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Woah so you say that ship names in Danny Phantom suck and they should be based on characters’ names okay that sounds good
I know they could be done better but you know I did it just for the laughs XD

I feel sorry for Tucker, he is just freaking doomed because of his name
Just imagine if someone’s first name was starting with a letter F :^) 

bts// squirting


he would be fingering and teasing you for hours. everytime you would get close to cumming he would pull away and chickle. at this point you were so sexually frustrated you were clenching around nothing as he walked aorund the bed, admiring your wrecked figure.

“okay baby, i think you’ve suffered enough, i’ll let you cum now.” he said, finally giving in and bending down so his face is drectly infront of your core and starting to finger you again. being so worked up, you came. it was the best orgasm you had ever had. when you were done you heard jin chuckle again. you looked down at him, yoour jaw immediately dropping. 

“i’m just that good aren’t i?” he asked, his tongue sweeping across his lips and chin to get your cum off him. “mmh, delicious.” 

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he would have you tied to the bed so you can’t move. you blind folded with one of his ties so you can’t see. and his cold finger dragging across your body, teasing you. your body would be red and sweaty, horny and tired. 

“do you think you’ve learnt your lesson kitten?” he asked as he beant down at the end of the bed and looked at your dripping pussy.

“y-yes.” you whimpered out to him. with that, his tongue dove into your wet and warm core, making you scream out instantly. your orgasm came quickly and you were soon shaking and moaning his name. you felt so good. you looked down at yoongi with hooded eyes which then wided because there he was, smirking with your cum all over him. 

“that was the hottest thing i’ve ever seen kitten.” 

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he would be eating you out for what seemed like years. you woul dhave already came three times, you were a moaning mess. you didn’t understand how one man could make you feel so fucking good. you were so sensitive at this point, you didn’t think you could cum again. but then you did, you were shaking, trembling, you felt like you couldn’t breathe because of the intense pleasure you were feeling. when you finally calmed down, you laughed and looked dwon at hose. his eyes were wide, he was staring at you, your cum dripping off of him. it was mixed in his hair and everything. 

“ohmygod im so so sososo sorry.” you immediately appoligized. 

“what? don’t be. you just got 20 times hotter. i love you.”

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rap monster

the first time he made you squirt was when he was pounding into you for hours, he wouldn;t stop. you had already came twice but he was going for a third one. he was going to fast and getting in so deep. he was reaching every corner inside of you. your hair was a mess, your eyes were rolled to back of your head and your hands were scratching down namjoons back. finally, with an espcially deep thrust you came. your hands digging into him harder if that was even possible. when he pulled out of you, your core felt extremly wet and sticky. you and namjoon looked down, your eyes widening in realization of what had happened.

“let’s do that again baby girl.” he smirked.

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his three fingers would be going in and out of you at a fast speed. his tongue would be circling your clit in small and big circles. intense pleasure he was giving you was mind blowing. as soon as he started you were sure you would squirt. every now and then he would flaten his tongue and run it up and down your slit, not stopping his fingers at all. finally, you couldn’t take the pleasure anymore, your orgasm running through your entire body. 

“woah.” you heard jimin say, which caused you to look down at him. there he was with your cum dripping down from his nose, his lips and chin, there was even some on the bed. “did i really just make you squirt?”

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it would happen when taehyung was you using a vibrator on you. he had suggested it which you happily agreed too. he would move the vibrator in really small slow cirlces and really big fast circles. he would do figure 8′s, the alphabet, anything to get you closer to cumming. finally, when your orgasm hit you, your hands clenched the sheets and your thighs wrapped around tae’s head as he quickly pulled the vibrator away and put his tongue on your core. when your high faded away slowly you heard taehyung chuckle as he lapped gently at your juices that were on your thighs. when you looked downat him you were surprised to see him comepletly covered with your cum. 

“i can’t believe i just made you squirt jagi.”

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he would be fingering roughly. his fingers would be scissoring inside of you, making you clench your walls tightly around him. his fingers felt so good inside fo you. your moans were the only sound in the room, which caused jungkook to go faster and faster and faster. sudenly, your orgasm hit you, hard. you basically screamed. you felt jungkook take oout his finger slowly, making you look down at him. he had cum on his chin, his hands and a little bit on his arm. he had an expressionless face as he spoke.

“can i taste you now? i really want to taste you.” 

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dazai & chuuya stargazing...
  • dazai: the stars are beautiful tonight
  • chuuya: yeah
  • dazai *staring at chuuya lovingly*: you know what else is beautiful?
  • fyodor and tachihara *in unison*: chuuya ♡
Quick Jumin “pocky” Headcanon
  • Headcanon that Jumin actually loves to do the “pocky challenge” with MC - don’t get me fucking wrong. 
  • He is totally into the fact that “you have to see how much pocky you’ll be able to eat without biting on it” and “you have to do it with a partner” LOL 
  • so during a casual hangout session with the RFA at Jumin’s house don’t worry Zen has an epipen in his pocket wherever he goes and is steering clear of Elizabeth
  • you randomly brought up the topic about the pocky challenge
  • Jumin immediately said yes when you casually CASUALLY asked if he wanted to do it sometime
  • the dude had a pack of chocolate pocky and took the mf out and ohmygod
  • o h m y g o d
  • when you placed the stick between your mouths (alright kids lets bE MATURE  ಠ◡ಠ ) he literally devoured you
  • it was so breathtakingly hot
  • what was even more hilarious other than the fact he was full on making out with you was that everyone was watching (including Jaehee lmao)
  • “NO STOP”
  • I think Zen has a new allergy now and it’s dark chocolate pocky ayy

@yes-i-am-sataneal-i-accept-buns: asdfjk; omg I’m so flattered by this comment //////// ;O;;;; ahaha I imagine it would be a very diverse and constantly changing world;;; with flowers that don’t look like flowers because I can’t draw flowers properly <3

asdfjkl;;;; thank you everyone TToTT <333

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woozi taking you on a concert date plsssss

A Date with Svt: Jihoon at a concert

  • Where: Concert
  • When: half of the day~
  • Jihoon invited you to a cafe close to their practice room
  • he said he wanted to ask you something
  • you arrived a little bit earlier than him
  • so you decided to buy yourself some coffee and wait for him
  • you were scrolling through your phone when Jihoon sat in front of you
  • “Hey, sorry I’m late.”
  • “Hello Ji. Don’t worry it’s fine. What did you want to tell me?”
  • “I just wanted to know if you would like to go out with me and go to this concert? Not that Im asking you out on a date. I just happened to have a extra ticket and the members didn’t-”
  • “Sure. Its a date then. What time?”
  • Jihoon blushing like crazy after that
  • “Oh, okay. Concert is from 5:45 to 8:30. I’ll pick you up at 5:00? So that we can eat before going.”
  • “Sure Ji.”
  • after conversing for a while, you both decided to leave and get ready for the concert
  • and you had to let out your internal screaming or you’d die from keeping it in after Jihoon asked you out
  • you have always liked Jihoon
  • not only is he adorable not that you’d ever tell him that
  • his personality and passion for music made you like him even more
  • since he is really oblivious of the clues you have been giving him
  • him asking you out really caught you off guard
  • 5:00 came faster than you thought
  • Jihoon picked you up
  • took a bus to a cafe near the concert
  • you guys ate for a few minutes
  • before deciding to walk to the concert venue
  • Jihoon told you that he was supposed to go to the concert with Seungcheol but he cancelled on him and nobody wanted to go such lies Jihoon
  • in which you completely understood why he decided to ask you
  • apparently the artist who is gonna be doing the concert is one of Jihoon’s favourite artists
  • so you really didn’t mind listening to new music
  • you wanted to know why Jihoon liked it so much
  • you arrived at the venue at 5:25
  • the remaining 15 minutes were spent by trying to find a stall that was selling light sticks
  • eventually you found one and immediately ran back to your seats after buying
  • the whole concert wasnt that bad
  • you definitely enjoyed it
  • but you enjoyed watching Jihoon singing along more though
  • you were even surprised when Jihoon joined the fanchants every once and a while
  • and him trying to deny that he knows it was beyond adorable
  • “What are you talking about? I don’t know the fanchant.”
  • “Mmhm. Okay Ji. Sure.”
  • you understood why Jihoon idolized the artist
  • the songs had different meanings behind them and each of them tackle different subjects
  • like some were about loving yourself, hardwork and more
  • not the clićhe love songs
  • which is why you thought about how lucky carats are to have someone as amazing as Jihoon
  • and during the concert
  • every once and a while
  • Jihoon would space out and you would ask why and he would reply with
  • “I just thought of a song idea. Sorry”
  • this boy is truly talented
  • and there was that one time he accidentaly hit you with the light stick
  • he didn’t mean it
  • he means well
  • he just accidentaly let go of it when he was holding it up and it hit your head
  • “Ji Im fine. It didn’t hurt that much. You just hit the side of my head. It’s fine don’t worry.”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “ Yes Ji. ”
  • you reassured him with a smile
  • you were actually thankful it hit you because everything seemed like a dream
  • when the concert ended
  • Jihoon walked you home
  • and the whole time the two of you were basically taking about how good the concert was
  • he even asked if you would want to go to another concert with another one of his favourite idols
  • you said yes of course
  • when you arrived home
  • Jihoon kissed your forehead and said
  • “I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. Thank you for spending it with me. Have a good night.”
  • you were blushing really hard at this point
  • “I will. Thank you for spending this day with me too. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Have a safe trip back.“
  • you were about to close the door when he stuck his foot in
  • “By the way. You better not talk about me knowing the fanchant to any of my members. Keep it a secret between us or I swear.”

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