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FAVORITE HL FICS - YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (227k) by @mizzwilde (velvetoscar)

“The moon knows,” is what he says, breath colored in liquor and a smile.

Louis stares at him.

“What are you talking about?”

Another manic grin from Harry, and then he pulls him in again, his hand travelling to the side of Louis’ face, cradling his cheek.

“The moon knows that we’re in love.”

And Louis pauses at that, his entire body and physical processes pause, because Harry has never said he loves Louis. He’s implied it, his eyes have whispered it, but he’s never said it and…did he just, sort of, maybe say it?

“Wha—“ he begins, dizzy, his veins filling, but Harry steps even closer, continues to whisper even lower.

“I’m in love with you, Louis Tomlinson,” Harry says, curls the words in Louis’ ear, and when Louis pulls back to look at him, his gaze is dazed and soft, grinning with freedom and the recklessness of inebriation. Fond. “And this belongs to you,” he continues in his low, rumbling volume as he places Louis’ hand over his heart and presses it there, holds it there with his cool fingers clasped around Louis’ wrist. “It’s yours, and yours to keep, and nobody deserves to know because nobody else matters.” Louis thinks he might die, standing here with the perspiration layering his skin like a delicate film, the gaze of the heavens alighting his limbs as he feels the beat of Harry’s thumping heart beneath his fingers.




Do you think that Hogwarts would have memes, and trends like dabbing and fidget spinners? I can imagine that muggleborns would be in the know with all of it and would be randomly talking about memes or dabbing or using a fidget spinner and the confusion on Purebloods would be so funny ohmygod

Friend Zone ~ Harry Styles Smut Part Two

Sorry this took me so long but I have had to revise for my theory driving test so this was second too that.  It is also very late so I wanted to finish this and then focus on another writing for you, these uploads maybe slow depending on how much time I have apart from revising.  Anyway enjoy I went a little over board.  

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It has been a total of two weeks since the night of the party and the incident with Harry.  A lot had happened in these few weeks, your Mom had moved away for a few months for her job which meant you had to look after yourself for a while.  In some cases, this was just what you needed, time too yourself.  But, in others you did not enjoy it one bit.  The reason for this was because everyone then knew your house was free which led to them asking you when you were having a party, which you politely said was not going to happen.  You just weren’t ready for another one after how the other ended.  

You had not done a lot since the party, apart from staying in the common room of your college and procrastinating about how you should approach Harry without seeming needy and desperate.  This would not have been a problem for you unless he had not said the statement he did before.  You did not want to approach him just for sex, you wanted your friend back and therefore you were nervous.  You sat there pen to paper trying to think of the pros and cons of what you were going to say to Harry, but all you had was a blank page.  

“This is getting me nowhere” you groaned out loud which made a few people look up from their books and over too you.  ‘Great an audience for my misery’ you thought before packing your things away and making your way to your car.  As you placed your belongings in the boot you heard your name being shouted from behind you. Your eyes closed and you breathed in sharply.  This was not the time you wanted this to happen.  

‘Maybe if I get in the car and drove away he would think I did not hear him.’  All these thoughts ran through your mind before you decided it was best to just turn around and face your fears.  

“Y/N” Harry blurted out while scratching the back of his neck and staring down at you.  

“Yes Harry, are you going to actually say something instead of just my name” you half laughed trying to lighten the tension that for the first time was between you both.  

“I wanted to speak to you about what you said to me at the party, if that was possible.  Well not here maybe somewhere else.  I don’t really want to be the drama of the week”

“Oh, of course.  My Mom’s on a trip so my house is free. Unless you wanted to go somewhere else?”

“No that will be fine. Anywhere is better than the college car park” He side smiled before making his way to the passenger’s side of the car.  

This was brilliant, how can wanting to keep away from the boy until you had properly thought of the pros and cons of the situation then led to you inviting him back to your house, alone. Seriously Y/N your actions really need to be linked with how you are thinking.  Another groan left your lips as you made your way to the driver’s side of the car and looked over too Harry as he watched you get into the car.

The drive went a lot quicker than it usually did.  With light chatter between you two was rather comforting on your mind, as it was going ten miles to a dozen with the possibilities as to what could happen when you stepped into the house.  You worried about how the conversation was going to go and if you two would be friends after this.  

You pulled up outside of your house and made your way inside after grabbing your bags from the back.  You walked into the living room placing your bags down with Harry close behind, you patted the spot next to you on the sofa as he sat down.  

“I know this is probably a bit of a shock to you considering everything that has happened with us but I just want you to know that I did not mean to hurt you when I was getting with all those girls.  I was just being a typical boy when he finally gets attention from girls, considering how before One Direction I literally had no girls that were even remotely interested in me apart from you.  Which is why I tried to push you away to stop you getting hurt, but I realised after a while I could not do that.  I can’t push you away Y/N, it is literally impossible for me to not have you in my life. If that makes me selfish and then leads you to getting hurt I am sorry but I need you in my life.  All these girls want me because I am Harry Styles, but you want me because I am Harry and it is hard to find girls that like me for me now.  I know that might be such a dick move Y/N but I am not sorry for wanting you in my life.”

You were left unsure on what to say next.  There was a lot that you wanted to say but not of those words would come out your mouth. You were left dumbfound for a moment before words began flowing out your mouth.

“Harry… I want you in my life that is completely not what the conversation was about.  The reason I was so upset was because you were telling me you wanted me to be yours and that you really liked me.  Then you would go and sleep with a random girl who apparently meant nothing too you, to then go and say that you wanted me in your bed instead of her but because you were on tour and you had urges you had her.  You then went around saying that we were only friends to everyone else and I had to go through the humiliation and heart ache of being just another one of Harry Styles girls.  I was given a number.  Degraded over the internet by your fans and celebrity news pages because I was just another girl who listened too you.  Now to have that for years and be called so many names through high school while you were out living life with your band mates it does have a lot out of you.”  A single tear ran down your cheek which Harry quickly stroking it away with his delicate fingers.

“I did not know any of this Y/N, I am so sorry.” As Harry said this you began to open your eyes and notice how close you two had become.  Harry coughed and began to move away from you leaving your side to feel the coldness of the room.  “Sorry I didn’t realise how close I was” he nervously laughed before you spoke up.

“I didn’t mind it H” you smiled before moving closer to him again.

“You do know I did not mean what I did Y/N, I would never purposely hurt you” You nodded towards Harry before looking down at his lips.  You knew he really did not mean to hurt you and knowing he was sitting here apologising to you and all venerable turned you on.  You had really missed Harry.

You made your move, adrenalin pumping through you as you had the fear of rejection wash over you.  This quickly got replaced with love as soon as you felt Harry’s lips press back onto yours.  Hands moving around each other’s bodies, not having a set plan of where they were going to stay.  It had been so long you felt like pinching yourself to see if this was a dream.  With that thought Harry pushed you down harshly onto the sofa, not breaking the kiss as he made his way down on top of you.  Your hand slowly made its way up his shirt feeling his toned chest flex as your cold finger tips sided over it.  You nudged him too take it off which he did in no time as your lips smashed back into yours.  

His tongue sliding into your mouth as you gasped, you both being fixated on one another.  His hands slowly and tortuously sided across your chest, begging you to take off your shirt so he could pay attention to what was underneath them.  You also doing this in hurried motioned not wanting the moment to be killed by you being unable to dress yourself.  Even though you knew at this moment unless your Mom walked in nothing would be able to stop Harry.

He undid your bra, taking in your chest as though it was the first time he had seen them.  He was quick with his movements as he latched his lips to one nub while twisting the other in a slow movement.  His tongue sliding delicately over your left nipple sending shocks down your body, ones only Harry has ever coursed.  A moan quickly escaped your swollen lips which earned a smirk from Harry.  He roughly grabbed both breasts and began to squeeze them which made you feel in ecstasy.

After this he slowly made his way down your chest with his lips.  Leaving soft kisses down your stomach down towards where you needed him most. He began to tease you through your shorts with his fingers, earning a whine from you.  “Harry please no teasing”

“Of course, my princess” He smirked before beginning to unbutton you.  He sided your shorts down your legs along with your pants leaving your clit to feel the cold and send a shiver up your spine.  This only lasting a few seconds until Harry’s mouth was attached to your small bundle of nerves.  His tongue sliding over your folds sending you into a whimpering mess.  His tongue lamping quickly at your slits before he inserted two of his fingers and started his pleasurable torture.  You couldn’t contain your moans as your body began lifting making Harry push you down with his other hand, you screamed out as you felt your orgasm coming quicker than usual.  His fingers continued to work assisted with his tongue quickly sucking at your clit.

“Harry… Ohmygod.”  You screamed out as your whole body began to shake with pure pleasure.  This feeling going through your body for what seemed forever.  You began to come down from your high looking down too see a smirking Harry.

“What can I say, I am not just good at singing it seems” Harry laughed.  

“Well may I show you some of my talents” you smirked before pushing Harry down under you.  “Way too many cloths my dear” you began to pull down his jeans before he quickly pushed them away.  You parm him through his boxers, already feeling his semi hard cock. You pulled these down for his to also quickly kick them off somewhere off into the room.  His dick slapping onto his stomach before being placed into your hand.  You gave him a few pumps before licking up from the base to the tip, you then placed the end of throbbing cock into your mouth twirling your tongue around it a couple of times which earned a few profane words to spill out of Harry’s mouth.

You then slowly made your way down his cock with your mouth going up and down at a quick pace.  This not being fast enough for Harry as he then pulled your hair into a makeshift pony tail and quickly began to thrust into your mouth.  You allowed him to take control as he fucked your mouth.  His moans and your gags being heard throughout the house.  This continued until he pulled you away looking at you with pleading eyes.   All you did was nod once and this set Harry off.

He flipped you over placing the tip of his penis at your entrance allowing you both to get your breaths back before he pushed into you.  “Fuck” Harry whined as he began to thrust into you.  Your hands quickly grabbing at the back of his neck pulling him into your neck.  He quickly peppered kisses all over it as he thrusted.  His hands firmly on your sides.  Pushing into your hip bones as he held onto you with every quick thrust with the foreplay before you both knew you wouldn’t last long so you just enjoyed the moment as of now.  He quickened the pace, which you knew meant he was close.  You quickly grabbed his hand and pushed it down to your clit to help get you close like him.  

“Figure… figure of eight” you finally moaned out as Harry obeyed your orders and began to massage your clit. This instantly bringing your orgasm closer.  

“I am ready… I am ready when you are Y/N”.  

“Now” you moaned out as both your orgasms rushed over you.  Your hands holding onto Harry as you both came down from your highs. Harry finally pulled out of you as you both lay down to catch your breath.

“Does this make me be out of the friendzone?”  You giggled while looking over at Harry.

“Most defiantly” he smiled over at you before kissing your forehead.  

ohmygod harry is a giant fluff ball and now you’re telling me he likes to sit in peoples laps? so is this a common thing? does he try and fit his big gangly limbs onto new people every day? did he start doing it because louis’ lap always looked really comfortable? do people groan when he walks in the room because louis spoilt the fuck out of harry and so now one of them as to be sat on?

spee-iderman  asked:

most likely to have been obsessed with pokémon go?? (don’t ask why this popped into my head doll i don’t know) most likely to dance around while cleaning? most likely to know every single work to fergalicious?

i feel like harrison is really obsessed with pokémon go even after it had died out like he’d be walking around with harry while tom was in interviews and go “oHmygOD HARRY THERES A PIKACHU RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER WE HAVE TO GO” “hARRISON NO”

tom is the one to dance around while doing chores. like the lip sync one, he definitely goes into theatrics when a good song comes on and it never fails to make you laugh

and i feel like sam knows all the words to fergalicious and it’s a secret talent of his that he whips out when he’s in the car with you and you’re jamming out to the song together (i also say this because i love this song and i too know all the words lol)

send me “most likely to’s..”

*Harry&Ginny + Draco&Hermione double dates*
  • Ginny: Sooooo... *grins while looking at Hermione* 'Mione, did you and Malfoy already did it?
  • Hermione: *spits drinks* Ginny! *blushes*
  • Harry: *groans*
  • Ginny: what? *grins even wider* did you?
  • Hermione: ... No.
  • Harry: YOU LIE!
  • *everyone looks at him*
  • Harry: I was right next door Hermione!
  • Ginny: *gasps* oHMYGOD
  • Harry: didn't you have the liberty to put on a silencing spell? *FML* Screw you!
  • Draco: ... I will.
  • *everyone looks at him*
  • Draco: but maybe later. *winks*
Blasphemy and Lies

Cowl’s hands clenched into claws. “Insolent child. I will rip your mind asunder.”
I snarled at him and planted my insubstantial feet. “Bring it, Darth Bathrobe!”

- Chapter Fifteen, White Night

I could answer her. It’s called the Sight, but it embraces the entire spectrum of human perception, and then some. I met her gaze and composed my face. Then I said, in my very best Alec Guinness impersonation, “You will go to the Dagobah system. There you will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed me."Molly sat down abruptly, missed the couch, and hit the floor instead. "Ohmygod,” she breathed. “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. Harry.”

- Chapter Eleven, Ghost Story

“Star Trek?” I asked her. “Really?”
“What?” she demanded, bending unnaturally black eyebrows together.
“There are two kinds of people in the universe, Molly,” I said. “Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans. This is shocking.”
She sniffed. “This is the post-nerd-closet world, Harry. It’s okay to like both.” “Blasphemy and lies,” I said.

 - Chapter Fifty, Ghost Story

I am sure there is more that the Dresden Community can find, but Happy May the 4th.