Requested - “Aye, Papi” - Neymar Imagine.


“He’s asleep…” Neymar mumbles quietly as he shuts our bedroom door slowly behind him.
He’s got the week off work so we’re having his young son - Davi - for the entire week. I’ve never seen Neymar smile so much, it’s adorable to watch them play together! Though playing with him all day was amazing, it was sure a relaxing moment when it was finally silent; when the young boy fell asleep and we could have some time alone.
Tonight though seemed like a game, Neymar chased Davi round and round the house and he refused to get any sleep. When he finally got into bed, he refused to sleep until Papi read him a bedtime story; this was knocking on nine o'clock.
The day of chasing around the young boy, I needed to relax and kissed him goodnight before going to get ready for bed. I’d stripped to just my underwear, pulled my hair out of it’s bobble so it flowed over my shoulders and crawled under the sheets.
That brings us back to now, Neymar finally coming back into the room at quarter to ten- I swear Davi has the energy of every child around the room. It was probably the extra bag of sweets earlier. Note to self, no sweets for Davi around dinner time!
“Hey babe..” I whisper, pushing myself up on my elbows as I gaze across the room to him.
Neymar easily pulls off his shirt, tossing it aside before he reaches for the buckle on his jeans; tugging them open.
“Alone time..” Neymar smirks, kicking off his jeans easily before he crawls his body over mine; hovering over me.
Giggling, I lay back easily on the expensive mattress and gaze up at him. Davi has only been here two nights and it feels like months since I’ve gazed into his eyes- those hazel beautiful eyes.
“You’re my Papi now?” I tease, my fingers slowly starting to brush against his chest; giggling.
Neymar chuckled as he dips and starts to kiss down my neck, his lips easily smothering me in warm kisses down the sensitive spots on my neck.
“Yours, baby..”
I moan, tilting my head back and closing my eyes whilst I feel his teeth nip against my collarbone.
“Aye, Papi..” I moan, pushing my fingers through his overly grown hair, tangling my fingers slowly.
Neymar reaches to my bra, slowly starting to rub my breasts through the fabric. He squeezes, massages and rubs gently whilst I wriggle gently under his grasp. His expert touch feels so unique to my inexperienced body; Neymar was the one that taught me everything I know - the little I do know - in the short time we’ve been together. Before I met him I’d only ever been kissed twice; he showed me a completely different world. The world of pleasure.
He gave me nights after nights of warm touches, teaching me this way and that; climax after climax would make me plead more for his body.
Quickly, Neymar’s wet kisses are on my belly button as he pulls the sheets down whilst he goes. His nose lightly rubs against the small fabric of my thing which lays on my hips; his eyelashes fluttering whilst he gazes up at me.
“Baby..” He chuckles, his hot breath lowering before I feel him through the pathetic material of my underwear.
An involuntary whine slips my lips as I watch his erotic movements; his fingers looping through my underwear before he starts to glide them down.
My heart is pounding an abuse against my chest and I feel like it’s about to break out my chest. I can hardly hear my breathing through my heart beat which sounds so heavy like it’s in my ears.
“Don’t tease..” I groan, tugging at the ends of his soft, gelled hair.
“Don’t tease, what?”
“-Papi…” My voice comes out pleadingly, whining as I flex my hips up to him.
“There’s my girl..” Neymar growls quietly before he leaves me completely; gliding back up my body with ease and presses his lips to mine.
Automatically my legs are around his easy, pulling him closer for more contact as we kiss roughly; exchanging wet, warm kisses.
“Against the wall.” I beg throughout our kisses.
“Ah ah..” His voice is scolding, but he has a smirk on his lips as he gazes down at me. “Papi makes the rules.”
I whine, pouting a little but he only plants a chastely kiss on my lips.
Slowly, I open my mouth to protest but I’m interrupted.
“Daddy!” Davi shouts out a cry from his nursery and a small sigh slips my lips.
He’s awake again, he’s awake and wants his daddy.
Neymar smiles gently towards me, kissing me again before he slides away from me.
“Need my help?” I ask, smiling weakly as I gaze across at him whilst he changes.
I’m tired and honestly don’t want to move from the comfort of my bed but I don’t want Neymar to leave; it’s one of those dash where I want to see him.
“Nah, baby… You sleep, I’ll sort him out.” Neymar says before he flashes me a cheeky, goofy smile. “Daddy’s coming!”
He shouts to his son and I smile softly, I could never think of Neymar without his baby boy; ever.
I slump on the bed and huff as I stare at the ceiling. My eyes are tired, willing me to sleep but my body is now at full alert, ready to be touched and awaiting.
He wants me to sleep? After that! Sighing, I roll onto my side and curl my legs tightly to my chest, closing my eyes.
I’m just starting to fall asleep when I hear the door creek open again and then shuts before the bed dips aside me.
“I’m back..” Neymar mumbles, wrapping his arms around me. “Sleep tight, Princess…”
I roll over against his chest, wrapping my body around his and finally; I start to drift off in my lovers arms.

Requested - Fitting Rooms - Neymar Imagine

*Warning Smut*

I can literally hear Neymar dragging his feet around the shopping centre, holding my hand tightly as I drag him from shop to shop looking for a dress to wear to his sisters birthday party.
“One more shop, Ney… I promise…” I laugh quietly as I pull him into yet another dress shop.
He groans, nodding.
“Yeah, hurry…” He whispered quietly, squeezing my hand a little.
I dash into the shop, hunting around for something glamorous to wear. I find two dresses, a light pink long, flowing one and a dark red - almost crimson - short one.
“Which one do you like?” I ask, holding both of them up.
Neymar shrugs weakly, smiling.
“Both.” He says simply, walking closer. “Pick one.. Fuck that, no just buy both; I’ll pay.”
I roll my eyes quickly, getting my right size in both the dresses.
“I’m going to try them on…” I mumble, smiling a little.
Neymar groans, starting to follow me towards the changing rooms.
“Ney, you can’t come in-” I start, but he quickly cuts me off.
“You’re making me wait, I’m coming in…” He chuckles, pushing me gently into the changing room and yanking the curtain back.
I roll my eyes, slowly sliding my shirt over my head, dropping it aside. I hear him groan behind me as I slide away from my skirt; giggling.
“Your body is so sexy..” He whispers huskily, making me roll my eyes.
“Keep it in your pants, Neymar…” I mumble. “We’re in public…”
He stays quiet as I slide the small red dress on, whimpering.
“Zip me up will you…” I whisper, pulling my hair away from my zipper.
That’s when I feel Neymar’s cold fingers against my back, sliding the zip ever so slowly up.
“Neymar no-”
He silenced me with a warm kiss to my necks groaning weakly.
“Quiet, baby..” He mumbles huskily. “I’m horny and I can’t wait until we get home.”
His words send a shiver rolling up my spine and I don’t protest anymore.
“Hands on the wall…” Neymar growls, nipping my neck.
Giggling, I rest palms flat on wall. My stomach flips and churns as I hear his jeans zip down.
His hands lift up my hips, sliding my red dress up my back and his warm hands start to rub circles on my ass.
“Oh baby…” He grumbled, his hand retracting before I feel a harsh slap on my right ass cheek, jolting me forwards a little.
I moan, closing my eyes and rest myself against the wall.
“Neymar please…” I gasp, already feeling myself pooling in my panties.
I hear his jeans drop, and he tugs my panties - letting them fall around my ankles.
“We can only do this if you can be quiet…” Neymar says simply. “Can you do that for me, amor?”
I close my eyes, nodding weakly with my body shuddering.
His hand then loops through my hair, twisting it for a good grasp to keep me still before I feel him fill me. It’s not our normal, romantic sex.
No this is what Neymar means when he wants to fuck.
I hold back my groans as he slams himself inside me, thrusting deeply and clutching my hair to steady himself. My hands are pushed tightly against the wall, as he continues his warm movements.
I can only hear his husky pants, his heavy breathing as he groans quietly every now and again.
I can hear footsteps around us but Neymar doesn’t halt - oh no, his movements deepen, his thrusts hitting me perfectly as he starts to bring me closer to my high.
Neymar slips himself out, only to teasingly brush his tip against my heat; my muscles tensing at the rage of pleasure.
“Ney…” I beg.
I don’t want to be teased, not here. Not now.
“Ah ah…” He mumbled, caressing his free hand against my lower back with his thumb brushing gently against the skin.
“I told you to be quiet..” His words are husky, low and meaningful.
He barely gives me time to regain myself before he’s in me again, harder and rougher. Faster and deeper.
Not long later, I hit my climax and bite my tongue - enough to make it bleed. My walls clench around him and he groans, finding his release and emptying himself inside of me.
He moves gently, slipping out and pulling his clothes on before Neymar pulls my panties up and shuffles my dress back into place.
I’m panting, sweating and I’m sure my hair looks an utter mess.
“I like the red dress…” Neymar mutters huskily before disappearing out the changing rooms unfazed.

Requested - "I Want A Baby." - Marc Bartra Imagine

Again and again Marc tells me that he wants us to have a baby; we’ve been dating for exactly a year today and again he’s brought it up.
“Not yet, Marc… I’m not ready.” I sigh, digging into the chocolate ice cream that we’re sharing.
Marc sits in front of me, spooning the ice cream into his mouth as he sighs.
“I know, but… You’ll think about it?” He asks, gazing across to me with those loving eyes.
I’ve always been fond of the idea of children but I’m younger than Marc and while he’s ready; I’m not. He’s the man I want children with when I have them, just not yet.
“Next year mm?” I mumble, leaning across and wiping some chocolate from his lips.
Marc chuckles, lightly taking my hand and slipping my fingers into his mouth as he starts to suck.
For some reason, I get the familiar tug in my belly and I moan.
“Stop…” I giggle, pulling my fingers away and blushing.
“Happy anniversary, love…” Marc whispers, scooping up some ice dream before he spoon feeds it me.
It seems more tasty from his spoon as I blush and swallow softly.
“I love you, Marcy…” I tease, slowly sliding off my chair and walking around to sit on his lap.
“Marcy? That’s new…” Marc chuckles, wrapping his arms around my small waist.
“It’s cute…” I whisper, scooping some ice cream on my finger before I smile it across his nose.
Marc groans deeply, scrunching up his nose as he let’s out a throaty, gorgeous laugh.
“Babe…” He groans, pouting. “Lick it off.”
“No!” I laugh, gazing up at him.
“Lick it off!” Marc’s laugh is beautiful and contagious as he pouts towards me.
Rolling my eyes, I prop myself up and slowly lick the tip of his nose before grinning and leaning back.
“Good…” He mumbled huskily before his hand cups my neck and he kisses me roughly, slipping his tongue into my mouth straight away.
Everything’s suddenly heated and Marc hitches me up, carrying me up the stairs towards the bedroom; tossing me down. I moan as I peer up at him and watch him roughly rip his shirt off; unbuttoning his jeans and tugging them down.
“Fuck, baby..” Marc groans, crawling over me as we kiss roughly again.
His hips are grinding against mine, causing soft groans from both our lips and I let my waist move in sync with his.
It’s not long until both our clothes are tossed and ripped off us; thrown across the room in pieces and he’s kissing my neck. My nails are digging against his back before I gasp.
“W-wait, wait…” I panic, quickly pushing myself up. “Condom..”
Marc groans, shaking his head as he starts to suck at the soft skin on my neck; tugging it up slowly between his mouth.
“I’ll pull out…” He mutters, lightly kissing down towards my collarbone.
“But Marc..” I whimper, slightly worried.
Marc sighs but when he slides himself inside me; all my thoughts are gone. I don’t think anymore as his thrusts are gentle yet deep. We’re moaning in sync, crying out each other’s names as I cling myself around his toned body.
Sweat clings our bodies together and with each of his deep thrusts, I feel myself getting closer and closer.
“Marc..” I plead, arching my back slightly.
“M.. Yeah, baby… Come..” He groans, burying his head against my neck and as if on command- I climax.
Marc groans as he flexes himself deeper, his fingers digging into the pillow aside me and I gaze up to his angelic features.
His mouth is parted and his face drops with sweat, his eyes closed tightly.
“Oh babe-” Before he can finish, I feel him empty himself inside me and I freeze tightly.
Marc drops quiet, sliding himself from me and dropping himself aside me.
“You did that on purpose…” I whisper, slowly glancing to him as he lays quietly on the bed aside me.
Marc nods slowly before he glances in my direction.
“I want a baby.” He mutters, a warm smile on his lips.
Marc shrugs absentmindedly and I can’t muster all the feelings washing around inside me!
He wants a child so much that he’d get me pregnant without me wanting to?
I’m angry, angry- sad; happy and exhausted all in one second; what do I do?
I sit up and with much regret, swing my hand roughly across Marc’s cheek; a loud slapping sound echoing through the room before I stare at him and he gazes back at me- stunned by my own action.

Requested - Live Without - Neymar Imagine.

*I’m at school so you better love me for this!*

I believed the lies, the rumours and the assholes who made up things about Neymar cheating on me. I couldn’t deal with the constant bad press in the newspapers and I couldn’t deal with the fame.
Neymar promised me again and again that he’d never cheat on me and really I had no reason to doubt him. He was loving, kind and caring. He’d never hurt me, never push me aside. He’d always introduce me to his friends as his ‘gorgeous girlfriend’ or 'the love of my life’
Why I believed people I’ll never know, but it’s been three months since I last saw him. I moved away to Spain to go live with my family, it’s been heartbreaking.
The days I know he’s in Ibiza, or Barca I literally don’t leave the house; I’m too scared to see him. I don’t want to see him, or do I?
It’s confusing, all my emotions are messed up but deep down I love him.
“Alright, I’ll see you on Monday..” My boss says, hanging up.
So Mondays the day, the day I have to go back to Brazil. Hopefully I want bump into anybody I know, it’s not like Neymar just wanders the streets… Right?
I have a journalist job back there now the World Cup is coming up - I’m covering it. With the money great and the hours not so great but the sights measure it out.
Something inside me wants me to see Neymar, wants him to knock on my door and say he loves me.
I left him, I have to deal with the fact that he probably doesn’t love me anymore.

It’s Tuesday morning, not long until I start my job and I’ve just settled in the top floor of an apartment.
As I come out, I adjust my dark blazer and lock my door.
“Y/N?” I hear a voice behind me, causing me to freeze softly.
Turning around, I sigh out in relief and press my hand to my heart.
“David!” I laugh weakly. “I thought you were somebody else..”
“Who, Neymar?” He teases before walking closer and engulfing me in a tight, bone crushing hug. “You’re back!”
I laugh, squeezing my arms around his tall figure as I snuggle into his chest; David always gives the best hugs!
“I’m back…” I giggle, peering up at him.
David rubs his hand soothingly down my back, smiling softly.
“Come for coffee with me and the guys!” He grins.
For a moment I think he’s forgotten, or being insensitive before he chuckles.
“Neymar isn’t going to be there…” He says and I let out a small sigh, thank God.
“Okay, sure.” I laugh, following him down the steps of the apartments before out onto the street.
David ushers me straight into the car, shutting the door behind me before going to the drivers seat.
It’s not long until he’s racing down the smooth streets in his blacked out windowed car then pulling up outside a small cafe.
“Sweet…” I say gently, sliding out the car and brushing myself down. “Coffee then a kick about?”
I giggle softly, glancing down at my shoes- black heels.
“Maybe.” I smirk before pushing the door open and stopping straight away.
I come to that much of a sudden halt, David walks into the back of me; tumbling me forwards but luckily he grabs my shoulders and pulls me into place.
“What?” David asks, glancing around.
He’s here.
I feel sick to the stomach, he doesn’t notice me as he laughs and gulps down his drink.
He’s looking gorgeous as ever, a white cap on backwards and a black and white shirt. His jeans are dark and baggy with crisp white trainers; Nike I’m guessing.
He’s got more tattoo’s since the last time I saw him and honestly he’s looking breathtaking.
“I-I… I should-”
“No.. Stay…” David says smoothly, rubbing his hand down my back before he leads me closer to the table.
I feel like my legs will give way from under me, it’s been so long since I heard his angelic laugh; seen his large grin and those happy eyes.
“Guys, look who’s here!” David beams happily and everybody is on their feet.
“Y/N!” Oscar laughs, being the first to tug me into a tight hug. “I missed you!”
I laugh softly, nodding.
“Missed you too, Oscar…” I smile before gently hugging Thiago.
“Hey, kiddo!” He teases, ruffling my hair softly.
Neymar then stands to his feet, lightly pulling me into a small, warm hug.
“You’re looking good…” Neymar says quietly in my ear, causing me to shiver.
“You too.” I smile.
I try to hold back my tears, the whimpers that want to escape as I sit down aside David, smiling gently.
The whole time we’re there, Neymar’s gaze keeps catching mine as he smiles warmly, his eyes gently and soft. I never hold his gaze, I don’t have the bottle to look in those eyes again.
As we’re leaving, I feel a hand gently take mine and they pull me to the side.
“What are you doing back here?” He asks gently, still smiling.
“A job…”
His smile fades a little, he thought I was coming back for him.
“I-I missed you…” I croak out, frowning a little.
“Hey, hey… Don’t cry…” Neymar whispers as he pulls his arms back around me and brings me close.
“I still love you, Y/N…” Neymar mumbles. “And this time, I’m not letting you walk out my life again, I can’t live without you…”
His words leave me breathless because honestly, I can’t live without him either.

Requested - FIFA Kiss - Neymar Imagine

(Short imagine for you guys x)

Neymar laughs, shoving me softly to try and distract me from the game.
“Stop!” I squeal, my fingers moving quickly on the controller as we play FIFA.
I’m winning and well Neymar is a sore loser, a real sore loser.
“Can we stop?” He pouts, clicking pause on the game.
I roll my eyes, glancing across the couch to him.
“What, because you’re loosing?” I tease and Neymar rolls his eyes at me.
“We can do something more interesting..” He mumbles, placing his controller aside.
I flush, tossing my handset aside before shrugging.
“Your sons upstairs…” I whisper.
“He’s asleep…” Neymar says gently, moving his hand to cup the side of my cheek.
I can’t help but giggle as Neymar strokes his fingers down my skin, his soft touch sending a shiver through me.
His lips move to mine, moving deeply before he starts to push me back against the sofa.
“Papi?” Davi mumbles from the stairs and Neymar slowly pulls back, clearing his throat.
“Davi…” Neymar chuckles, rubbing his thigh slowly. “Come to daddy..”
Davi runs over, still holding his teddy tight in his hand before he crawls onto his fathers lap.
“You.. Kiss her?” Davi pipes up as he gazes at his dad.
“Yeah.. I love her, Davi…” Neymar says quietly, glancing to me.
He loves me? My heart almost explodes with love as I giggle and gaze towards him. He loves me!

Requested - “What if I’m not…Big enough.” - David Luiz Imagine.


It’s a bright morning in Brazil and David and myself traveled all the way to Rio for a week to go sight seeing. David was more excited than I was! Constantly going on about all the things we’ll see, all the places we’ll get to go. I met David six months ago in London and not long after we had our first kiss; we’ve been inseparable since. David is very forward; he’s always wanting to make me happy. Constantly he’ll want me naked, not in a lustful way; not hungrily… He says he thinks I have the body of a goddess and that he likes touching me, making me feel good. That’s all good and well, don’t get me wrong I love it but not once have we had sex; if never seen his.. Well, you know.
David constantly brushes my hand away or he distracts me by kissing me hard. I feel like I’ve done something wrong, why doesn’t he want me to touch him? But time after time I just brush the feelings off.
I’m glad we’ve taken it slow, make moments more important and I understand that relationships aren’t all about sex but I’m so sexually attracted to David - who wouldn’t be - that I can’t keep my hands off him. His perfectly toned chest, sculpted abs which are hard to my touch. His perfect features, carved cheekbones and plump lips. Those delicious thighs, tensed and muscled makes a shiver roll delightfully up my spine. Every little bit is mine, he let’s me touch apart from showing me what’s under his boxers. Time after time, I crave to taste him but he brushes me away silently.
Currently, we’re settling into our penthouse hotel suite and I hang a few things up in the wardrobe.
“Meu amor! Come!” David shouts from the other room, catching my attention.
Smiling, I make my way across the floor - barefoot - with the soft carpet between my toes as I walk into the living room. It’s an open plan room, gazing out across Rio and David stands gazing into the view.
“It’s beautiful..” David sighs in appreciation as I reach his side and his arm wraps around my waist.
Resting my head against his chest, I watch the going traffic below us.
“I’m so lucky to have you..” I whisper quietly, leaning back against him.
His chest vibrates as he chuckles huskily, kissing the top of my hair slowly.
“I’m the luckiest man in the world, my angel.” David compliments me and my cheeks burn softly.
I love the little nicknames he gives me. He rarely calls me by my name, I just get constant adorable nicknames. The most common one is fluff; why I don’t know but he always refers to me as his little fluff ball!
“How about we get some rest and head out early morning? We can catch the sunrise…” David softly suggest as he kisses my hair again under his gentle touch.
“Sounds brilliant.” I mumble before turning and wrapping my arms around his neck.
I’ll never get over his angelic accent. My English voice sounds so dull compared to his but he says he loves my voice. He sash sometimes he stays awake to listen to me sleep talking; apparently I confess all my secrets when I’m sleeping.
“I love you, fluff..” He teases, wrapping his arms around my waist to pull me closer.
“I love you too, Papi Luiz…” I mumble, going on my tiptoes to kiss him slowly.
David kisses me slightly, keeping it romantic and sweet before he pulls back.
“Papi?” He asks huskily, his eyes glistening with excitement and he seems like a young boy again.
“Mm…” I nod, pushing my fingers through his curls and tangling them before I pull him down more to my height and kiss him roughly.
His tongue is soon entangled with mine and he pushes me back against the glass wall behind me, my hips flexing against his. I tug at his bottom lip, tugging and moaning before he breaks the kiss and starts to send wet kisses down my neck.
“Meu amor, meu lindo amor..” He growls huskily and even though I don’t understand a thing he’s saying; a delightful shiver rolls up my spine.
David does a thing to me when he speaks Portuguese and it drives me wild, tips me over the edge and makes me want to rip all his clothes off.
I want to try again; I want to touch him.. My body craves him and I need him. Inhaling shakily, I bring our lips back together and kiss him with everything I’ve got, our tongues dancing a sweet dance in my mouth before I secretly move my hand towards his jeans; squeezing him softly over the fabric. David groans, grabbing both my hands and pinning them above my head easily restricting me from touching him.
Dammit David!
Sighing against the kiss, I keep kissing him trying to brush off the feeling that he doesn’t want me. His tongue laces over mine, sucking and massaging our tongues together that I can’t help but moan. Then I gently flex up my hips against his, grinding our crotches together as a sign that I need him.
He knows what I want because he easily breaks the kiss, breathing out heavily against my lips.
“Amor, don’t ruin it..” David grumbles, a frown on his forehead.
Ruin it? Me?
Whimpering, I gaze up into his eyes before nodding slowly and pulling my arms from his grasp.
“Come on, bed..” David says gently, scooping his arms under me and picking me up bridal style within his grasp.
Sighing, I rest my head against his chest and let him carry me towards the bedroom. In a matter of seconds, the soft silk of our sheets is beneath me as he rests me on the bed.
“Don’t be angry..” David mumbles softly, crawling aside me on the bed.
I can’t help but cry, silent tears rolling down my cheeks as I quickly wipe them away.
“I’m not angry..” I whimper, clearing my eyes of tears. “Why don’t you want to have sex with me?”
David drops silent, frowning as he watches me whilst I push myself up on my elbows.
“I.. If you don’t think I’ll be any good ill-” I start but he quickly cuts me off.
“Don’t, Y/N… I do. You don’t understand how much I want to make love to you but I just-” He sighs, taking a hand through his hair. “Every time I see you naked, I try not to lavish you.. I dream about you; I think about you all the time…”
My bottom lip shakes as I sob out softly, blinking away my tears and gazing up at him.
“What if.. It’s me that’s not good enough for you? What if I’m…” David glances to his lap, grunting before he lowers his voice. “Too small.”
I frown heavily, tucking my like hair behind my ear slowly.
“David, I don’t care about your size..” I whisper breathlessly, shaking my head.
“Course you don’t.” He mutters, huffing and laying back on the bed. “You’re past boyfriend, what if he’s better than me?”
I roll my eyes, crawling closer to him and straddling his body.
I wasn’t going to let this go!
“David.” I say softly, tapping his chin so he’s looking at me. “I love you, I don’t care what size you are; I don’t care about any of that… I just want to share this moment with you. I don’t want to fuck, I want to make love. Shut the world out, no rules… No expectations.. Just us.”
David gazes up at me for a moment, before a warm smile spreads across his lips and he nods slowly.
“Just us.” He softly repeats before he rolls his body on top of mine and reaches for the hem of my shirt.
It’s easily lifted over my head, tossed aside before he kisses down my belly and he’s then on my skirt; peeling it down.
I giggle softly, wriggling under his soft touch before David reaches for his own shirt.
“No..” I whine, blushing and gazing to him. “Let me..”
David chuckles, raising his hands before I pull his shirt over his head then shove him back on the bed. My cheeks flush as I unbuckle his jeans. I’ve waited for this moment for so long!
I can’t take my gaze away or nor do I break my concentration when I unzip his jeans and peel them down his legs; discarding them across the room. His hard is noticeable through his boxers and when I glance to him, he’s watching me expectantly.
I run my finger tips along the waistband of his boxers, before I slipped two fingers under and pull slowly, freeing his erection. I can’t help but gasp, my lips popping open as I gaze to him.
“It’s… Okay?” He asks slowly, his words quiet before he gazes at me for an answer.
Small?! What is his definition of small! My heart is pounding against my chest as I peer up towards him.
“David you’re… Wow.” I giggle, glancing up to him before I crawl up to his body; placing my lips to his again.
His body rolls back on top of mine, steadying himself before he’s in me, filling me easily. My body moans, yearning for more as I flex towards him. He starts to move; and boy can David move. I’m a quivering mess beneath him; my back arched and my arms around his shoulders. I know I’m leaving marks as I dig my nails against his skin; crying out in pleasure.
“Oh, David!” I moan loudly as he thrusts deeply, quickly.
My hips move in sync with his and a heavy sheen of sweat clings our warm bodies tightly together.
“Amor..” David whispers breathily in my ear, sucking on the sensitive skin on my neck.
It’ll leave a love bite, but I don’t even care. Tonight is about us and only us.
Several more deep thrusts and I throw my head back, orgasming and crying out his name.
“David!” I plead, digging in my nails as not long after he empties himself inside me.
Vaguely thankful for being on the pill, I slump on the bed.
“I was good?” He asks, his eyes searching mine for some kind of reassurance.
“Oh David..” I giggle, pushing my fingers through his sweaty hair. “That was the best I’ve ever had.”
I wasn’t lying; David Luiz was the best I’ve ever had.
He’s better in every single way; my one and only- the other half and the only man that can make me scream so loud.


Requested - Ellen Show - Jealous Marc Bartra Imagine.

Today was a big day planned for both Marc and myself. Marc had a big game in America; New York City stadium. and I had a spot on the Ellen Degeneres Show! Since the game was near by, I made sure we could head over together, I didn’t want to leave Marc for too long!
My new movie “Tainted Arrows” premiering at the end of the months, she said we had get me on the show. Also, the news travelled fast that me and Marc were now engaged! After a three year long relationship, he finally told me he wanted to marry me, got down on one knee and gave me the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen- along with the promise to love me forever. Since then, our relationship has been a fairy tale; but this is the first interview that our wedding will be mentioned.
“Good luck on your game, baby.” I mumble, wrapping my arms around Marc’s neck as I kiss him slowly.
“Good luck with the show.” He says back through our kisses before he grabs his bag and picks up his car keys.
“I love you!” I shout as he makes his way over to the door.
“Love you too, marshmallow!” He teases, flashing me a goofy grin before walking out the house.
My nickname - marshmallow - was because on our first date we had a fire and was roasting marshmallows on it. Marc tried to feed me one, but slipped and got the entire melted liquid over my cheeks and lips. He then pushed me flat on the grass and cleaned his mess, turning into a hot make out session and well- the name just stuck.
Tugging on my boots, I pull my hair into a messy bun and grab my keys; walking out of the house.
It’s a long drive towards the studio but my Audi R8 makes the journey smooth and comfortable.
“Bethany, welcome!” People are around me the second I walk in and I give them gently smiles.
“Straight to hair and makeup?” I ask and they all nod, ushering me through into the back.
I have a good laugh with the makeup artist and my hair people as they mess around me; smiling all the time.
Grabbing my phone, I load up mine and Marc’s conversation and quickly decide to text him.

Good luck again, love you lots. You’ll do amazingly, show them what you’ve got! x - Bethany.

It’s not long until my phone buzzes and he replies to me, they must all be in the changing rooms. If everything works well, Marc’s game will just have finished before I go on air and he’ll be able to rush somewhere to watch me.

You too, baby. Love you more! I’m nervous, haha! Speak to you later x - Marc.

I smile before pushing my phone back into my pocket and glance back to the mirror in front of me. They’ve pinned my hair up lovely, half up and how down with some loose curls around my shoulders. My hair is natural - just the way I like it - with a light shade of pink lipstick and only a small amount of eyeliner which lights up my bright eyes.
“Thanks, guys..” I smile, standing to my feet and giving myself another check in the mirror.
I’m wearing my tight, light shades jeans which are ripped up the legs with a large cream jumper. My heels are black, standing me a bit taller than I usually am.
“Bethany!” I hear Ellen’s voice behind me and it makes me spin around.
She’s wearing a fitted suit and she looks as gorgeous as always!
“Ellen!” I reply, making my way over and we embrace in a tight hug.
Even though we’ve never met, we seem to speak like we’ve known each other for ages- we’re going to get along!
“You excited for the show?” She asks, pushing her hands in her pockets.
“A little nervous.. Marc has a game now, I’m anxious for him.” I flush a little, tucking my loose strands behind my ear.
After a while of talking, Ellen is called onto the stage and the entire show is underway. I stand backstage, phone in hand as I wait nervously.
The game must be finished by now? Extra time and penalties come to mind but I quickly push them away. As if on cue, my phone buzzes loudly.

WE WON! 3-1! I’m watching now! Rock it princess! x - Marc.

I grin at his nickname before pushing my phone into my pocket and glancing to the man who wonders over to me.
“On you go, ma'am.” He says politely as he points to the open space where the light comes from.
“Bethany Harper everybody!” Ellen begins to clap and so does everybody in the room as I walk hot onto the stage and wave at the audience.
I grin, I can’t stop smiling. I love seeing my fans, people smiling and clapping for me- it’s what I work for.
After sitting down, I cross my legs and the clapping dies down.
“So, Beth.. New movie, excited?” Ellen asks, a grin on her lips.
I laugh softly, tucking my hair before nodding a little.
“It was great filming, so much fun!” I beam. “So many great actors and it was a huge breakout for me.”
“When’s the premier?” Ellen says, glancing to the audience. “Everybody’s going to be there!”
“Hopefully! And the premier is on the twenty ninth of this month here in America, then in England on the first of next month.” I nod as I answer.
“Okay, enough of the boring questions…” Ellen says with a devilish grin. “Your fiancé, Marc?”
I blush at his name, glancing to my lap before I glance to the screen behind me which flashes up a picture of his gorgeous face.
“For those of you who don’t know, this lucky lady is now engaged to Marc Bartra!” Ellen laughs and the audience go crazy; whistling and clapping.
“Oh I’m very lucky..” I giggle, glancing once again to the picture behind me.
It’s a grinning picture of Marc, his eyes look alight and he looks so happy.
“Are you having a bachelorette party?” Ellen pipes up and her question catches me off guard.
“Um… I haven’t planned one yet.” I laugh, shrugging. “Not my thing.”
“Oh come on!” Ellen teases. “Say if one was already planned for you?”
My face pales and my eyes widen, before I can react the lights dim and music starts to play loudly.
My cheeks flush madly as I glance over my shoulder to see three men - shirtless and only in tight boxers shorts - walk proudly into the room.
“Oh my god..” I gasp, glancing back to Ellen who’s grinning towards me.
My cheeks are on fire as I glance back to the boys who are now by my chair. One dips and kisses my cheek before slipping a tiara into my hair.
“Dance..” He mumbles, grinning broadly as he pulls me up with him.
I have a boy each side of me, one behind, one in front and other to the side. I’m laughing softly, dancing with them as they grind. Their warm, toned bodies brush against me now and again before one guy takes my hand and twirls me around. His arms are securely around me as I squeal, him pulling me into his grasp and dipping me.
The music stops and I burst into laughter, the guy pulling me back up to my feet.
“Thank you!” I grin, waving happily to the group of men who wink and walk off.
The crowd are clapping, cheering and whistling loudly as I sit back down.
“Phew!” I say, dramatically wiping my forehead quickly.
“Ellen you’re amazing!” I laugh, propping my tiara back up right on my head.
Ellen grins to me before she sits straight and looks to the cameras.
“I’m going to leave Bethany to cool off backstage for a bit.. Bethany everybody!” Ellen calls and everybody starts to clap with her.
“Thank you!” I grin as I wave and begin to make my way off the stage.
I can’t stop giggling, that was so funny! I can’t believe she actually did that! I know that Marc will be home before me and I can’t wait to get back to him; so I don’t even hesitate to grab my keys and rush off into the parking lot.
It’s almost dark when I arrive home, dropping my handbag aside and throwing my keys onto the kitchen counter. My feet are killing me from my heels as I easily kick them off and groan in satisfaction.
“Marc, baby I’m home!” I shout on a soft sing-song voice, taking a hand through my hair.
When I glance up, Marc is leaning softly against the doorframe with his arms crossed.
“You won! Well done!” I squeal, running over to him and hugging him tightly.
He doesn’t budge, not even a little as he stays still like stone. I step back, raising an eyebrow.
“You okay?” I ask, gazing up into his eyes.
His jaw is tightly set, he looks angry. His bright eyes look dull in the dark light of the kitchen and he doesn’t even break a smile at me.
“Marc what’s happened?” I sharply question.
He shrugs, walking past me towards the kitchen.
“Silent treatment Marc, really?” Snapping, I follow him into the kitchen.
I stand in the doorway so he can’t leave, crossing my arms over my chest.
“Move, please. I don’t want to argue.” Marc sighs, running his fingers through his dark hair.
“Then tell me what’s wrong!” I whine, frowning up towards him.
“Jealous.” He grumbles, pushing his way past me before walking straight up the stairs into our bedroom.
I don’t hesitate to follow him, shutting the bedroom door as I sigh.
“Of what?”
“You know what.” He resorts harshly, not even glancing to me as he switches on the TV.
“Yeah because if I knew, I wouldn’t be asking.” I snigger sarcastically and he finally looks to me.
“You seemed pretty happy with those guys grinding against you.” He resorts, biting into his apple that he’d collected from the kitchen.
“Marc.. I didn’t know that was going to happen! It was harmless fun.” I sigh, slowly sitting on the end of the bed.
“Harmless fun? It pissed me off! You wouldn’t want me being like that with girls!” He snaps and our voices are just getting louder and louder.
“Would you want to?” I scowl, glaring towards him.
I’m not even angry, I’m just upset that he’d think it was even important.
“No! No, marshmallow.. I wouldn’t…” His voice is soft as he groans and tilts his head back against the headboard.
“You called me marshmallow… You’re now that angry..” I tease, slowly starting to crawl up the bed.
Marc slowly pulls me into his arms, sighing as he holds me close.
“No, I’m not angry..” He whispers before kissing my hair slowly.
My arms wrap around his chest and I rest my head there.
“I don’t like it when we argue, I don’t like you shouting..” I whisper, gently playing with the fabric of Marc’s shirt.
“I’m sorry… I won’t shout again. I just get jealous, men touching you just…” He inhales a sharp breath, squeezing me tightly. “Makes me sick, you’re with me… Forever. Just like I promised.”
I giggle, nodding. I could never be with another man.

Requested - Focus And Determination - Neymar Imagine.

Focus and determination. Those two words are filing back and forth in my head and honestly I’m getting a little dizzy. I’m concentrated and I’m not even listening to anybody else.
This is the mind set I love to be in, the mind set so I win.
My coach is shouting things at us but I’m barely paying attention.
Focus, determination. Focus, determination. Come on, Neymar- make your family proud!
I stare at the ground before we’re all lining up with our mascots. I take the young girls hand and smile gently towards her.
“Can I have a hug?” She asks sweetly and hell, who am I to say no!
Gently, I pull the young girl into a hug and smile.
“Good luck, Ney..” She whispers before I take her hand once again and walk out.
Goal after goal I score and frankly this game is amazing! I can’t stop smiling when I have the ball under control and at my feet.
It’s a throw in to the other team and I stand, quickly glancing around the crowd.
Time seems to slow when I see her, her long beautiful dark hair; flowing down her shoulders. She’s wearing a Brazil jersey - sadly not mine - and her smile is dazzling.
No! I lost my mind set, I blink quickly and drag my gaze away.
The ball is back in our possession and kicked to me, I think too quick; I panic and stumble over the ball when somebody tries to tackle me. No!
“Neymar!” My coach screams like I’ve done some crazy.
Sorry, sorry! I stand to my feet, glancing back around the crowd for the girl. My fingers rake through my hair and I glance around.
David kicks the ball quickly in my direction and I take a run for the goal, dodging my way in and out of defenders then going to shoot.
“Ah, merda!” I scream when it’s far too wide; not even making it near the goal.
I glance back and Dani smiles weakly as he rubs my shoulder.
“Good try, man..” He mumbles but I roughly kick the ground.
What’s wrong with me! My gaze is then searching once again for the young girl, when my eyes meet hers I smile. She’s still smiling, her eyes bright with excitement. How am I distracted from football by a girl? Yet, look at her. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve even seen.

Half time comes and I rise my shirt to wipe the sweat away from my face; grabbing my water bottle and taking a huge gulp.
“Alright lads, we’re one up but we’ve got another forty five minutes so-”
I zone out then, I’m not thinking about the next half which I know I should be. My head is some place else; spinning with excitement and wonder.
“Neymar!” He snaps roughly towards me and I look up. “Pull yourself together.”

After the second half, we’ve scored again so the final score is 4-2 and I couldn’t be happier.
I need to find her, I want to go speak to her. My heart is thudding and I’m sweating all over as I glance around the stadium at all the screaming fans- hell who do I find here!
“Shit..” I whisper, starting to walk closer to where I thought I saw her.
“Neymar!” David shouts, motioning for me to come over; some interview wants to speak to me.
Shit! That’s it, she’s gone. The stadium starts to empty and I feel like I’ve lost the girl I never even knew.

“I might get them to dye this bit..” I laugh, glancing in the car mirror as I ruffle my fringe a little.
“What, blonde?” Dani asks as he continues to drive us to our hairdressers.
“Yeah..” I mumble, pulling my fringe back into place as I continue to check myself in the car mirror.
“Dunga won’t let you, you know that right?” He laughs, turning off the engine and sliding out of the car.
Rolling my eyes, I get out too and begin to walk into the hairdressers.
I almost faint right there. There’s almost a heap of Neymar on the floor as I recognise the young girl laughing.
“Shit..” I whisper, catching Dani’s attention. “Mate, that’s her.”
“Who?” He asks, frowning a little.
“The girl I told you about… The girl that I saw…” I mumble, slowly walking closer.
I’m a guy that’s used to getting what I want, I suppose. Its rare of rejection so when I know I want something - or in this case someone - I get them.
She goes to the books, glancing up before she flushing.
“You’re new…” She says, showing me to a seat. “I’ll get started…”
I slowly sit down, my gaze watching her in the reflection of the mirror. Her voice is even as perfect as I thought it would be and damn, close up her body looks so sexy.
“What do you want today?” She asks softly, getting the scissors and all the weird hairdressing stuff that she needs.
“You’re number by the time I leave…” I automatically turn on the charm, flashing her a warm smile.
“Oh-” she laughs. “I don’t think so…”
It’s like a ton of bricks, she doesn’t think so? Who the hell says that! Not to me any way, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a girl say that.
It takes me a moment to bring myself back around.
“You were watching me the entire game…” I tease as she brings the scissors to my hair, starting to trim.
“You’re a good player…” She says off trail. “Not my type.”
I smirk, oh please. Not her type?
“What’s not your type about me?” I smirk, glancing to her. “The money? The looks? The job?”
“The cockiness.” She snaps back and I blink a little.
Well, she’s sure playing hard to get.
“I’m not cocky, I’m just… Confident.” I grin, licking my bottom lip.
She laughs a little, shaking her head before she spins me around so she can work on my fringe.
She gets close to my face and my breathing gently hitches, how much I’d want to lean in and kiss her right now.
“Why don’t I just take you out on a date?” I mumble, my voice low.
She gently trims into my fringe, brushing it into place slowly.
“I’m fine..” She says as she stands back up, shrugging.
“Just fine?”
“I’m content.” She answers me back quickly, causing me to sigh.
“You’re single?” I ask, peering up at her.
She’s either taken and not wanting to say or she’s single and being very stubborn.
“You ask a lot of questions, Neymar…” She says gently, starting to brush my shoulders clean of any stray hair.
“What time do you finish work?” I grin, standing to my feet and starting to mess with my hair, checking it in the mirror.
She actually does a really good job.
“I’m not telling you that…” She mumbles and I sigh a little.
Fine, I’ll have to find out my own way. Grinning, I walk to the till.
“Excuse me, can I ask for her name?” I ask softly, leaning against the counter.
“Brooke.” The lady smiles, nodding once and when I glance to Brooke, she’s blushing madly.
See, I can make you blush.
“And does she work full shifts?” I ask and smile when the women nods a little.
Handing my money over, I turn and wink towards Brooke before walking out with Dani.

Around an three hours later, I head back to the salon and push the door open. Luckily she’s alone as I wander forwards.
“Sorry, we’re close-” Brooke turns around and blushes when she sees me.
“Ah so you can blush..” I tease, walking closer.
“Is something wrong with your hair cut?” She asks, pushing her brush aside that she was sweeping with.
“No, but something was wrong with my service… My hair dresser was impolite.” I smirk, bringing myself inches away from her.
“Mm…” I mumble, glancing over her slowly. “She didn’t give me her number…”
Brooke laughs softly, shaking her head.
“Maybe she wasn’t interested?” Brooke smirks back, ah she has a playful side!
“Oh… I don’t believe that…” My voice lowers, it’s husky and she slowly bites her lip.
She doesn’t know what that does to me, she tugs her lips slowly and I inwardly groan. I want to bite that lip.
“You don’t believe a lot of things she says, do you?” Brooke whispers breathlessly and my hands slowly move to her waist.
“Never.” I mumble, dipping down as my lips crash to hers.
She moans in response before kissing me back roughly, our lips moving in perfect sync. Her arms are around my neck, tangling in my newly cut hair as I slam her softly against the desk before hitching her up so she’s sitting down.
“Neymar..” She gasps into the kiss, her hands moving to tear the buttons on my shirt, yanking my shirt apart.
My eyes open and my hands find their way up her shirt, leaning back to pull it over her head.
“Wait-” she gasps, panting a little.
We’re both out of breath from our rough kisses before she jogs to the door and locks it quickly.
She turns around, smiling towards me. I push myself away from the wall, slowly walking towards her.
“You’re very persistent.” She whispers, her chest rising and falling slowly.
“I just get what I want.” I mumble as I cup her cheek, pushing her back against the salon door and starting to kiss down her neck.
Brooke moans, tilting her head to the side to give me more space and I close my eyes. Continuing to litter warm, wet kisses down her neck, I then suck the skin between my teeth.
I already have her moaning, wriggling under my grasp and I’m only getting started.
Focus and determination always gets me what I want.

Requested - Nightmare (PART TWO) - Neymar Imagine

(Because you people keep asking ;) I didn’t know if I should go happy or sad ending so.. Here!)

“Neymar…” I whisper, gazing down at my knees which are still clung tight to my chest.
My phone that’s tossed across the room starts to ring but I can’t even bring myself to sit up.
He’s gone. My boyfriend- my best-friend, my lover has been ripped out of my life and now I’m left alone. Alone in this horrible, disgusting world… Without Neymar everything seems worthless; pathetic and not even worth living.
Then the house phone starts to ring loudly, buzzing in my ear as I shakily reach to grab it, clicking answer.
“H-hello?” I croak out before I hear gently cries from the other side.
“H.. He was on that plane, wasn’t he?”
Oh, it’s his sister.
“Rafa, h-he’s gone!” I sob out loudly, clinging the phone tight to my ear.
I can barely hear her cries over mine as I’m screaming out for my lover; I need him!
“H-he’s.. God, h-help him please…” I hear Rafa whisper gently and I glance to the TV which is now buzzing into life.
My heart drops and I feel like throwing up as imagines and footage start to flash onto the screen on the car.
“Turn o-on channel one.” I whisper before dropping my phone and crawling across the floor.
My eyes don’t leave the screen, but my hands shakily rake through my hair. When the pictures of the smashed plane come on the screen, I let out a cry of agony- my fingers tugging on my hair as I scream at the TV.
“Not my baby!” I beg, quickly touching the screen with my free hand.
Body’s are being dragged from the plane, half of the plane isn’t even there and everything just looked burnt. Everything is broken into tiny pieces and body bags are being tugged away.
“We go live to Jessica at the scene; to you Jessica.” The news women says before I crawl closer to listen.
“T.. Tell me, t.. Tell me he’s okay!” I shout at the screen, my body has gone into shock.
I can barely keep still, my whole body is shaking and I can’t stop it; I’m sweating and I feel violently sick.
“I’m here at the scene and we have confirmed that there are six survivors, including the pilot. This plane was unfortunately carrying the Barcelona football team to their game in England but up to this point we can’t identify who is safe. Families will be informed shortly then we’ll be back to you.” She says.
I feel a small glimmer of hope, Maybe just maybe he’s one of those six. He could be, he could have made it!
“Neymar..” I grab for my phone, starting to call up his sister again before I dive myself to my feet.
I don’t care that I look a mess, that my hair is tangled and I’m in my sweats; I’m only in socks but I grab my car keys and run out the front door.
“Six survivors?” Rafa gasps and I can’t help but smile weakly.
“I-I’m coming over.. I… What hospital will they go to? Probably ours right? W-we can go!” I hang up before sliding into the car and beginning to drive.
I speed down the road, not even thinking twice about going over a red light. I’m still sobbing uncontrollably, clinging onto the steering wheel.
“Come on, meu amor… I’m coming..” She choked out, rubbing the leather between my fingers.
Before I even fully come to a stop, the door is swung open and Rafa swings herself in. Her eyes look exactly like mine, red and puffy, dead and tired.
“Mama and Dad are heading up.” She says quickly before I’m speeding off down the highway once again.
It feels like a complete lifetime until I see the first sign of the hospital- my hands shaking as I put my foot down harder on the pedal.
“He’ll be okay..” Rafa whispers towards me but I know she’s only trying to be strong for the both of us.
No, there’s a huge possibility that he’s dead. Six out of so many men is almost a certainty that my baby has been taken from me.
We park up and we both run out into the hospital, straight to the lady behind the desk.
“F-football team.. Plane crashed, are they here?” Rafa begs, her hands clinging onto the counter by her.
The lady pauses softly, nodding slowly as she glances between us.
“May I ask who you are?” She says, tapping her fingers against the counter.
“I’m Neymar Jr’s wife.” I lie, but then again it’s not all that much of a lie… Not in mine and Neymar’s eyes.
“Oh ma'am..” She sighs quietly and I can already tell by the sorrow in her voice that it isn’t good news.
“N.. No, please…” I cry out, shaking my head slowly. “No…”
The blonde receptionist softly shakes her head, handing me a key to a private room with the writing ‘Neymar da Silva Santos Jr.’ Written in black ink on the key.
“He’s alive?” I choke, blinking towards Neymar’s sister.
“He’s here..” Rafa nods quickly, wrapping her arms tightly around my body.
I need to see him. Feeling slight dizzy, I squeeze the golden key into my hand before I push past everybody in my way to the number on the key.
“Excuse me ma'am!” A voice shouts and I turn to see a man in a doctors coat. “He’s the worst we’ve had in.. Seeing him now isn’t the best idea.”
I frown, ignoring him as I fumble the key into the lock; before tugging the door open. My entire body freezes, I’m stuck to the ground and my ears go fuzzy.
“I’m sorry, miss… I don’t know if he’ll make
It.. If he does, he still has severe burns down his left side, his jaw and his legs. I’m afraid, it’s possible he won’t walk again.”
I barely even listen to him before I make my way over to Neymar’s bed, my fingers touching his hair, whimpering loudly.
“Ney..” I whisper, my fingers brushing down his cheeks as I sob out. “Ney, wake up…”
My voice is needy, wanting and begging because everybody knows I can’t live without him.
“I’m afraid ma'am, that means no football.” The doctor says quietly.
No football.
I know that’s what will matter to him, those words will tear him apart and he’ll loose it.
“Neymar… Prove them wrong, please wake up…”
Over the next few months, those pleads seem to repeat themselves. Day after day I’d beg for him to wake up, I wouldn’t leave his side apart from for the bathroom and I always held his hand.
I’ve come to tell him stories, things about what’s going on in the world. The doctor says that even though he’s on life support and he’s in a coma; there might be a chance he could hear me.
“Marc is getting better, he got let out yesterday.. They say he’s back on track..” I whisper, rubbing my thumb against his hand. “Messi is good, really good actually…”
I feel like this is my fault. I shouldn’t have let him go, or I should have atleast gone with him!
“Rafa is missing you more than anything, we all are… I… ” I can’t manage to get my words out, my voice is shaking and I’m clinging onto his arm dearly.
I look down and for the first time in a while I’m not watching him, I’m staring at my lap. Maybe telling him this when he can’t respond will be easily, but then I want him to respond. I want him to smile, to laugh that high, adorable laugh and I want him to hold me.
“David came to visits you yesterday.” I whisper, rubbing his hand but still not looking up.
“A-and Ney…” I frown, squeezing his hand tightly again. “N-Ney, I’m pregnant…”
My gaze snaps up at the shaky voice and for
The first time in three months, I’ve seen his hazel eyes. For the first time in months, I can hear his precious voice.
“Pregnant..” He tests the word slowly, trying to push himself up but I help him stay down.
“N.. Ney.. N.. ” I can’t even speak, my emotions have overwhelmed me and I’m clinging onto his arm for dear life.
“Let me see..” He whispers, tilting his head a little as I pull myself to my feet.
Slowly, I roll up my shirt to reveal the small bump I have, smiling weakly towards him.
“Girl o-or boy?” He asks, his voice quiet and weak.
He smiles softly, a warming flutter in his eyes before he sighs happy. Neymar reaches out to sprawl his fingers softly across my belly, rubbing with his fun.
“Papa loves you..” He mumbles and the words make me sob, tears starting to once again stream down my cheeks.
He’s crying too, his tears remind me of what he must have been like on that night. My poor boy alone, crying and scared and I could do nothing to help him.
“I love t-you..” I whisper, begging to hear it from him.
I’ve said it continuously for months on end but never got anything back from his limp body.
His eyes move from my belly, to my eyes as he smiles weakly.
“I love you t.. Too..” He soothes, his hand reaching up to tuck my hair behind my ear.
“I have somebody who wants to see you…” I whisper softly, glancing to the door just in time for the young boy to come running in.
“Daddy!” He screams, almost flinging himself around his father, clinging onto his neck.
Neymar weakly holds him, grunting out in pain though he doesn’t want him to let go. When Neymar looks at me, he smiles softy.
“Thank you..” He whispers.

Requested - All Day - Neymar Imagine

The morning comes around, the birds are singing loudly and the sun is high in the sky. When I wake I can feel Neymar’s warm, muscled arms around me.
As I wake more, my eyes flutter in the bright light and I suddenly feel the need for the bathroom.
Dammit Neymar and your tight grasp! I groan, blinking slowly before I wriggle and try and silently get away from his grasp.
He only squeezes me tighter in his grasp, groaning in his sleep.
“Babe, no..” Neymar mumbles as he starts to stir, pulling me closer.
“Neymar..” I giggle, wriggling. “I really need to pee…”
Neymar chuckles, wrapping both his arms tightly on top of me.
“No, cuddles.” He huffs with a loud yawn, shuddering.
I blush, glancing up at him before giggling and shoving him.
“Get off.” I mutter.
When he glances down at me, he has the most adorable grin on his lips; his eyes bright with excitement,
I swear, he’s the only man that’s attractive at this time in a morning; all un-showered and just awoken.
“I’m really desperate, Ney!” I laugh and Neymar finally drops his arms.
“Fine!” He groans, slumping back. “Hurry, I want to cuddle!”
Laughing, I rush out the bed - naked - and make my way towards the bedroom.
I hear him wolf whistle behind me, making me blush before I shut the door. Hurriedly, I brush my teeth and head for the toilet before I rush out; grinning.
“My baby is gorgeous.” Neymar smirks, resting himself against his elbows as he glances over my body.
“My boyfriend is very charming when he wants to be.” I tease, laughing before I make my way across the room, sliding into the bed.
I feel his homely arms once again snake around my waist, squeezing me slowly. Resting my head I his chest, I let myself get comfortable before closing my eyes.
“Meu amor…” Neymar whispers, catching my attention from my thoughts. “Can we stay in bed all day today?”
We were going to go shopping, but shutting out the world and cuddling all day sounds pretty perfect right now.
“Cuddles sound great..” I giggle, nodding slowly whilst I feel his gentle kiss on my hair.
Perfect day with a perfect boyfriend. This is the Neymar I love, romantic and snuggling Neymar.

Requested - Like Old Times - Neymar Imagine

(For the lovely, Lena!)

It’s been three months since me and Neymar broke up; everything seems to chance when you’re newly out a relationship- especially a relationship with somebody like Neymar.
Everything was perfect - until she came along - and I thought we’d be together forever. I even loved little Davi like my own, like a little boy that I’ve always wanted and he always seemed to love me too!
All of this was fine until Bruna came along; I got the whole “I think we need some space” but soon enough he was with her and I was completely out the picture. The texts saying he still loved me stopped; the midnight calls saying we could give it another go and the messages saying Davi misses me. Everything, everything stopped.
I’ve just finished work, ripping off my apron and grabbing my purse.
“I’ll see you tomorrow; Carol!” I shout into the back room, yawning a little.
Nine to five is a long days work, especially when it’s all day everyday.
Honestly I’ve tried my hardest to keep out of fame, so I dropped my modelling and became a waitress for a while- just until the paps die down.
“Bye, Marilena!” She shouts back, waving through the glass doors which makes me smile.
She’s an elderly lady but she pays me well and makes sure I’m looked after! As I walk out the cafe, I make my way down the pavement; pulling my sunglasses on my face to shield myself from the bright sunlight.
My heels click against the concrete and I pull my phone out of my pockets; sighing carefully.
For some unknown reason, I drag my attention away from my phone and across the road where I notice a couple and a little, blonde boy holding tightly onto his fathers hand.
Then I look away again, strolling across the pavement.
“Momma!” The voice screams, catching my attention.
Frowning, I lift my sunglasses to see a little boy running across the empty streets towards me.
“Davi! Wait!” Neymar shouts.
That’s the first time I’ve heard his voice yet it still seems to send shivers up my spine.
Davi ignores his dad and springs up to me, wrapping his arms around my leg.
“Momma!” He squeals again, peering up at me.
I can feel the tears already rising in my eyes as I smile a little, tucking my hair behind my ear.
“Hey, you…” I say quietly, before glancing up to Neymar.
And her.
I feel sick to the stomach as I watch them for a moment walking quickly in our direction.
Scooping down, I slowly pick Davi up and rest him on my hip.
“How’ve you been, little man?” I grin, ruffling his blonde hair to make him giggle.
“I miss you!” He whines and I can’t help but whimper.
“I miss you too, honey…” I whisper, kissing his hair slowly.
“Davi, come here now baby.” Bruna says softly, extending her hand.
“No! I-i stay!” He mumbles, burying his head quickly into my neck.
I slowly glance to Neymar and he smiles towards me; a genuine, soft smile.
“Davi, come to papa…” Neymar mumbles quietly but then I hear a soft sob come from the young boys lips; clinging onto me.
“What’s wrong, baba?” I ask, holding him back as I gently rub down his back.
“You left! You l-left me and daddy!” He whines. “We miss you!”
When I glance up, Bruna glares towards me; hah! He misses me!
“I’m sorry, Davi..” I smile, slowly placing him back down to his feet.
Davi then quickly takes my hand, holding it tightly within his own as he giggles.
“Momma come for dinner!” Davi grins up at his dad.
I glance to Neymar and smile weakly, shaking my head.
“No.” Bruna says sternly, shrugging then she looks directly at me. “I’m sure she’s busy, aren’t you Marilena?”
I glance down at Davi who pouts towards me before I glance up at Neymar; he smiles a little before shrugging.
“Okay, I’ll come.” I grin.
Don’t play games with me. I’ll win.
The night came around and I’d briefly gone home to change and put on a bit of makeup. Had I made an effort? Yes, I really had. Why? Because I love him. Nothing will ever change that, I’ll always love him.
I hear a honking of the horn outside and it’s Neymar telling me he’s here; lazy bugger won’t even come to the car.
I grin to myself before grabbing my phone, purse and keys before dashing out the front door. Currently I’m wearing a tight black dress - with the back cut out and glitter - and black stilettos.
When I slide into the car, I grin and push my hair behind my ear.
“Lena, you look gorgeous…” He mumbles softly as he glances me over slowly.
“I’m Lena again?” I blush but thankfully my makeup covers my embarrassment.
“You’ve always been my Lena.” Neymar says, leaning to squeeze my thigh gently before he switches on the engine and pulls out the drive.
We drive in silence for a moment but it’s not awkward; it’s like I haven’t been apart from him for that long- like we’ve always been together.
“I’m surprised Bruna let you come pick me up, she was being a real bitch earlier…” I laugh weakly, spiking conversation.
“You caught that huh?” Neymar chuckles, shrugging. “She’s looking after Davi, though he’s being a pain with her since he saw you.”
I roll my eyes, leaning back against the chair softly.
“Not my fault! Should tell her to be kinder to him, or maybe it’s because I was there longer… I’m sure he’ll come to loving her; and forget me.”
Neymar scoffs at my words and his fingers start to tap against the steering wheel.
“No one can forget you.” He teases.
“You will.”
Neymar glances to me, a small frown on his forehead.
“You have.” I say again, biting my lip nervously before he glances back to the road.
Suddenly, Neymar pulls up on the side of the road and undoes his seatbelt before huffing.
“Neymar what are you doing-”
Before I can finish, he leans across the chairs and cups my chin; his lips lock with mine and then we share the first kiss we have in months. It’s perfect, like his lips have never left. They still taste the same, their warm and easily kiss back- like we’re made for each other.
“Never.” Neymar whispers as he pulls away. “Never can I forget my Lena… My beautiful, gorgeous girl…”
I flush at his words, glancing down before I lick my lips.
“What about Bruna?” I mumble. “You chose her over me.”
“I fucked up… Big time! Baby, I need you. Marilena, please…”
When I peer into his eyes, I sigh. He looks so needy, so sad. My heart just drops at the sight before I raise my hand to brush his blonde fringe from his face.
“I love you.” He whispers and I watch his lips move, each word said so carefully.
Those three words I’ve craved to hear over these three months.
His confession of love again because we never stopped loving one another.

Requested - Hated - Neymar Imagine.


- A/N : it’s the best I could do, I’m so sorry if you dislike it… Um, feedback please! -

I hate him; I hate him! I hate him more than anything else I could ever think of! He always knows how to wind me up, how to get me angry and he always pushes my buttons.
I officially hate Neymar Da Silva Santos. Why? I don’t know how it started, but I just know that for the past three years; we’ve constantly argued whilst in the same room and we’ve never got along.
I tried to get out of going to the training that Marc wanted to me to go to. Me and Marc have been getting closer, he’s my closest friend and I’d do anything for him but spending all day around Neymar is taking it a little too far. Although, Marc promised me he didn’t even know if Neymar was going because of his sprained ankle.
Marc was wrong.
I stand with a frown on my face as Neymar slides out his bran new sports car, glancing to me and winking.
“Look who the cat dragged in.” Neymar teases, throwing his gym bag over his shoulder.
“Lay off, Ney..” Marc mumbles, wrapping his arm around me as we all walk towards the changing rooms.
“She’s a grown girl, she can handle it.” Neymar laughs as he starts to scroll through his phone.
“Fuck off, Neymar.” I spit, glaring towards him before shoving the door open and walking straight through into the changing rooms.
“Coming into the changing rooms? You really can’t leave me alone can you.” Neymar sniggers as he starts to change. “Really if you wanted to see me naked, you could just ask.”
I scowl, clenching my fists by my side as I feel Marc rub my shoulder.
“Ignore him…” Marc whispers but I can’t help the anger building inside me.
“Like I’d want to see you naked. You’re overly large ego is obviously making up for size in something else.” I harshly retaliate and Neymar steps closer.
“You wanna see?” Neymar chuckles, grabbing his shorts as he tugs a little, smirking. “I can prove I’m big everywhere.”
“Gross!” I groan, standing quickly to my feet. “Marc, I can’t do this.”
Marc groans, reaching to grab my hand but I quickly tug it back.
“Oh come on! Don’t be a spoil sport!” Neymar laughs.
“Ignore him, please.. For me…” Marc begs, taking my hand once again.
Sighing softly, I shake my head weakly. No, I can’t be around Neymar without ripping his head off.
“At least let me pick you up for the party later?” Marc smiles weakly towards me and with those bright, gorgeous eyes there’s no way I could turn him down.
“Alright, what time?” I sigh, smiling gently towards him.
“Seven.” Marc quickly kisses my forehead as he chuckles. “I’ll pick you up for seven.”
Marc wasn’t a minute late; seven rocked up and he was knocking on my door.
I didn’t know if I should go smart or causal.. I didn’t know what type of party it was so I quickly decided on my short, tight, black dress- gold heels and gold jewellery.
When I open the door, Marc’s eyes sudden drop over my dress and he chuckles softly.
“Who you trying to impress?” He teases softly, glancing quickly back to my eyes with a grin on his lips.
“Let’s go..” I smile, hopping down from my front door and I let him lead me towards his posh car.
It’s not a long drive to the house where the party is being held, it’s actually only fifteen minutes and my heart is pounding. I don’t want to see Neymar, but why am I dressing up?
For him. Not for him, to show him that I’m better than him… Or was it to impress him? Course not!
The mental argument in my mind causes me to groan quietly as I slide out the car.
“Is he here?” I ask Marc and he just nods slowly, already knowing who I’m talking about.
The party is extremely fun and honestly I haven’t seen Neymar all night, I’m occupied with so many other people- talking and dancing with them.
I don’t seem to realise how many drinks I’ve had when another person after another hands me more alcohol, then I start to really feel it. I dance with anybody and everybody that wants to, my arms around their neck mostly to keep myself up.
“You’re good at dancing.”
Oh shit.
“Fuck off, Ney.” I mumble, glancing over my shoulder towards him.
“Ney now? That’s an improvement.” He teases, leaning his body against the door.
“I fucking hate you.” I snap but I let him wrap his arms around my waist, pulling my hips to his.
I can’t help but feel the invisible pull between us as his hips grind against mine to the beat of the music.
“Keep telling yourself that, Princess.” Neymar chuckles and I feel his hand gently squeeze my ass.
“Princess?” I scoff, shoving him back a little. “I’m not your princess, mate…”
Neymar pushes me back against the wall, his hands either side of my head.
“And I’m not your fucking mate…” He growls as he brings his lips closer to mine.
For some reason my heart is pounding and my breathing hitches at his closeness.
“I hate you.” I snap directly towards him and all he does is chuckle husky.
“You’ve said.”
Before I can do anything about it, his lips are heavy against mine- kissing me with all the lust and passion he has and instead of pushing him away; I match it. Our kisses are rough and my fingers are tangled through his hair.
Neymar’s hands drop to grab my waist and within one quick movement, he hitches me up and holds me around his waist. I don’t even notice as he starts to make our way up the stairs, his body close to mine.
When he tosses me on the bed, I kick off my heels and glare up to him.
“Asshole.” I mutter, watching him tug his shirt over his head.
“Your asshole, amor.” Neymar slowly unbuttons his jeans, tugging them down and discarding them quickly.
I don’t know if it’s the alcohol taking over or my true feelings being brought up but he honestly looks gorgeous; in all his glory as he stands in just his boxers.
“We could just get along..” Neymar growls threateningly, crawling towards me before he tugs the hem off my strapless dress; peeling it easily off me.
“Now where’s the fun in that?” I tease, biting my lip softly.
Neymar shrugs, his hands quickly tearing off my panties before sitting up.
“Hands and knees.” He mutters simply, resting himself back on his heels.
Groaning, I pull myself up and rest myself on my palms with my eyes closed.
Within a second, he’s slammed into me and my nails dig into the bedsheets; groaning. There’s no mercy, no care- just lust and anger.
“Fuck..” Neymar curses under his breath, his hips holding my waist as he moves quickly, deeply.
My head tilts back and I want to bite something, though nothings in my way to bite.
“N-Neymar!” I moan as my body tenses and he easily slams himself inside me; movement after movement.
My palms are sweaty as I knead the bedsheets under me, clinging onto them for dear life whilst he moves easily.
“I-I’m g-gonna-”
“Don’t you dare…” Neymar growls and for him, I hold it back.
I try my hardest not to climax, for the only reason that he told me not to… Since when did I listen to Neymar? Now apparently.
It’s not long until he empties himself inside me, finding his release but leaving me unfairly without my own. He pulls out and I flop on my belly; gasping for a release.
“I hate you..” I grumble, burying my head into the pillow.
“Stop lying to yourself.” Neymar mumbles, his warm arms finding their way around my body and I don’t care to fight him; I let him hold me.
Neymar; the guy I now love to hate because that was the only sex I’ve ever had- and this drunken state seemed to unlock feelings I wouldn’t even admit to myself.

Requested - Hidden Away - Neymar Imagie

Eight months. Eight months, two weeks and three days I’ve been sneaking around the media; lying to my friends and family and pretending to be single. No matter how many times I beg, Neymar says it’s for the best- just until Christmas; just until the publicity of the World Cup has died down and everything gets less stressful.
I understand - I mean Neymar’s marked as a player - and getting a girlfriend straight after his breakup would make everybody think he was a cheater. Rumours would be spread, lies would be told and the media can get nasty. He’s protecting me and I get that but all the sneaking around is pissing me off.
We’re currently getting ready for a house party at Neymar’s parents house; his parents had invited us all around and Neymar got his sister to pretend to invite me so I could be with him without everybody knowing.
“I hate lying to my family…” I mumble, glancing in the mirror and pushing in my dangling earrings.
“It’s not much longer, it’s just-” Neymar starts and I roll my eyes.
“Just until Christmas I know.” Sighing, I tuck my hair behind my ear and stand back.
“You look beautiful, meu amor…” Neymar whispers, slowly walking over before he plants a chastely kiss on my lips.
Smiling weakly, I place both my arms gently on his shoulders and kiss him back the best I can before glancing down and stepping back.
“What?” Neymar asks, frowning down towards me.
“I’m just fed up.” I laugh weakly, grabbing my purse. “We’re lying to everybody Neymar, sometimes it feels like… Like you just don’t want to show me off.”
When I look back at him, he’s frowning towards me before he grunts.
“Baby, darling… I do. I want to. More than anything it’s just hard…” Neymar says quietly as he slowly walks closer to me. “I love you, so much… But the paps will make a big deal about it; they’ll publish bad stories about us and I don’t want that.”
I nod slowly, hunting in my bag for my phone. I do understand, I honestly do and I hate seeing him so upset but I can’t help but feel some rejection.
Girls still flirt with him because they think he’s single and he goes along with it, he doesn’t want to make a scene by stopping them yet if any guy talks to me, Neymar explodes.
The whole night goes by and I rarely see Neymar, I’m aside his sister for most the night with a glass of wine in my hands.
I’m throwing a tantrum and he knows it, every time Ney looks to me; he smiles but I don’t smile back.
Every time he winks; I roll my eyes and carry on my conversation with his sister. He tries to join in our conversation now and again but I excuse myself and walk away.
I get on with all his family so it’s not like I need to be around him, I always have somebody to talk to. The music is singing softly, music is bright and the room is full of laughter and conversation.
I stand talking to somebody’s nephew, I think? Or Somebodies brother? I can’t remember but he’s polite, handsome and is utterly charming.
“You came alone, tonight?” He asks, a warm smile on his lips.
Taking a sip of my champagne, I nod slowly and lick my bottom lip.
“Yes, Rafa invited me…” I grin and glance over my shoulder.
Neymar looks over, frowning as he narrows his eyes in warning. I smile towards him before glancing back to the young boy in front of me.
“Surely you’re to gorgeous to be single…” He charms, smirking towards me.
Giggling, I place my hand on his chest and shrug slowly.
“Single.” I smile, beaming happily up as we both grin at each other.
“Same… Must be fate.” He teases.
“Or an unfortunate coincidence.” I hear Neymar’s voice snap behind me before he grabs my wrist slowly. “Can I just talk to Y/N for a minute, Dante?”
Dante! That was it! I only remember him faintly telling me his name earlier on in the night.
When he walks away, Neymar pulls me close and glares down towards me.
“What are you doing?” He whispers threateningly, but I can hear the pain in his voice.
“Playing the game.” I mutter, shrugging. “You want nobody to think we’re together.”
Neymar gazes down at me for a moment before he snatches my champagne glass away from me.
“You’re drunk.” He mutters, placing it on the table aside.
“You’re being unfair. You flirt with girls, I was just being polite.” I frown, gazing up at him with a small pout on my lips.
Neymar shakes his head, rolling his eyes before he runs a hand through his unruly hair.
“Baby, we can’t keep going on like this…” He groans, glancing around to make sure nobodies watching.
“Make your mind up.” I snap. “Either we come out, or I’m leaving and not coming back.”
Neymar stares at me for a moment, his eyes going wide as he whimpers.
I know he barely has a choice, but if he loves me as much as he claims he does- then he’d choose me.
“Fine.” I sigh, turning and beginning to walk away.
“Amor, wait!” Neymar panics, grabbing my wrist before he swings me around.
Within a second, his hands are cupping my neck; the other on my cheek as he kisses me passionately.
My body is pressed against his and it takes a moment for me to register and kiss back. When I pull away, I gaze up into his eyes and he’s crying silently; small tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Don’t.” He snaps protectively. “Don’t you ever threaten to leave me again.”
His voice croaks as he speaks, his arms wrapping around me whilst he pulls me into a tight embrace.
The rooms quiet as I pull away, glancing to the faces that gaze in our direction.
“How long?” Neymar’s father asks, causing Neymar to step back and wrap an arm around me.
“Eight months, dad… I love her.” Neymar says quietly, smiling down towards me.
Now it’s out, it’s out and the family know- give it an our to go world wide.

Requested - Teasing Games - Neymar Imagine

Neymar and myself have been invited to a meal that all his friends are going to; all his friends and his sister, some other people that I don’t know too.
“You’re going to behave?” Neymar teased as he lightly slapped my ass, grabbing my hips in another quick action and tugging me so my back was to his chest.
Me and Neymar loved to play games, winding each other up- teasing each other secretly and nobody would know.
“If Papi behaves too…” I giggle, relaxing in his grasp whilst he squeezes and rubs my hips.
“You know I can’t do that.” Neymar growls, slowly kissing down my neck and across my shoulder.
I moan softly, tilting my head back before I close my eyes.
“We’re going to be late…” I mumble, lightly resting my hands over his before I push them away, walking forwards to grab my heels.
“Baby…” Neymar groans, watching me intently as I bend over to pull on my heels; buckling them up around my ankles.
“When we get home, we can play.” I promise, pecking his lips before sauntering past him and making my way down the stairs to where David and Thiago talk in the kitchen.
“You look gorgeous!” Thiago grins. “You ready to go?”
I nod and so does Neymar as he jogs down the stairs quickly behind me. All of us make our way out of the house where David lips into the drivers seat and Thiago into the front passenger seat.
Neymar opens the door for me, a smirk plastered on his lips. As I duck down to get in, Neymar’s hand slaps quickly against my ass again and I gasp, sliding into the car and glaring towards him.
“Behave.” He mouths, winking towards me.
Our starter was delicious and the wine taste amazing!
Rafa is currently talking about some course she’s going on and everybody listens intently, nodding every now and again.
Neymar glances to me, smirking a little before he winks and glances back to his sister.
He’s sitting opposite me which gives me the perfect chance to go ahead with my plan. Without anybody noticing, I kick off my heel from my left foot, gently gliding my foot along his ankle.
Neymar smiles softly but he doesn’t look to me, he stays completely cool.
“David! New team, how’s it going?” Rafa asks softly, grinning softly.
“Well-” It doesn’t take much for David to start in deep conversation, rambling on about his new team.
“Barca is better.” Neymar teases his friend and David rolls his eyes towards him.
I only laugh softly, shrugging a little towards Neymar.
“Eh, they have some good players.” I tease, smirking. “Marc, Messi…”
“Neymar.” Neymar chuckles, raising an eyebrow towards me.
“Nah.” I smirk and he kicks me under the table, causing everybody to laugh softly.
He’s grinning devilishly towards me and I stick my tongue out towards him.
It’s not long before our main course is brought out and I have a chicken roast in front of me, smelling gorgeous.
Absentmindedly, I gently rise my foot to rest on the middle of Neymar’s chair, between his legs and thankfully he doesn’t notice.
He groans as he starts to eat, obviously he’s enjoying his food.
I wait, keeping perfectly still until he reaches for his glass of wine.
Wait for it.
I smirk to myself, glancing up to him as he takes a mouthful of wine. Gently, I start to rub against his crotch with the ball of my foot, and he splutters.
His hand comes to cover his mouth and everybody quickly glances in his direction.
“Ney?” His sister questions, frowning. “You okay?”
Neymar swallows his drink hard, wiping his lips slowly.
“Fine, fine…” Neymar mumbles, glancing to me and narrowing his eyes.
My hearts thudding softly and to my surprise, Neymar nods.
Frowning, I go to retract my foot but he grabs my ankle gently. He wants me to carry on?
Giggling, I swallow the meat in my mouth and continue to tease him under the table. He keeps his cool, but his eyes flutter closed every now and again and he covers his soft moans with gentle coughs.
I feel his hips flex under my touch and I can’t help but giggle before Rafa glances to me. Nobody says anything and I don’t think she’s clicked on until I see her gaze at Neymar.
“Are you two-” she starts before she gasps softly and I quickly retract my foot.
Neymar doesn’t seemed fazed as he shrugs and continues to eat.
Rafa drops quiet and I can’t help but blush madly, tucking my hair behind my ear quickly.
“Gross.” Rafa laughs but thankfully she doesn’t involve anybody else.
Neymar winks towards me which just makes me blush even more.
“When we get home.” He reminds me, and I giggle in excitement.
I’m going to be one lucky girl tonight!

Requested - New Born - Neymar Imagine

I curl up on the bed, Neymar is in the nursery settling down our new born baby girl; I swear I haven’t slept enough in the last three days. Every time we start falling asleep, her cries echo throughout the whole house. Olivia is the cutest baby girl I’ve ever seen - of course she’s Neymar’s - but her cries are enough to wake up the whole street.
I’m finally drifting asleep when I feel Neymar’s warm arms wrap around my waist and the bed dip aside me.
“Lia… You awake?” He whispers softly, his hot breath against my neck.
“Mm…” I mumble, keeping my eyes closed whilst I try my hardest to fall asleep.
“She’s finally fallen asleep..” Neymar mumbles before he squeezes my waist and I start to fall asleep against his warm chest.
His cradling arms easily make me drift off into dreamless sleep until not long later the loud screeches of Olivia wakes me up.
“Oh baby..” I sigh, sliding from the bed as I glance to Neymar who’s also waking with a deep groan.
“I’ll get her.” Neymar mumbles, standing to his feet and giving me a tired; warm smile.
We both walk into the pink nursery and Neymar scoops up the crying baby. I’m half asleep as I lean against the wall, watching them both through tired eyes. In her fathers hold, the young girl starts to fall asleep straight away.
“You’re so good with her, Ney..” I yawn, running a hand through my hair.
My eyes slowly close as I stay against the wall and Neymar places our daughter back into the cot before he walks back over to me.
“Lia, you’re so tired..” He whispers and I just nod.
I am, terribly tired. Everything is just so overwhelming. I love Olivia more than anything but I’m just tired all the time, I never sleep and I feel unwell.
“Come on, princess.. Bed.” Neymar then scoops me into his arms; holding me bridal style as I curl against his warm chest.
He easily carries my small body towards the bed room before he rests me down on the bed and flutters a few kisses on my forehead.
“I love you so much Neymar..” I whimper and the tears start to rise in my eyes.
“Hey hey, don’t cry..” Neymar lays aside me, beginning to stroke the back of his knuckles across my cheek. “I love you too.”
I smile weakly towards him, sniffling a little before I wipe the tears away from my eyes.
“I’m just scared you know, I.. You’re gone all the time and I’ll have to deal with her by myself.. Neymar that scares me.” I whisper, biting my lip.
“Baby, I’m never gone for long… You’re a great mum. Believe me, it’ll get better..” Neymar chuckles as he leans to peck my lips before he kisses my cheek and lays back down aside me.
“You think Davi will like her?” I ask, closing my eyes as Neymar shuffles himself closer to me.
“Lia, don’t worry..” Ney chuckles, wrapping his arms around me. “He’ll love his new little sister..”
I smile gently, we’re a happy family. All four of us, forever.

(Hope you liked it Lia


Requested - Caught Red Handed - David Luiz Imagine

*Warning Smut*

It was hard, really hard being away from my girlfriend for months on end but I suppose it came with the job. I’d never cheat to get the pleasure I wanted, ever - it’s disgraceful but I would sometimes sulk to her, begging her to fly over to come see me.

I’m currently back home in Brazil and this time it’s her fault we’re apart! For three months she’s been at a university in England studying hair and beauty. Why she chose England I’ll never know.
Of course normally I’d have gone with her and at some point I probably will but right now I’m stuck alone.
“When are you coming back?” I huff, laying back on the bed.
“David, I’m late for a lecture I’ve really got to go baby!” She panics, surely they’re not that strict?
“Okay okay, I love you…” I mumble quietly, closing my eyes.
“I love you too.”
With that she hangs up and I angrily toss my phone across the bed. Being alone is well, extremely lonely and I haven’t been touched in three months.
She doesn’t seem to understand the crave I have for her gentle lips, her warm skin against mine, sweating. Her cries of pleasure and moans of my name, letting the neighbours know who makes her feel that way- the only man who makes her feel that way.
I feel my jeans tighten as the thoughts push through my head, no not now!
My phone buzzes again and this time it’s Neymar.
“Hello?” I answer softly, speaking this time in Portuguese for him.
“I’m in Brazil!” He beams happily, causing me to chuckle softly. “I’m coming over!”
He then hangs up and I sigh gently, I suppose it’ll give me something to do and distract me for a while. Besides, it’ll be great seeing him again!
It’s late after Neymar goes, we’ve spent the whole day playing FIFA and he’s been talking about the new girl he’s been seeing - hopefully this one isn’t a lost cause. I stopped a long time ago trying to convince Neymar not all girls were right for him; not the girls he finds in clubs anyways.
I drag my tired body up the stairs, yawning a little as I walk into the bedroom and flop myself down on the bed.
No texts, no missed calls. Why hasn’t she text me? Then again; why haven’t I text her? Sighing, I quickly send her an ‘I love you’ text before pushing my phone aside.
I run my fingers through my curly hair before staying up at the ceiling.
I can’t stop the thoughts from coming - it’s almost automatic now - that I feel her brush herself against me, riding me hard. I groan in response, closing my eyes quickly.
“Shit..” I curse under my breath in Portuguese, rubbing my fingers across my forehead.
Groaning, I fumble with the belt buckle on my jeans before discarding the belt on the floor.
Wriggling a little I manage to rid myself of my jeans then discard my Calvin Klein boxers; groaning.
It’s dark in the room and with my eyes closed I can picture everything, every last detail of the rough, sweaty sex I love with her. I start to move my hand against my hard, my hips bucking gently in response and a gentle whisper of her name slipping my lips.

Y/N Point Of View :

I was going to surprise him by coming home earlier, I’d asked Neymar to go around all today to stop him from bugging me as I couldn’t answer while I was on the flight. I then asked Ney to pick me up and drop me off at the house.
“See you later, babes.” Neymar smiles as I slide out the car, jogging straight to the front door.
Unlocking it with my spare key, I wander inside. Straight away I get hit by the familiar smell of his cologne, David’s house- it smells gorgeous just like him.
I glance around and all the lights are off, he’s likely gone to bed. Wandering over to the stairs, I take it slow and make my way up them.
Suddenly, my face pales and I come to a stop on the top step when I hear his gentle yet loud moan fill my ears.
“B-baby!” David gasps softly.
Who’s he speaking to?
My heart thuds against my chest as I lightly push the bedroom door open, shocked - extremely pleasantly surprised but shocked - by the sight I see.
David’s laying flat on the bed, touching himself - something I’ve always dreamed about - shifting and groaning as his back arches and his eyes are clung shut.
I bit my lip, watching him move angelically. My heart feels like it’s about to explode and I can’t tear my eyes away- nor do I dare ruin my sight by making myself known to be there.
“F-fuck, Y/N!” He groans loudly through gritted teeth before his chest and stomach is littered in his sticky release.
His eyes fling open and I gently flick on the light, catching his attention.
David’s eyes widen as he watches me intently, shocked to say the least that he’s here. I take in my view, over his perfectly toned chest, his thighs; his manhood- everything.
“Surprise.” I whisper breathlessly.

Requested - Distraction - Neymar Imagine

Neymar is sitting on the couch, his fingers tapping away on the buttons of his controller as he plays FIFA.
It’s pretty cute watching him shout at his animated self on the screen.
“Foul!” Neymar shouts, shuffling himself to the edge of the sofa.
After a whole though, it starts to get boring watching him playing; especially when I’m feeling as turned on as I am today.
“Neymar…” I whine, glancing up to him as he continues to play.
“One more game, baby.” Neymar mumbles, groaning.
Sighing, I gently gaze down at my phone before tossing it aside when an idea comes to my mind.
I gently grab the buttons on my blouse and start to unbutton it, sliding it down my shoulders ever so slowly.
“Ney?” I pipe up, a warm smile on my lips.
Neymar glances to me, glancing back to the scree before he quickly does a double take.
“Babe..” Neymar groans, looking back to his TV screen.
“I’m bored…” I mumble, dropping my shirt and standing my feet.
He tries to look around me as I stand up but I purposely step in the way of the TV screen, tugging down my skirt as I let it pool at my feet.
“Amor.” Neymar threatens, his eyes slowly brushing over my entire body, his tongue darting over his bottom lip.
Giggling, I sway my hips slowly from side to side.
“You’re making me loose…” Neymar whispers softly, tossing his controller aside as he slowly leans back.
I dance slowly, my hips moving slowly as I roll my waist; giggling softly.
“Come to Papi…” Neymar growls, extending his hands for me to walk closer.
Blushing, I do as I’m told. I hurry to his arms, straddling his lap as I start to kiss him roughly.
“Am I more interesting that some dumb game?” I mumble against his lips as I feel his arms push around my waist.
“Much more…”

Requested - Underwater Love - Neymar Imagine

It’s dark outside, the entire Brazilian football team are staying at a hotel for the weekend post the football match played yesterday. Luckily they won; getting my boyfriend - Neymar - in the happiest, most excited moods he could be in.
“Babe come on…” Neymar gently pulled me out through the doors; into the pitch black towards the swimming pool.
“Neymar!” I laugh, shaking my head. “No, Ney.. We’ll get into trouble!”
Neymar rolls his eyes at me, squeezing my hand a little as he tugs me to the side of the pool.
“Live a little…” Neymar teases before he reaches for my shirt; tugging it over my head.
I don’t fight, I let him strip me before he strips himself down to just his boxers. We’re both in our underwear before he sits down on the edge.
Slowly, I sit aside him and dangle my feet into the cool water.
“Hey Ney?” I giggle, glancing to him.
When he looks to me, I press my hand to his back I quickly push him into the water. He gasps, bursting back up for air and grinning towards me.
“Bitch!” Neymar laughs, pushing his wet hair out of his face.
“Shush!” I blush, splashing water with my feet towards his face.
Neymar smirks, quickly moving closer to me and grabs my ankles quickly.
“Don’t you dare… ” I threaten, gazing towards him.
His eyes seem alight with excitement score he tugs quickly and pulls me into the water. I gasp, splashing around but I push myself up and splash him.
“Ney!” I scold, splashing him again and again with water which he only replicates.
“Y/N!” He mimics my voice before he wraps his arms around my waist and tugs me closer.
“You’re an arse.” I blush, bringing my lips slowly towards his.
Nodding slowly, I move my hands to cup his cheeks and kiss him romantically.
He constantly takes the piss out of my strong British words and accent- he learnt English for me and I learnt Portuguese for him; cute really!
“I like your arse.” He mumbles, speaking between our kisses.
I can’t help but snigger at the way his voice sounds when he says the British word.
“Sounds stupid when you say it…” I giggle, pulling our wet bodies closer.
“Shut up.” Neymar chuckles and then I feel his hand sharply slap my ass, causing me to gasp and wrap my arms around him.
A whimper slips my lips as I close my eyes and relax within his touch. Neymar then easily brushes my underwear from my skin; two fingers lightly brushing against my folds before he easily pushes fingers inside me.
“Ah…” I moan, closing my eyes and quickly burying my head against his neck.
His fingers move slowly, slickly before they pull back out and he lifts his hand to tangle in my hair.
“Amor…” Neymar growls, using his advantage to kiss me roughly; his tongue already slipping in my mouth so exchange wet kisses.
Everything seems sexier because of the setting; the wet pool making me feel hot and sticky to touch.
His mouth claims mine and I feel his hips easily flex against mine, his hard pushing against me.
“Ney…” I gasp.
Neymar quickly scoops me up, lifting me straight up onto the side of the pool and the cold air hits me. I barely have a moment to think of what I’m doing when he tears down my panties, spreading my legs.
I moan, tilting my head back and resting back on my hands against the marble side of the pool.
His head is between my legs, then his tongue is on me- in me. All I can think is him as I get hot and fuzzy, my head spinning with lust and hunger for my boyfriend.
Neymar freezes, grabbing my hips as he scoops me quickly off the side of the pool and into the deep water; cradling me close to cover my half naked body.
“Ne-” I start but Neymar presses a finger to my lips.
The voice has my heart pounding as me and Neymar stay completely still in the water.
The pool is dull and I secretly hope that nobody can see, or at least they won’t look close enough to see.
“Hello?” Then I recognise the voice and apparently so does Neymar; causing him to let out a loud laugh.
“David!” He shouts back and just in time the curly haired giant wanders into sight.
“Uh…” David chuckles. “What’s going on?”
“We’re just having a swim man, what you doing up?” Neymar speaks casually, trying to act like nothing’s happening as he keeps me tight to his body to cover everything.
“Couldn’t sleep; I heard somebody in the pool and thought it would either be you or…” David’s eyes drift to me. “Is she naked?”
I blush madly, peeking over my shoulder to David with a weak smile.
“Yeah… She’s a kinky bit-”
“Neymar!” I scoff, shoving him back softly but he manages to keep his arms around me.
“Alright alright..” Neymar chuckles. “It was my idea, we’re coming out now.”
David runs a hand through his hair, backing up a little.
“Right, I’ll uh… Leave you two to it!” With that, David disappears quickly off towards the door.
“Are you going to finish what you started?” I tease Neymar, breaking the silence.
A large grin spreads across Neymar’s lips before he nods quickly.
“Come.” He mumbles, grabbing my underwear and handing them to me whilst he smirks towards me. “I can make you scream if we’re in private.”
Boy can he make me scream!


Requested - “Don’t Marry Him.” - Marc Bartra Imagine.

I come bounding back into the house that I’m currently staying in with Marc Bartra - my best friend - with a huge grin on my lips.
I know what you’re thinking; lucky bitch. Probably sleeps with him too, but actually nope! Me and Marc have been close since we were little but the love of my life, my boyfriend - now fiancé - Neymar Da Silva Santos.
“Marc!” I scream, throwing my bags and keys aside as I start to hunt the house for my best friend.
“In here!” Marc replies from the living room.
I can’t stop giggling, Neymar proposed to me and it was the most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me.
Neymar rarely does romantic; he’s either quick and simple; or just busy.. I understand though, it’s hard with his job to have loads of time with me but that’ll all change now, we’ll be living together!
I run in on Marc playing a game - and thrashing a game - of FIFA on his new Playstation four. Quickly, I slide aside him and shove him softly.
“Turn it off..” I mumble, shoving him again which makes him groan.
“Babe, I’m about to win!” He exhales loudly, his fingers moving like machines on the tiny buttons.
“Marc!” I whine and he quickly pauses the game and glances to me.
His bright eyes always look at me in such a loving, caring way- what are best friends for huh?
“What, Y/N?” He smiles, leaning his elbow on the couch as he leans back. “What you all happy about?”
I flush, shuffling myself closer before I quickly extend my hand out to him; showing off the glistening; big diamond ring on my wedding finger.
He doesn’t say anything and the rooms in complete silence as he stares at my hand.
“I’m getting married!” I squeal loudly, pulling my feet onto the couch as I bounce excitedly.
Marc let’s out a chuckle and he grins up at me, a genuine and happy smile.
“Congrats.” He says before grabbing his controller again and clicking play.
My heart sinks as he already turns away from me and continues his game.
Congrats? That’s all I get. A small frown flickers across my forehead as I slump on the couch.
“Congrats?” I repeat the word again, but out loud this time. “That’s it?”
He doesn’t even look to me but he shrugs gently.
“I thought you’d be happy for me.” I snap, a little harsher than I expected but I’m angry.
My best friend - my only close friend - doesn’t even care that I’m getting married.
“I am.” Marc grumbles, but he’s not even fooling himself.
I try and brush it off, standing to my feet as I glance down at my ring and start to rub my finger tips against it.
“Neymar is going to ask you to be his best man, so..”
Marc mumbles a few things under his breath and his lack of excitement for the idea cuts me deep; anger boiling inside me.
“I can’t hear you when you mumble.” I growl, shoving my hands in my pockets.
Within an instant, his handset is tossed across the room and it hits the wall- smashing into hundred of pieces.
“I said I don’t want to be involved in your fucking wedding!” Marc shouts loudly, causing a shiver to roll up my spine.
I’ve never heard him shout before and I don’t have the energy to shout back; I’m shocked.
Slowly I turn on my heel and begin to make my way out of the room.
“Y/N, no wait.” Marc panics and he quickly grabs my wrist, pulling me to a stop.
I don’t turn, nor do I speak as I stare at the floor and wait for an explanation for his sudden outburst.
“D..don’t marry him…” He says honestly and his voice is quiet.
Frowning, I turn and peer up into those glistening eyes of my best friend.
“Why not? He’s your friend…” I whisper, swallowing hard.
Marc slowly moved his hand to stroke the back of his knuckles down my cheeks.
“Because then he’ll take you away from me.” Marc’s voice cracks a little, before he clears his throat.
“Marc, I’ll always be your best frie-” I start but he groans which makes me stop. “What? What have I said now?”
“Y/N.. I can’t stand by and let you marry him. I can’t. I’ve waited for him to fuck something up, for you to break up and come crying to me- I want to be the shoulder for you to cry on… ”
His words confuse me and I have nothing to say, I don’t understand what he’s trying to get at.
“I.. I know I’m not saying this clearly but-” Marc inhales a soft breath as he closes his eyes. “I love you.”
“I love you too Marc, I always have.. You know that..” I mumble in confusion.
Marc then shakes his head and when he opens his eyes he has fresh tears that begin to stroll down his cheeks.
“No no..” Marc mumbles, both his hands cupping my neck.
I whimper, peering up into his eyes as my own tears begin to form.
“I don’t want you to marry Neymar because I want you to be with me…” He says each word carefully and suddenly everything makes sense.
The way Marc would excuse himself when me and Neymar were kissing, how he’d never want to come to parties where me and Ney would be together. How whenever I cried he’d assume it was Neymar.
“I’m sorry, Marc..” I whisper, slowly placing my hands on his chest to push him away before turning and walking towards the front door.
On the way, I grab my car keys and push them into my pockets before I pull open the door.
“Y/N, please…”
His voice pulls at my heart so I daren’t look back, I know the sight of him will break me. When I walk out, I shut the door gently behind me and numbly walk towards my car.
I’ve lost my best friend.

Requested - "Born With It." - Marc Bartra Imagine

Neymar unloads his gym bag from the car and I stay on my phone, not really paying much attention to anything that’s going on. He glances to me before I hear him laugh.
“What?” I mumble, glancing up at him with a small smile on my lips.
Me and my brother have the best relationship ever. It’s the relationship where most people would think at times we hate each other’s guts but never, ever have we fallen out big.
“Let me guess..” He says, throwing his bag over his shoulder. “Your friends are texting you asking to get some footballers signatures?”
I laugh softly, nodding a little before glancing back to my phone. It’s right, all of them swoon over my brother and sometimes it really annoys me. Whenever he’s around they’ll literally be drooling - okay not literally but come on, he’s my brother! -
“Yeah they like you more than they like me..” I snigger before I lock my phone and push it into my pockets. “I still don’t get the big deal about footballers. I can promise you I’ll walk in there and not give a damn.”
Neymar shrugs, wrapping his arm around my shoulder as he easily leads me towards the large entrance area.
“It’s because we’re sexy, Y/N.” He teases and I shove him roughly.
He groans, recovering himself easily as he pushes open the door to the changing rooms.
“Guys! This is my sister!” Neymar shouts, catching every bodies attention.
Every guy looks, smiling and waving before looking away and continuing to either change; chat or do up their boots.
When I glance around the room, one male is still glancing over. His piercing, bright eyes glance into my own which makes me blush madly. When he realises he’s staring, he quickly looks away and turns his back to me.
“Go socialise, I need to change..” Neymar rubs my back before walking over to Messi and tossing down his bag by his locker.
Inhaling a small breath, I walk over to the man who was looking before; the writing ‘Batra’ on his back with his number.
“Bartra?” I ask softly and it catches his attention, making him stop tying up his laces and glance back at me.
“Hi..” He chuckles weakly, extending his hand softly for me to take. “It’s Marc.”
I blush madly, oh god I feel so stupid! Of course, Marc Bartra!
“Y.. Oh um, I’m sorry..” I laugh, shaking his hand weakly.
“I didn’t mean to stare, you just… I didn’t know Neymar had a little sister..” His voice trails off and his tone is so perfect, so angelic that it sends a welcome shiver down my spine.
“Younger, better, sexier..” I tease, pushing both my hands into my pockets.
“Oh I second that..” Marc smirks and his smirk leaves me breathless.
I giggle and he lifts his foot into the bench, continuing to tie his shoes.
“You’re not so bad yourself.” I whisper, leaning back against the locker.
He stands to his feet, chuckling as he shrugs softly.
“Born with it.” He winks before my brother wanders over and Marc steps back.
“You making friends?” Neymar teases before he laughs. “Come on, training.”
After hours if sitting watching them all train, everybody finally piles off the training pitch and walks towards me. Marc looks gorgeous, panting softly with sweat dripping from him. He grabs the hem of his shirt, wiping his face and that makes him show his toned, tanned chest.
“Here..” I smile, tossing him a bottle of water and he grins.
“Thanks, babe..” Marc chuckles, opening it and instead of drinking it he pours the entire content of the bottle over his head.
My mouth pops open, I can’t help but stare as he drips in water and sweat.
“It’s not polite to stare..” Marc teases and my cheeks burn softly.
Everybody wanders into the changing room for a shower and I stand nervously, Marc still in front of me.
“Are you free tonight?”
“Sorry?” I whimper, watching him softly with wide eyes.
Marc chuckles, shrugging a little as he kicks the grass under his shoe.
“I was wondering if… You’d let me take you out for dinner?”
My heart thuds against my chest as I gaze up at him, nodding slowly.
“I’d love that..” I whisper, giggling softly and tucking my hair behind my ear.
“Great, I’ll pick you up at seven- babe. Dress up I’ll take you somewhere nice..”
Babe, he called me babe.
I guess my plan on not giving a damn about footballers didn’t go well, but I couldn’t be happier!