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Before and After Sim Tag by @soft-almond

i was tagged by a few people (i think) soft-almond included to do this tag so here it is :^D don’t make fun of me too hard i know it’s bad 

these aren’t my oldest sims but i had pull out my old laptop to get them so they’re pretty old. their names are calvin and daisy, calvin was a doctor and daisy owned a cute lil garden shop (this was around the time gtw came out can you tell) and i played them for a really long time and i think they had 3 kids idk

i feel like everyone i usually tag has done this already so if you wanna do it, just say i tagged you :)


@obscenelybefuddled submitted

ok so when i saw this, i was like, omg, omg, omg. this is so good, i love everything about this, i pretty much need to colour this. so thank you for letting me do so! i think this is like, my fave of your draws, nav. the expressions, the poses, it’s fab <3 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! -loren :)

Ohmygosh loren ohmygosh aaaaa!!!!! I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU! ohmygosh and I am just yelling and covering my face and i can’t even words right now. i love it sfm. thank you bud <3<3<3


I’m awful at making gifs but i just wanted to capture how cute and beautiful this was so that it could be on my blog forever oh my god