favorite person”
  • sex, sEX, SEX
  • stupid texts with emojis
  • sending him lots of pictures of your new panties and bras
  • cooking dinner together every sunday
    • sometimes inviting the boys or maybe his family too
  • whenever you’re out together, constantly stopping into furniture stores
  • cute spontaneous gifts to each other just bc you saw something in a store that reminded each other
  • dancing around the house and singing into hair brushes
  • “netflix and chill?”
  • “hey pretty lady, can i take you out on a date?”
    • “luke, we’ve been dating for a year already”
  • “stop doing your work and come give me attention”