ohmygod am i shipping this




you realise that anyone could just -
walk in? i know.

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Shiro in that alien au: what the fuck is happening who the fuck are these peo-WINGS WINGS HE HAS WINGS WHAT THE FUUUU- another huma-WAIT WHAT OKAY AM I THE ONLY-ohmygod I'm the only human on this ship *begins to realize he could say anything about Earth//humans and they'd believe it* This is too much power for one man to possess.

I just want you to know that this is the best anon ask I’ve ever woken up to.

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You know if someone wants to ship Irene and Sherlock they can. I went back and fix it and reported it so you can’t change it. Johnlock shippers are like swanqueen shippers you all can’t stand someone else shipping something that is not your ship.

Dude..do you even watch House or know the context of it and how old are you Omg. It’s not even about shipping Ohmygod. I am laughing here 😂😂😂😂😂😂 In House MD Irene Adler doesn’t even exist. God this is so childish I am rofl here. Ignorance must be such a bliss. Go to school and read some acd canon child. And maybe watch House MD as well. Great series. And everything is not about shipping sweetheart.