ohmygod i lost it when i saw this

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Made up fic title: lost in translation

“De- ohmygod. Sam!” You backed away from Dean’s doorway, staring in horror at the sight inside.

“What? What happened?” Sam ran around the corner, gun in his hand as he stepped protectively in front of you.

“I - I came to check on him, see how he was doing after the witch knocked him down. But that - that’s not… that can’t be Dean.” You pointed into the room.

Sam cocked an eyebrow and took two steps across the hallway and through Dean’s door. That was when he saw the baby wriggling in the middle of Dean’s bed, cooing and grinning toothlessly up at him.

“I’ve seen his baby pictures. That’s him, alright.” Sam shook his head and couldn’t help but chuckle.

You groaned and walked to pick up your now-infant boyfriend, laying his head on your shoulder and cradling his butt in your arm while your other hand rubbed his back. Sam laughed and followed you to the library when you told him you had to figure this out.

“I got it.” Sam piped up, after what felt like hours of you trying to scour through old latin books while entertaining a cranky Dean.

“Well?!” You looked expectantly at Sam.

“She said infans. I heard infabre. She put a baby curse on Dean. I thought it was just a curse to make him bad at his ‘craft,’ so… hunting, in our case.” He shrugged. 

“Can it be undone…” You felt like you already knew the answer.

“Only by a witch as powerful or more powerful than the witch who cast it.” He cringed, knowing what that meant.

“We need to call Rowena.”

Send me a made up fic title and I’ll tell you what I’d write for it!

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I have a funny screen shot that you could do a redraw of. It's one of the spine, I would have to tag you in it though, I can't submit things on moblie

ohmygod i lost the picture but I totally remember laughing my ass off when I saw it, especially his 90% leg ohlordy thank you for that yiss here