Who reached out and made an attempt to fix Lee Pace’s hair like it was no big deal tonight? *raises hand* I couldn’t help it! It’s the PR person in me. He took his hat off. His hair was sticking straight up. I attempted to fix it. I’m sure he was thinking, “will this crazy Twilight chick get her hands off me.” I really thought nothing of it at the time. Only afterwards I realized that I probably shouldn’t have done that. Oops.  

As you can see in the picture, I wasn’t very successful at fixing it.

Anyway, I saw him in the play ‘Golden Age’ Off Broadway at Manhattan Theatre Club tonight.  The show was very good and he was great in it. I met him after the show and told him how fantastic he was as Garrett and how much I was looking forward to seeing him in the next Hobbit film.  He was very gracious and I got him to sign my premiere and Comic Con posters. Yay!   

Hanging with Mr. Facinelli (@peterfacinelli)

Last Saturday I had my second run in with Peter Facinelli this month, this time at Golden Apple Comics in L.A.  He was there to promote and sign copies of his new comic book, Protocol: Orphans along with the comic’s writer, Michael Alan Nelson. I attend with Mandy (Malicious Mandy), and my new friends from Team Hot Bodyguard (otherwise known as Team HBG), Jennifer and Lynsey.   I had seen Peter the week before in NYC at the Twilight Forever Fan Experience event.  I didn’t think he could blow my mind more than when he looked across the room, made eye contact with me and said, “Is that Oh My Carlisle?” and then dropped his arm from around our beloved Nikki Reed to walk over to me while announcing to the room that I was “the best fan ever.”

Last week he looks over and sees me and just says, “I love you.”  I think my heart stopped. He then proceeds to tell his writing partner that I come out to see him everywhere (not quite everywhere…),  and that my twitter handle is @OhMyCarlisle, which puts a smile on his face whenever he sees my tweets (Awww!).  He then goes on about how he sees me so much that he expects that one day he’ll open his shower and I’ll be standing there. “Oh my Carlisle!”  I turned very red and pointed out that I’m not a stalker, which he confirmed that I’m not – happy we got that out of the way. ;-)   

I asked him if he would be on “Glee” on season and he said that as long as he keeps getting asked and he can get the time off from “Nurse Jackie” he’ll keep doing it. I told him that I love musicals so I think it’s great that he’s directing “Funny Girl.” I asked him if he was ever going to sing, like he should bust out “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” He rejected that, but he said it would be fun to be in a number, and then proceeded to sing and dance for an extended dance break.

I reminded him that a year ago that day people were freaking out all over the world as they were seeing his head ripped off for the first time.  He then teasingly told Michael that he purposefully planned this signing event for the one-year anniversary of the day “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” premiered.      

He asked what we thought of the “Twilight Forever” DVD and I told him I was featured on the fan documentary. He then asked what we thought of the Twilight Forever Fan Experience event.  He said he kept asking if he could go out and mingle with the fans, but that they wouldn’t let him. He seemed a bit disappointed in how the event was run and the feeling was mutual.

He picked up my iPhone and tried to open it, but it was locked. He told me to give him my password because we’re friends. Once he broke into my phone he took selfies of himself and Michael and then told me to “come here” for some cheek to cheek shots of us. He’s much better at selfies than I am.  Mandy has video of this that I still need to get a hold of.

We talked about “Catching Fire” premiere and that he was taking Lola, who was sitting there, to the premiere.  She was excited!  Then we chatted about missing each other at the premieres, but I told him about the Getty image that appeared in a German magazine and he thought that was great. He asked me if I had a copy of it and I told him I did.

Finally I let him know that my Mom always tells me to tell him Hello, but I never remember.  He asked why I didn’t bring her and I told him because she is in NJ.  He said she should come see him in NYC and I said she wouldn’t go into see him without me being there. He said his Mom wouldn’t either.

Afterwards, Jennifer and Lynsey were talking about creating Hot Peter Facinelli (a brilliant sister site to HBG that I totally support and want to contribute to) and that they were going to go see him in NYC at his signing on Wednesday. Some how we got to taking me to see Peter in NYC and that’s how my head on a stick ended up on Celebuzz – he got to see my smiling face three weeks in a row! 

So two late realizations were that my cover photo on my iPhone is a picture of him and me – he didn’t say anything, but on reflection there may have been a smirk, and the other is does Peter think about me in the shower? Craziness! It’s been determined that every encounter I have with Peter should be filmed because they are getting so epic that next step could only be a meeting in the shower. ;-) 

Thank you to Mandy, Jennifer and Lynsey for experiencing the afternoon with me. Thank you to Peter for always being so gracious and generous of his time - Peter, I love you, too! Team Peter Facinelli (or Team HPF) forever!