ohmyghibli  asked:

♪, ❅ n' ♤

aw yay, i like it when people ask me multiple things aw yiss ;w;

♪ - song you’re listening to

Charlie Brown by Coldplay. (LIGHT A FIRE A FLAME IN MY HEEeeAaArrt)

❅ - favorite season

probably autumn/winter. I love the cold, but since it’s never that cold in Miami, I guess I appreciate chilly weather more.

(what’s n’ ? i think my computer is screwing up.)

♤ - pet peeves

i have so many…

  • when people i don’t know look at my phone while i text/do something like WHAT ARE YOU DOING EXCUSE ME
  • when people lean all the way back in their chairs in school. oh hey duncehead i’m kind of sitting here can you get your hood the fuck out of my geometric equations
  • when people “snork,” or inhale their boogers. EHehEJHBDJBHBESHBFSJBFJSBHFJD stop stop GET A TISSUE STOP
  • when people call me nikki. :c
  • when people whisper and think you can’t hear them but i can hear them whispering and i’m like “hey you’re stupid i can hear that you’re trying to be secretive”

i can’t think of any more, hah!