Hellllooo~ Okay, so the first time i ever did one of these i had 200 followers, now i have 1k+, first of all, i cannot express how grateful i am to each one of you! I’ve met and befriended so many of you out there on the kpop/anime and manga side of tumblr, and i love each one of you very much. And i’m actually surprised that you all have put up with me for so long lmao, but honestly, thank you so much! I sat down and made a list of everyone who’s blog deserves some love, so let’s do thisssss~

Squad is in bold

The rest are the blogs who i love/make me happy!

nerdydarkcupcake kpopstyletoextreme saffyyehet sdlkyehet exorgy loveokaythings kimjonigin turntup2ne1 xcxpookiews galaxyscenarios hanij-zoe shingeki-eats-my-feels ishouldsleepbutkpop thehalfghoul borntosaly hyundamla topshouldstop jiyongsmile fyeahchaera funmusicvip yourbiaslikesitrough classifiedgzb gdbabeh whyamiafool xxxloveee top-just captainseungri kattinwonderland meganekko-sama eggsooo yehet-me-harder yehet-panda bbaekhyunniee kpopchangedmyseoul kamjong-kai lu-se-han-hun ourqueenluhan havesomekpop herwhitedreams sehun-yo g-minnie sleepinginwithoran exobabyweareone12 lay-is-my-fluffy-unicorn ohmydeerluhan jonginkai-ah kailighted dazzlingkai exo-love-in-my-shineeworld bubbleluu my-daily-yehet jigiyongchy gim-minseok pcygalaxy kaibility bangingexo nottodayxiumin baek-street-byun blamejongin killergzb celestyeol luhtella twelvebutts kaismypeterpan wuyifanxing dickaisoo gay-exoruka-memories

I think i’ve tagged all the people i needed too…but if i haven’t i’m sorry i still love you mkay?

Once again, thank you and have a wonderful day, 당신을 사랑합니다!